ABSA Bank Paybill Number 2023:How to Deposit Money from M-PESA to ABSA Bank Account

Learn how to easily transfer money between your ABSA Bank account and your M-PESA account using the ABSA Bank paybill number. Find out the steps to deposit money from M-PESA to your ABSA Bank account or vice versa.

Jun 15, 2023 - 18:15
Jun 15, 2023 - 18:18
ABSA Bank Paybill Number 2023:How to Deposit Money from M-PESA to ABSA Bank Account
ABSA Bank Paybill Number 2023: Deposit Money from M-PESA to ABSA Bank account and Vice versa

Today, mobile banking is not just an option; it's a necessity. With ABSA Bank's collaboration with Safaricom's M-PESA, moving money between your accounts has always been challenging. Here, we offer a comprehensive guide on using ABSA Bank Paybill Number 303030 to deposit money from M-PESA to your ABSA bank account and vice versa. Let's dive in!

ABSA Bank Paybill Number: What is it?

The ABSA Paybill Number is 303030. This unique identifier is vital when performing M-PESA to ABSA bank transactions. Using this number, you can conveniently deposit money from your M-PESA account to your ABSA Bank account and vice versa, anywhere, anytime.

How to Deposit Money from M-PESA to ABSA Bank Account

You Will Need:

  1. An ABSA bank account number
  2. A Safaricom mobile number registered in your name
  3. Access to the M-PESA Menu


  1. Open M-PESA Menu: Access the M-PESA menu via 
  2. USSD code, SIM tool kit, or M-PESA App.
  3. Choose Lipa na M-PESA: Once in your M-PESA menu, select Lipa na M-PESA.
  4. Select Pay Bill: Select the 'Pay Bill' option on the subsequent screen.
  5. Enter ABSA Paybill Number: In the 'Enter business no.' section, key in the ABSA Paybill Number (303030).
  6. Enter your ABSA Account Number: In the next stage, input your ABSA account number.
  7. Enter Amount: After confirming the previous details, enter the amount you wish to deposit to your ABSA account.
  8. Input M-PESA PIN: Enter your M-PESA PIN, review the details to ensure accuracy, and press OK.
  9. Confirmation: Once complete, you'll receive an M-PESA confirmation SMS and a message to your email confirming the successful transaction.

Limits and Charges

When performing transactions using the ABSA Paybill Number, it's essential to consider the limits and charges. The maximum amount you can send in a single transaction is Kshs 150,000. Due to the M-PESA daily limit of Kshs 300,000, you can only perform this transfer twice daily.

ABSA Bank Kenya

Previously known as Barclays Bank Kenya, ABSA Bank rebranded in 2020 following the sale of Barclays Bank's Africa business to ABSA Group Limited. Being a Tier 1 bank, it offers various services, including mobile banking through the ABSA Paybill Number.

Contacting ABSA Bank Kenya

If you encounter any issues or need further clarification, ABSA customer service is ready to help:

  1. Head Office: ABSA Head Quarters, Waiyaki Way, Westlands, Nairobi
  2. Email Address: [email protected]
  3. WhatsApp: +254 710 130000
  4. Website: https://www.absabank.co.ke/
  5. Phone Numbers: +254 (722) 130120, +254 (732) 130120, +254 (20) 3900000

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In today's digital era, banking has always been challenging. With the ABSA Bank Paybill number, you can transfer money between M-PESA and your ABSA account swiftly and securely. Embrace the convenience of mobile banking today and experience the ease of managing your finances anytime, anywhere!


What is the ABSA Bank Paybill Number?

The ABSA Bank Paybill Number is 303030.

What do I need to deposit money from M-PESA to ABSA Bank?

You need your ABSA Bank account number, a Safaricom mobile number registered in your name, and access to the M-PESA Menu.

How much money can I send in a single transaction from M-PESA to ABSA Bank?

You can send a maximum of Kshs 150,000 in a single transaction.

Can I perform the M-PESA to ABSA Bank transaction more than once a day?

You can perform the transaction twice daily, respecting the M-PESA daily transaction limit of Kshs 300,000.

How can I contact ABSA Bank Kenya for help?

In this guide, you can contact ABSA Bank Kenya through their head office, email address, WhatsApp number, website, or phone numbers.

What happened to Barclays Bank Kenya?

Barclays Bank Kenya rebranded to ABSA Bank Kenya in 2020 after the sale of Barclays Bank's Africa business to ABSA Group Limited.


This article provides information about the ABSA Bank Paybill number and its use for M-PESA and ABSA Bank transactions. While utmost care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, discrepancies may exist due to changes made by ABSA Bank or Safaricom after publishing this article. Therefore, verifying the details from the official ABSA Bank or Safaricom sources is advisable before initiating any transactions. We are not responsible for any losses incurred due to reliance on the information provided in this article.

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