Absa Bank Kenya Internet Banking: How to Register, Login, Requirements, Services, Contacts, and More

Discover how to register for Absa Kenya Internet banking and access various online banking services. Manage your finances conveniently and securely.

Aug 17, 2023 - 19:11
Absa Bank Kenya Internet Banking: How to Register, Login, Requirements, Services, Contacts, and More
Absa Bank Kenya Internet Banking: How to Register, Login, Requirements, Services, Contacts, and More

Are you an Absa bank account holder in Kenya? Have you ever wondered how to manage your financial transactions online effortlessly? This comprehensive guide will walk you through registering for Absa Kenya Internet banking, ensuring a seamless and secure experience accessing your accounts, making transactions, and enjoying various online banking services. We'll cover everything you need to know, from the registration process to logging in, requirements, services offered, and even how to recover your password if needed.

Key Takeaways

  1. Internet banking has become an essential service for managing finances online.
  2. To register for Absa Kenya Internet banking, ensure you have an active bank account, a credit/debit card, an ID, and an internet-connected device.
  3. Follow the registration steps on the official Absa website to set up your online banking account.
  4. Once registered, log in using your username and password to access your online banking services.
  5. If you forget your password, follow the instructions for password recovery using the details you provided during registration.

Getting Started with Absa Kenya Internet Banking

Internet banking has become crucial for managing your finances conveniently and efficiently. With Absa Kenya's Internet banking services, you can access your accounts, make transactions, and more from your home. Whether you're an individual, a business owner, or an investor, Absa has tailored its online banking platform to suit your needs.

What Can You do With Absa Kenya Internet Banking

  • View your account information.
  • View, download, and print your statements.
  • View, download, and print proof of payment.
  • Transfer funds between your Absa accounts and other Absa accounts or even accounts at other banks (RTGs or/and PesaLink)
  • View your credit card statements.
  • Link your accounts (both credit card and additional bank accounts).
  • Carry out foreign exchange transactions.
  • Pay your utility bills, purchase airtime, and load MPESA and Airtel Money.
  • Query foreign exchange and interest rates.
  • Send and receive emails to and from Absa.
  • Access your Account 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
  • Request for a checkbook
  • View your Loan Account details
  • Create a travel notice to enable your Absa Cards for global transactions
  • Debit card and One-time password (OTP) presence management

Requirements for Registration

Before diving into the world of online banking, you'll need a few things in place:

  1. An active bank account with Absa Kenya: If you're already an account holder, you're halfway there.
  2. A credit or debit card will be essential for secure authentication and transaction.
  3. Identification number (ID): You'll need to provide a valid form of identification, such as a Passport, Military ID, or National ID.
  4. A device with an active Internet connection: Whether you're using an Android smartphone, tablet, or computer, you'll need an Internet connection to access the online banking platform.

How to Register for Absa Kenya Internet Banking

How to Register for Absa Kenya Internet Banking

Follow these simple steps to sign up for Absa Kenya Internet banking:

  1. Open your preferred web browser and visit the official Absa Bank Kenya website: https://www.absabank.co.ke/.
  2. Click the "Menu" button at the site's top left corner.
  3. Navigate to "Internet Banking" under the "Ways to Bank" section.
  4. Click on "Register Now."
  5. Choose between "Retail" or "Business" banking, depending on your category.
  6. Fill out the registration form with accurate details:
    • Select your ID type (Passport, Military, or National ID).
    • Enter your ID number.
    • Provide your date of birth.
    • Choose your preferred Account or credit card number.
    • Enter your Absa bank account number.
    • Input your credit card details as instructed.

     7. Accept Absa Bank's online banking terms and conditions after reading them carefully.

     8. Verify your entered details and click on "Next."

     9. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up a secure code for your Account.

   10. Complete your registration by creating a unique username and password.

Logging into Your Absa Bank Kenya Online Banking Account

Logging into Your Absa Bank Kenya Online Banking Account

After successfully registering, you can now log in to your Absa online banking account:

  1. Visit the Absa Kenya online banking login portal: https://online.absabank.co.ke/.
  2. Enter your designated "Username" in the provided box.
  3. Input your online banking "Password."
  4. Double-check your login details for accuracy.
  5. Click on "Login" to access your Absa online banking account.

Recovering Your Absa Kenya Internet Banking Password

Recovering Your Absa Kenya Internet Banking Password

If you ever forget your online banking password, here's how you can reset it:

  1. Visit the Absa Kenya online banking portal: https://online.absabank.co.ke/.
  2. Locate the "Need Help Section" on the right side of the site.
  3. Click on "Forgot Password."
  4. Enter your "Username."
  5. Provide your ID number used during registration.
  6. Enter your date of birth.
  7. Input your Account or credit card number.
  8. Set up your debit card expiry date.
  9. Provide your credit or debit card CVV.
  10. Click on "Next" and follow the instructions to reset your password.

ABSA Bank Kenya PayBill and M-PESA

The cornerstone of ABSA Bank Kenya's convenience is its PayBill number, 303030. This PayBill number is the gateway for transferring funds from M-PESA to an ABSA Bank Kenya account. For those unfamiliar with M-PESA, it is a mobile money service that enables users to transfer funds, pay bills, and perform other financial transactions using their mobile phones.

Depositing Money from M-PESA to ABSA Bank Kenya

The process of depositing money from M-PESA to an ABSA Bank Kenya account is straightforward:

  1. Open the M-PESA app on your mobile phone.
  2. Select the "Lipa na M-PESA" option.
  3. Choose the "PayBill" option.
  4. Enter the ABSA Bank M-PESA PayBill number, 303030.
  5. Provide your ABSA Bank account number.
  6. Specify the amount you wish to send.
  7. Enter your M-PESA PIN to confirm the transaction.

Withdrawing Money from ABSA Bank to M-PESA

Conversely, withdrawing money from ABSA Bank to M-PESA is just as effortless through the USSD code:

  1. Dial *224# on your mobile phone.
  2. Select the "M-PESA" option.
  3. Input the recipient's M-PESA number.
  4. Specify the amount you want to send.
  5. Enter your PIN and send.

ABSA Bank Kenya Contacts

For inquiries and assistance, you can reach out to ABSA Bank Kenya through various channels:

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Absa Bank Kenya Internet banking offers a seamless and secure way to manage your finances online. By following the registration and login procedures outlined in this guide, you can gain access to a wide range of online banking services, making your financial transactions more convenient and efficient. Remember to keep your login details safe and never share them with anyone. Experience the future of banking with Absa Kenya Internet banking today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Internet banking safe?

 Yes, internet banking is secure if you follow recommended security practices, such as not sharing your login credentials and using strong passwords.

Can I access Internet banking from my smartphone? 

Absolutely. Absa's online banking platform is accessible from various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

What do I do if I need help remembering my username or password? 

If you forget your username or password, use the provided password recovery process on the Absa Kenya online banking portal.

Can I perform international transactions through Internet banking?

Internet banking typically allows you to perform foreign exchange transactions and view foreign exchange rates.

Are there fees associated with Internet banking?

Some online banking services might have associated fees. It's recommended to check with your bank for specific details.

Can I link my credit card to my online banking account? 

Yes, you can link your credit card to your Absa online banking account to better manage and track your financial activities.


The information provided in this article is intended for informational purposes only. While every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy, verifying details with the official Absa bank website or customer service for the most up-to-date and accurate information is essential.

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