12 Online Jobs That Are In Demand In Kenya with Better Pay

Are you Looking for a side hustle or a job in Kenya to supplement your income? If so, you are at the proper spot. Due to the numerous demands for these services, we will give some suggestions for online business in this article

12 Online Jobs That Are In Demand In Kenya with Better Pay
12 Online Jobs That Are In Demand In Kenya with Better Pay

If you are looking to start an Online business venture in Kenya and know where to start working, then one option is to start looking for a prospective Job online. However, there are several criteria that you must meet or at least minimize the minimum Qualifications that the companies are willing to accept you.

In Kenya, Most youths benefit from Online Schemes(Legit) that most would call Online Scums. If you are in doubt and still undecided on where to start, this article is the right place for you to start.

Before starting, we advise you to do your own proper research on the Jobs to avoid scammers' hands. Lucky you, as we have listed the most legit Online Jobs In Kenya that will bring you some extra cash and Maybe quit your day-to-day Jobs. Most of these Jobs also Pay Via M-Pesa; thus, you don't have to worry much.

Let us get started

Graphic Artist

You may start a service company as a graphic designer or graphic designer if you are interested in or have experience in drawing or designing. One of the things that both people and corporations need is this design service. As a graphic designer, you may make money by creating logos, brochures, illustrative pictures, and other campaign-related visuals. 

Web Developer

When working as a freelance web designer, you will be expected to create websites that match your clients' tastes. You need to be proficient in various programming languages, including HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, to work as a freelance web designer.

You'll see right away how challenging this company concept is. In reality, however, many individuals are drawn to careers as web designers since the income is commensurate with the amount of work required.

Entry of data

Let's move on to freelancing ideas with the opposite difficulty level after viewing some somewhat challenging concepts. Data entry is a highly sought-after sort of freelancing since it is simple to do, even for those of you with no prior expertise.

Data entry is entering information into a database using a form that has been made available. Yes, it is simple. 

Vocal Over 

Still with low-complexity freelancing project ideas. One of the enjoyable freelancing business ventures is voice-over. You will just be required to record a voice with a tone or tone in line with the directions, making this service pretty simple. 

The reading of audiobooks, voicing for video games, and recording instructional readings for e-learning are a few examples of freelance voice-over work. 

Image Editor 

Picture editing for fun? As a freelance picture editor, you may turn your pastime into a source of revenue. Even if it seems simple, not everyone is adept at utilizing professional tools to edit images. At the very least, you need to be proficient in Photoshop to launch this picture editing company. 

Internet marketer

When you hear the term "digital marketer," a job or career in the workplace may come to mind. However, today's digital marketers may also work for themselves by starting a freelance digital marketing services company.

Many customers, individuals and businesses are looking for this digital marketing solution. You must be familiar with social media, SEO, and other internet marketing tactics to launch this service company concept.

 SEO professional

 As was previously said, SEO is one of the skills a digital marketer has to understand. You might establish other freelancing businesses as an SEO Specialist if you are already an expert in the field.

This freelancing concept is also quite popular. In addition, the remuneration is equally alluring, much to digital marketers and other freelancing careers that need specialized knowledge. 

Business Advisor

Business consulting is the next freelancing business venture. This freelance business consulting service is also available at a pretty high cost. This hefty cost is inversely correlated with how challenging the task is.

 A business consultant's role is to gather and examine data to address an issue for the company. The bulk of customers for freelancing services are big firms or even corporate due to the concentration of this work on business challenges.

 Influencer or content producer 

You need to be aware of this freelancing concept. Yes, hiring a content creator or influencer to do activities like product marketing via content media is a highly sought-after service.

You must be skilled in social media use, content development, and the ability to draw audiences and boost engagement for your material if you want to succeed as a content producer. 

Content Writer

Continuing with content-related freelancing ideas, this time from the writing-related category. The majority of the time, a freelance content writer will take care of producing articles for a website's content to suit different purposes. 

This freelance writer business concept is ideal for those who are knowledgeable about or like writing, even more so if you are familiar with SEO fundamentals. 


Next, starting a freelance translation firm is a wise business decision. This business idea is also appropriate for those who can write and speak foreign languages. 

English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, and Arabic are a few foreign languages for which translation projects are readily accessible. 


The last freelancing business idea is to start a photography company. This business opportunity may undoubtedly be a gold business chance for those who like the field of photography. You may earn money by engaging in your passions. 

You may sell different images you take to photography sites that pay in addition to working as a photographer for customers.

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