Complete List Of All Airtel Kenya USSD Short Codes[2024]

Discover the complete list of Airtel Kenya USSD shortcodes and simplify your mobile experience. Access a wide range of services with ease.

Oct 29, 2023 - 09:05
Complete List Of All Airtel Kenya USSD Short Codes[2024]
Complete List Of All Airtel Kenya USSD Short Codes

Are you an Airtel Kenya subscriber looking to access a wide range of services with ease? Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) short codes are here to simplify your life. Airtel Kenya offers many USSD shortcodes that enable you to access various services quickly and efficiently. In this comprehensive guide, we'll provide you with a complete list of Airtel Kenya USSD shortcodes, making your mobile experience more convenient.

Airtel Kenya USSD Short Codes

USSD short codes are like magic spells that unlock a world of services at your fingertips. Airtel Kenya understands the importance of seamless access to their offerings, and that's why they provide a range of shortcodes to cater to your needs. Whether you want to check your airtime balance, buy data bundles, access Airtel Money, or explore special offers, there's a USSD code.

Airtel Menu and Special Offers

Let's kick things off with the USSD code that opens the door to a world of Airtel services:

1.USSD Short Code: *100# / *111#

This code acts as your gateway to Airtel's menu of special offers. With it, you can:

  • Explore exclusive deals and promotions
  • Purchase airtime for your line
  • Retrieve your PUK (Personal Unlocking Key)
  • Reset your Airtel Money PIN
  • Buy bundles and services tailored to your preferences
  • Access services like Kopa Credo and more

2. Airtime Management

Managing your airtime balance is crucial to staying connected. Airtel Kenya provides convenient USSD codes for this purpose:

USSD Short Code: *133# / *131#

Use these codes to:

  • Check your airtime balance quickly and easily
  • Top up your airtime with a scratch card using 130CODE#
  • Send airtime to another Airtel Kenya number with *140#

3. Data Services

Staying connected online is essential in today's digital age. Airtel Kenya offers USSD codes to help you manage your data needs:

USSD Short Code: 544CODE#

With this code, you can:

  • Buy data bundles suited to your data usage
  • Check your data balance to avoid unexpected data deletion

4. SMS and Bundle Options

Stay in touch with your loved ones through SMS bundles and special services:

USSD Short Code: 7672# / *767# /*544#

Use this code to:

  • Access SMS bundle options for texting convenience
  • Explore services like Tubonge, UnlimiNet, and more

5. Club 10 Membership

Joining Airtel's Club 10 is accessible with this USSD code:

USSD Short Code: *120#

6. Roaming and International Options

Stay connected globally with these USSD codes:

USSD Short Code: *544# - Roaming Bundles

USSD Short Code: *310# - International Bundles

7. Borrowing Credit and Internet

Need more credit or data? Airtel Kenya has got you covered with these USSD codes:

USSD Short Code: *310# - Kopa Credo

USSD Short Code: *544# - Kopa Credo internet

8. Hello Tunes and More

Add a personalized touch to your caller experience with USSD codes like:

USSD Short Code: *355# - Hello Tunes

USSD Short Code: *326# - Zawadi Points

9. Customer Care and Voicemail

For any assistance or voicemail access, use these USSD codes:

USSD Short Code: 100 - Airtel Kenya Customer Care

USSD Short Code: 555 / 123 - Voicemail

10. Airtel Money and Please Call Me

Managing your finances and sending 'Please Call Me' messages is a breeze with these USSD codes:

USSD Short Code: 2222# - Airtel Money

USSD Short Code: *100# - Send Airtel Kenya Please Call Me

11. Missed Call Alerts and More

Stay updated with missed call alerts and other services:

USSD Short Code: Type SUB MCA and send to 555 - Airtel Kenya Missed Call Alert

USSD Short Code: *411# - Alerts and Classifieds

12. Wikipedia and Entertainment

Expand your knowledge and enjoy entertainment with these USSD codes:

USSD Short Code: *515# - Wikipedia

USSD Short Code: 1008# - Freelange

USSD Short Code: *245# - Klub254

SUMMARY TABLE: List of all Airtel Kenya Shortcodes

USSD Short Code Airtel Menu
*100# / *111# Airtel Menu
*222# Airtel Money
2222# Request Airtel Kenya Number
*133# / *131# Airtime Balance
130CODE# Airtime Top Up
*140# Send Airtime to Another Airtel Kenya Number
544CODE# Data Top Up
*544# / 7673# Buy Data
5443# Check Data Balance
Type "ALL" to 232 Airtel Internet Settings
7672# / *767# /*544# SMS Bundle
*544# Tubonge
*544# UnlimiNet
*767# / 7671# Tosha Bundles
*120# Club 10
*544# Roaming Bundles
*310 International Bundles
*310# Kopa Credo
*544# Kopa Credo Internet
*355# Hello Tunes
*326# Zawadi Points
1318# Check Zawadi Balance
*411# Alerts and Classifieds
Call 100 Airtel Kenya Customer Care
Call 555 / 123 and follow the voice instructions Voicemail
*100# and follow the prompts Send Airtel Kenya Please Call Me
2222# Airtel Kenya Missed Call Alert

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In conclusion, Airtel Kenya USSD short codes are your go-to tools for accessing a wide array of services effortlessly. Whether managing your airtime, purchasing data bundles, or exploring special offers, these codes simplify your mobile experience. Stay connected, informed, and entertained with Airtel Kenya's USSD short codes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I check my Airtel Kenya airtime balance?

To check your Airtel Kenya airtime balance, dial *133# or *131#.

2. How can I top up my Airtel Kenya line with a scratch card?

To top up your Airtel Kenya line with a scratch card, use the USSD code 130PIN#.

3. What services can I access using the 100# USSD code?

The *100# USSD code allows you to access various services, including checking and buying hot deals, getting your PUK, managing your Airtel account, buying bundles and services, checking balances, and more.

4. How do I purchase data bundles on Airtel Kenya?

You can purchase data bundles on Airtel Kenya using the USSD code 544CODE#.

5. Can I send airtime to another Airtel Kenya number?

Yes, you can send airtime to another Airtel Kenya number by dialing *140# and following the prompts.

6. How can I borrow airtime and data bundles on Airtel Kenya?

To borrow airtime and data bundles on Airtel Kenya, use the USSD code *310# for Kopa Credo, *544# for Kopa Credo Internet, and *767# for Airtel Tosha bundles.

7. What is Airtel Hello Tunes, and how can I set it up?

Airtel Hello Tunes allows you to entertain your callers with personalized tunes. You can set it up by dialing *811# or *355# and selecting your preferred tunes from various categories.

8. How can I contact Airtel Kenya customer care?

You can contact Airtel Kenya customer care by dialing 100.

These frequently asked questions should help you navigate and make the most of Airtel Kenya's USSD short codes. Enjoy the convenience of these codes in managing your mobile services.

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