Android Auto: These smartphones are causing Problems

With Android Auto, you can connect your smartphone to your car's display and view all of your Android applications. However, there are no issues with this procedure.

Android Auto: These smartphones are causing Problems
Android Auto: These smartphones are causing Problems

The benefits of Google's Android Auto software are apparent: it functions as an intelligent passenger and even speaks to you due to Google Assistant. Android Auto allows you to utilize many of the same features on your smartphone while driving. However, there are currently no violins in the sky for users. Instead, users of a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra are more inclined to listen to metal or rock music to relieve their frustration because many of them have trouble connecting their smartphones to the Android car system.

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According to the related Google support articles, the USB cable merely charges the phone rather than connecting it. Some people have gotten the entire device operating by messing with the cable, but it is not necessary. As a result, a solution update is on the way. However, even though the update to Android Auto 7.7 is meant to address the cable issue, according to 9to5Google, new problems develop simultaneously — even for people who had everything working before.

The smartphone connects to the latest beta version, but all that is visible is a blank screen. According to many Reddit threads, users of the Google Pixel 6 are also impacted. When you unplug the Pixel 6 from the Android Auto connection, the screen goes black, and the phone either restarts on its own or needs to be pushed to continue.

According to Google's issue Tracker — a tool used by Google to gather and resolve user complaints – Although the problem has been resolved, people continue to publish messages. Is Google satisfied with the situation since a permanent solution is on the way? And, if so, is there likely to be peace in the box?