List Of All Parastatals in Kenya and their Heads In 2024

Looking for information on parastatals in Kenya? Read this article to learn about their functions, ministries, and contributions to the economy.

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List Of All Parastatals in Kenya and their Heads In 2024
List Of All Parastatals in Kenya and their Heads In 2024

Every government can function flawlessly with parastatals. Parastatals in Kenya are organizations, boards, or associations the government owns to help run its business and provide essential services to the general public. These state corporations play a significant role in the country's economic and social development, with impressive salaries and attractive employment terms. In this article, we will delve into the world of parastatals in Kenya, explore their classifications, and understand their importance in the government's functioning.

Parastatals in Kenya and the Ministries

Kenya boasts 263 parastatals, each managed by top officials appointed by the President. These state corporations fall under various ministries that oversee their operations and provide funding. The parastatals in Kenya serve as a source of revenue and employment, benefiting both the government and the citizens. They cover diverse sectors such as health, education, agriculture, transport, etc.

Classification of State Corporations in Kenya

To effectively manage the numerous state corporations, they are categorized into three classes - A, B, and C. The classification is primarily based on the salary scale of their employees. Class A parastatals have the highest salary scale, followed by Class B and C, with the lowest salaries. This classification ensures that the government can offer competitive wages and attract skilled professionals.

List of Parastatals in Kenya

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Now, let's explore some of the key ministries and the parastatals falling under them:

Ministry of Health

  • Kenya Medical Laboratory Technician and Technologists Board
  • Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)
  • Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA)
  • Kenya Medical Training College
  • Kenyatta National Hospital
  • Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital
  • National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF)
  • National AIDS Control Council
  • National Quality Control Laboratories
  • Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral, and Research Hospital

Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology

  • Chuka University
  • Commission for University Education
  • Cooperative University College
  • Dedan Kimathi University
  • Egerton University
  • Embu University
  • Garissa University
  • Higher Education Loans Board
  • Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology
  • Jomo Kenyatta Foundation
  • Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
  • Karatina University
  • Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development
  • Kenya Literature Bureau
  • Multi-Media University of Kenya
  • Kenya National Commission for UNESCO
  • Kenya National Examinations Council
  • Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Services
  • Kenyatta University
  • Kibabii University
  • Kirinyaga University
  • Kisii University
  • Laikipia University
  • Maasai Mara University
  • Machakos University
  • Maseno University
  • Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology
  • Meru University of Science and Technology
  • Moi University
  • Murang’a University College
  • Pwani University
  • Rongo University
  • School Equipment Production Unit
  • South Eastern Kenya University- SEKU
  • Taita Taveta University
  • Technical University of Mombasa
  • The Technical University of Kenya
  • University of Eldoret
  • University of Kabianga
  • University of Nairobi

Ministry of Lands

  • National Construction Authority
  • National Housing Corporation

Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation

  • Agricultural Development Corporation
  • Agricultural, Fisheries, and Food Authority
  • Agro-Chemical and Food Company
  • Bukura Agricultural College
  • Coffee Development Fund
  • Commodities Fund
  • Kenya Animal Genetics Resource Centre
  • Kenya Dairy Board
  • Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute
  • Kenya Meat Commission
  • Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization
  • Kenya Sugar Board
  • Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services
  • Kenya Seed Company Limited
  • Kenya Tsetse and Trypanosomiasis Eradication Council
  • Kenya Veterinary Vaccine Production Institute
  • Miwani Sugar Company Ltd
  • Chemelil Sugar Company Ltd
  • Nzoia Sugar Company Ltd
  • Pest Control Products Board
  • South Nyanza Sugar Company Limited (SONY)
  • Mohoroni Sugar Company Ltd
  • National Biosafety Authority
  • National Cereals and Produce Board
  • National Irrigation Board
  • Nyayo Tea Zones Development Corporation

Ministry of Labour and Social Protection

  • National Social Security Fund
  • National Social Security Assistance Authority
  • National Council for Persons with Disabilities
  • National Industrial Training Authority

Ministry of Industrialisation and Enterprise Development

  • Anti-Counterfeit Agency
  • East African Portland Cement Company Limited
  • Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA)
  • Kenya National Accreditation Service
  • New Kenya Cooperative Creameries
  • Numerical Machining Complex
  • Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority
  • Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS)
  • Kenya Industrial Estates Ltd.
  • Kenya Industrial Property Institute
  • Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute
  • Kenya Investment Authority
  • Kenya Leather Development Council
  • Small and Micro Enterprises Authority

Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife

  • Kenyatta International Conference Centre
  • Kenya Utalii College
  • Kenya Safari Lodges and Hotels
  • Tourism Fund
  • Brand Kenya
  • Catering and Tourism Development Levy Trustee
  • Bomas of Kenya
  • Kenya Tourism Board
  • Tourism Regulatory Authority
  • Kenya Tourist Development Corporation

Ministry of Information, Communication, and Technology

  • Communications Authority of Kenya
  • Kenya Broadcasting Corporation
  • Information and Communications Technology Authority
  • Kenya Institute of Mass Communication
  • Kenya Year Book Editorial Board
  • Konza Technopolis Authority
  • Postal Corporation of Kenya

Ministry of Sports and Heritage

  • Kenya National Library Service
  • National Museums of Kenya
  • National Youth Council
  • Sports Kenya
  • Kenya Academy of Sports
  • Kenya Film Classification Board
  • Kenya Film Commission

Ministry of Energy

  • Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board
  • Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC)
  • Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited (KPLC)
  • National Oil Corporation of Kenya (NOCK)
  • Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC)
  • Geothermal Development Company (GDC)
  • Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KENGEN)
  • Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (KETRACO)
  • Rural Electrification Authority (REA)

Ministry of National Treasury

  • Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examinations Board (KASNEB)
  • Privatisation Commission
  • Kenya Investment Authority
  • Insurance Regulatory Authority
  • Kenya Reinsurance Corporation
  • Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)
  • Kenya Trade Network Agency
  • Competition Authority of Kenya
  • Public Procurement Oversight Authority
  • Capital Market Authority (CMA)
  • Deposit Protection Fund
  • National Bank of Kenya
  • Kenya Post Office Savings Bank
  • Consolidated Bank of Kenya
  • Retirements Benefit Authority

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development

  • Constituency Development Fund Board
  • National Drought Management Authority
  • National Coordinating Agency for Population and Development
  • South-South Centre
  • Youth Enterprise Development Fund Board (YEDFB)
  • Kenya Institute of Public Policy Research and Analysis
  • Kenya National Bureau of Statistics
  • Kenya School of Government

The Office of the Attorney General

  • Council of Legal Education
  • Kenya Copyright Board
  • Kenya Law Reform Commission
  • National Crime Research Centre
  • Kenya School of Law
  • Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration
  • National Council for Law Reporting

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Parastatals in Kenya are the backbone of the government, ensuring the smooth functioning of various sectors. From healthcare and education to agriculture and transportation, these state corporations play a crucial role in the country's development. The classification of parastatals based on salary scales ensures a fair compensation structure and attracts the right talent to these organizations. By understanding the significance of these parastatals and their functions, we gain insight into their broader impact on Kenya's growth and prosperity.

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