Affordable housing in Nairobi: All projects, photos, and prices

Low-income earners will now be able to own a house under a new government plan that targets slum dwellers. In the newly launched affordable housing system.

May 24, 2023 - 16:53
May 24, 2023 - 17:11
Affordable housing in Nairobi: All projects, photos, and prices
Affordable housing in Nairobi: All projects, photos, and prices

Housing initiatives in Kenya are on the rise. This would be a perfect time for anyone to invest in housing projects in Kenya. In the past, it used to be a thing of investors gearing up for this project. However, as of now, a few locals can afford these properties, which forces them to hunt for alternative ways to buy real estate. As a result, the government of Kenya started a project for affordable housing in 2017. The project intends to reduce the housing threat facing people of low and intermediate income. But how far along is the project? Is the task complete? And what does Nairobi's affordable housing entail? 

Affordable housing in Nairobi 

The Affordable Housing Program was introduced in 2017 by President H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta as one of the 'Big Four Agenda's' main cornerstones. 

Here are some of the housing projects.

Pangani affordable housing project


Pangani Estate is being renovated and recreated as part of the Pangani Affordable Housing Project, an initiative by Nairobi City County and Tecnofin Kenya Limited. The NCC seeks to offer Nairobi citizens respectable, cost-effective housing. 

The 48 houses on the estate have been replaced by eight blocks of studio, one, two, and three-bedroom apartments. Out of the 1,562 units, 610 are commercial and are being sold by the developer, while 952 are for affordable housing.

The following units are included in the Pangani project:




Price (Kes)

No. of units available



1 million

Sold out 

Two bedrooms


2.5 million 

Sold out

Three bedrooms


3 million

Sold out 

Three bedrooms duplex 


10 million


The inexpensive home complex in Pangani offers great value for the money. It is a top-notch haven of comfort, affordability, and contemporary living. 


Park Road Ngara 

The first project the government promotes as part of the concept of affordable housing is Park Road Ngara. In the Ngara neighborhood of Nairobi City, this integrated human settlement project consists of 1,370 dwelling units under the Boma Yangu Ngara housing program. 

Parking, a playground for kids, a running track, a perimeter wall/security gate, a retail/commercial center, a lift, and solar water heaters are some of the conventional and social features in Park Road Ngara. A one-bedroom house will cost Kshs. 1 million, a two-bedroom house Kshs. 2 million, and a three-bedroom house Kshs. 3 million, depending on the number of bedrooms.

Shauri Moyo

On January 27, 2023, Kenya's president announced the opening of the Shauri Moyo affordable housing project. The location is in NBO County's eastern region, around two kilometers from Nairobi's central business district.

 The construction will include social, communal, and housing amenities. The land, which is about 8 acres, has the capacity to build about 4,000 apartments, with different combinations of one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom homes.

 A safe perimeter gate, a public park, a kindergarten, retail spaces, a water supply, and gas reticulation supplies are further features of the Shauri Moyo affordable housing project. 

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Kibera Soweto East Zone B 

The reconstruction of Kibera Soweto East Zone B is being planned by the government through the slum upgrading division. 4400 units of one, two, and three rooms in 12-story high-rise buildings are proposed for the site in the Langata Sub-county. 

The one-roomed apartments (bedsitters) will feature a shared bathroom with a shower and a kitchen, while the two-roomed units (one bedroom) will have a bathroom with a shared shower and a kitchenette. 

Starehe affordable housing project 

Starehe Point is a modern and inexpensive housing estate located off General Waruinge Road in the Starehe neighborhood of Nairobi County. Gulf Cap Real Estate developed the project in collaboration with the national government. Gulf Cap Real Estate is a pioneer in Kenya's affordable housing market, offering top-notch designs and a luxurious lifestyle.

By giving you access to shared community facilities including a community center, stores, sports courts, a swimming pool, a kindergarten, green spaces, food courts, and more, Starehe is dedicated to reinventing your lifestyle.

 Available units include:



Price (Kes)

No. of units available



1.6 million




1.9 million 


Two bedroom


3.4 million


Two bedroom


2.2 million


Three bedroom


3.3 million 


Three bedroom


4.1 million



Mariguini informal settlement 

As part of the Boma Yangu houses project, Nairobi County has upgraded the Mariguini informal settlement. The location, which spans 6 acres, is in the Starehe Sub-county. In high-rise blocks with ten floors, the proposed Mariguini informal colony contains 2600 residential units with one, two, and three rooms. 

The additional features that are being considered include a nursery school, pharmacy, and community center. 

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The Kenyan government is on its toes to ensure Kenyans Access affordable housing projects. Already there are so many projects that are going on. If the project ends, this will lower the cost of living and address congestion problems in the city, among other related activities.


VIDEO: A tour of the State's affordable housing units in Ngara, Nairobi



What is the price of affordable housing in Kenya?

In Kenya, a one-bedroom apartment costs about kes 2,400 per month to live in.

What are the government affordable housing projects in Kenya?

One of the pillars of the Big 4 Agenda is the Affordable Housing Program (AHP), a government effort. This pillar focuses on giving low- and middle-income families access to adequate and reasonably priced housing.

Where and how do I apply to buy an affordable house?

To qualify for the program, you must first register on the Boma Yangu housing site. Your account will allow you to donate to the housing fund and choose your preferred property after registering.

How will the houses be allocated?

First come, first served, without human touch or involvement, the residence is awarded using a fair and transparent procedure.

Who qualifies for Boma Yangu?

Applicants for Boma Yangu must be Kenyan citizens who are at least 18 years old. must be registered on the BomaYangu site, have a current Personal Identification Number (PIN) issued by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), and be documented with the KRA.