Top 10 Affordable Romantic Restaurants in Nairobi

If looking for a location for your next romantic date, worry no more because we got a list for you to choose from.

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Top 10 Affordable Romantic Restaurants in Nairobi
Affordable Romantic Restaurants in Nairobi

Found a loved one and want to make the best impression on the first date? Nairobi offers the perfect restaurant for you. Nairobi's culinary scene is highly diverse, and it is constantly expanding. Restaurants that serve vegan, vegetarian, international, and animal-friendly food. This article will examine some of Nairobi's most excellent romantic restaurant recommendations.

Affordable Romantic Restaurants in Nairobi

1. Inti Nikkei, Westlands

Located at One Africa Place in Westlands, it is one of the romantic restaurants in Nairobi because of its scenic view of Nairobi as you enjoy your lunch/ dinner. The INTI experience centers around the finest Nikkei cuisine, which celebrates the marriage of Japanese & Peruvian fare, complemented by the finest wines, sake, and signature cocktails. However, it has a stringent casual dress code where shorts, slippers, vests, and flip-flops are prohibited.

2. Hero Restaurant

A unique type of restaurant where design, fantasy, pleasure, and individualism combine. The design urged you to become members of a secret space and was created as a speakeasy with a covert entrance and a bar in the prohibition era. The setting and the food highlight local and comic book heroes, including businesspeople, athletes, authors, do-gooders, and environmental activists. It does this by fusing fantasy and reality. The superhero and their superpowers serve as an inspiration for the little plates.

3. Harvest Restaurant

The open grill Brasserie focuses on farm-fresh ingredients expertly mixed to take you on a true gastronomic journey, which was inspired by a Kenyan's genuine love for meat.

 A carefully chosen array of international wines is also offered at the restaurant. They have an open kitchen so that visitors may experience the cooking process.

4. Mercado Restaurant

Mercado is a Mexican restaurant on Kenrail Towers Parklands. Here, you may eat traditional Mexican food with a contemporary touch. In addition to bringing Mexican delights to Nairobi, they have chefs from Mexico City. 

Their menu mixes traditional cooking methods with contemporary additions so they can have a menu exclusive to us worldwide. When guests come to the restaurant, they are served locally sourced, organic, and fresh ingredients.

5. The Social House

Located on James Gichuru Road in Lavington, the colonial house is an executive hotel with four restaurants. 

If going out to dinner is too cliché for you, getting a drink is the next best thing. Even on first dates, this is gradually becoming a common practice. The Inca is what you're looking for if this is the case. Take in this Peruvian bar's colorful decor while sipping homemade drinks that perfectly encapsulate Nairobi's spirit.

The other room is bright and vibrant and has a sitting area both inside and outside where guests can have breakfast under awnings, brunch by the pool, or a leisurely dinner while taking in the peace.

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6. Hob House

The restaurant serves Levantine cuisine with mainly vegetarian and vegan dishes. For non-vegetarians also offer a variety of chicken and fish dishes. Daily fresh produce is obtained from nearby organic farms. Their main herbs and spices are imported straight from Lebanon to give everything they offer an absolutely authentic taste or touch.

 They try to provide genuine cuisine combined with healthy options, enhancing the nutritional value of the food, and serve gluten-free upon request. Despite being an alcohol-free establishment, customers can bring their bottles to share with their loved ones. 

7. Mawimbi Seafood Restaurant

The menu of Mawimbi Seafood Restaurant is varied, as the name would imply, and will satisfy your demands for seafood. It was chosen as the top premium seafood restaurant in the world for 2021. It is situated on Kijabe Street, Longonot Place. Mawimbi offers five different varieties and combinations of various seafood, including slices of king prawns, salmon, tuna, kingfish, and octopus. You can also take a look at their house specialties.

8. Fifteen Rooftop

located on Mombasa Road on the 15th floor of The Curve by the Park Building. It is Nairobi's opulent rooftop bar. Here, you may enjoy a late-night dinner with your loved one while enjoying the picturesque scenery, which overlooks the historic Nairobi National Park and has one of the best city skyline views.

FIFTEEN delivers a unique experience that indulges your senses by fusing regional ingredients with top-notch flair. They have a price range from KES 900- KES 3,000, which is slightly affordable.

9. Bambino Restaurant

Contemporary Latin American and Italian cuisine is served at Bambino, with premium wines and specialty drinks. The restaurant's materials, which include enormous dried flower structures, glazed stone walls, and marble tables, provide a laid-back atmosphere perfect for mingling.

 It's a location where modern energy meets seamless refinement. It's a nice restaurant to enjoy a meal with a loved one.

10. The Talisman Restaurant

Talisman, an attractive luxury gastro bar with an outside dining area with a lush backdrop as an intimate eating place for anything from an English breakfast to a three-course lunch or dinner with friends or simply a few drinks by the pub, is located in the center of Karen.

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Once in a while, some of us do have trouble choosing the perfect dinner spot. However, for an idyllic mood and time with your partner, it's only fair to find that perfect, relaxing spot to share great moments. Get to look at the best restaurants in the city where you can create moments with your loved one.

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