10 Indicators That Your Crush Is Attracted To You

Is she genuinely interested or simply friendly? When it comes to what they want, women are notoriously elusive. You can know if you have a chance with a lady based on these indications.

10 Indicators That Your Crush Is Attracted To You

Many people (including women) are frequently cautious about expressing their demands. That is why expressing your true desires is so tricky. This might not be very pleasant, but it also adds to the excitement of flirting. Here are ten signals of a woman's attention, so you can at least reduce the chance of a basket or a missed opportunity.

  1. She is available to you.

Her prioritization of you is a reasonably clear indication of her interest. After receiving a WhatsApp message, an interested lady will not let you fidget for days; she will accept your calls and schedule a meeting. If, on the other hand, she allows herself to be questioned all the time, or you feel like you're chasing her down, the attraction is not mutual – or she's preoccupied with something else.

  1. She tries to make eye contact.

Do you know what it's like to have extended eye contact with someone you don't know? Whether someone is intrigued, they look for the other person's eyes to check if they are looking. However, keep in mind that a person's gaze averting isn't always an indication of indifference (in contrast to these 11 signs). She may also avert her gaze due to shame. A covert stare from the opposite side of the room, on the other hand, suggests hushed appreciation.

  1. She is inquisitive and asks a lot of questions.

She isn't interested if she merely nods or glances over her shoulder while you're chatting. If she raises questions, though, you can be sure she's on your side. She isn't very interested, but she attempts to find something in common to talk about. Even if you tell her about the great football match or some other topic other than the bean, it hangs on your lips - which is a positive indication.

  1. She keeps track of little details.

She recalls you mentioning that you wanted to see a specific film at the last meeting. Or she recalls you casually saying a passion and inquires about it. You're probably definitely a ghost in the brain of someone who identifies little details.

  1. She is a joy to be around.

In your presence, she is lively, making infantile jokes or jokingly punching you in the arm. When they discover a terrific partner, some ladies genuinely feel frisky again.

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  1. She congratulates you

She compliments you on your movie selection and your fashion sense. Someone who considers somebody beautiful enjoys praising them. By the way, even if your jokes aren't extremely humorous, it's a compliment if she laughs at them. You may learn how to offer her genuine praise in return here.

  1. She approaches you and touches you. 

If you're traveling in a group, she'll typically sit close to you or want to stroll beside you. Or, as if by coincidence, she leans closer to you or touches you. Other ways to make physical contact include putting her hand on your arm for a brief while or wussing through your hair. Most ladies, by the way, can't get enough of these three men's haircuts. 

  1. She inquires about your romantic life

Is she curious about your ex-partners? Whether she expresses an interest in your love life or subtly wants to know if you have been forgiven, this is a good indicator of her interest. Never do the following: To entice her out of the reserve, make her envious of other women or an ex-girlfriend — this will almost likely fail!

  1. She is a social media follower of yours.

Do you suddenly see a well-known visitor on your career network profile? She suddenly liked your photos on Instagram? You can be very confident that she has previously searched the internet for information about you in these circumstances. Don't be alarmed; this is a positive indication! She isn't looking for errors but rather for images or information that she may use in the next talk.

  1. It makes the conversation last longer.

Your discussion is coming to an end, but instead of ending it, she keeps asking questions that extend it? This is a hint that she enjoys being around you.