Bamba TV Kenya: Decoder, Registration, Channels, and Costs

Learn all about Bamba TV, from the decoder to registration process, available channels, and costs. Experience seamless TV viewing with Bamba!

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Bamba TV Kenya: Decoder, Registration, Channels, and Costs
Bamba TV: Decoder, Registration, Channels, and Costs

Bamba TV, launched in Kenya on 22nd December 2014 by Lancia Digital Broadcast Limited, a subsidiary of Radio Africa Group, revolutionized the television viewing experience in Kenya. This innovative platform offers a wide range of free-to-air channels, both local and international, to its viewers. This article will explore everything you need about Bamba TV, from the decoder to the registration process, available channels, and associated costs.

Bamba TV Decoder

Bamba TV has gained immense popularity in Kenya for its exceptional offerings in the digital TV landscape. It is among the leading free-to-air decoders in the country, providing viewers with access to exclusive content and a plethora of free channels. Unlike other digital TV platforms in Kenya, Bamba TV has made premium channels accessible to everyone without subscription fees.

The Advantages of Bamba TV Decoder

One of the key advantages of the Bamba TV decoder is its extensive list of free-to-air channels, making it a cost-effective choice for TV enthusiasts. With a Bamba decoder, viewers can enjoy over 50 local and international media, including news, entertainment, documentaries, and sports. These channels are a valuable addition to the Kenyan TV landscape and cater to diverse interests.

The convenience of Bamba TV registration is another noteworthy feature. The registration process is straightforward, allowing clients to complete it from the comfort of their homes by simply sending their details through their mobile phones. This ease of registration ensures that viewers can quickly access premium content without unnecessary hassles.

Registration Procedure for Bamba Decoder

The Bamba TV registration process is so easy that you can do it without paying a cent. It is crucial to complete the registration within 60 days of purchasing the decoder to avoid deactivation. Initially, Bamba decoders were not registered, but this policy has since changed. If you don't write your Bamba decoder within the given time, you will lose access to several channels.

To register your Bamba decoder, you can send the following details to [email protected]: your full name, ID number, mobile number, location, setup box serial number, and smart card number. Alternatively, you can register by dialing *297#.

What Channels Does Bamba TV Offer?

Bamba TV offers various channels to cater to multiple tastes and interests. These channels can be categorized into international news, movies, sports, lifestyle, and cartoons. Below, we list some of the critical channels available on Bamba TV:

Live Channels

  1. Kiss TV
  2. NHK World
  3. Kass TV
  4. Nollywood Movies
  5. France 24
  6. Events channel
  7. Al-Jazeera
  8. Justice Tv
  9. iFilm
  10. EWTN
  11. African Movie Channel
  12. Cars TV
  13. Movie Club
  14. Fashion TV
  15. DW
  16. Smile TV
  17. Romanza TV

Total Channels

While Bamba TV offers a variety of channels, some are locked on unregistered Bamba decoders. These channels include:

  • Africa Sinema Channel
  • Justice TV
  • Classic TV
  • Recipe TV
  • Comedy TV
  • Smile TV
  • TBN Peace TV
  • Destination TV
  • Aljazeera TV
  • Cars TV
  • Smile TV
  • TBN
  • NHK
  • France 24
  • Freckles
  • WWX
  • Men X
  • ESTV

Local Channels on Bamba

Once you register your Bamba decoder, you gain access to several local channels, including:

  • KTN News
  • KTN Home
  • Citizen TV
  • NTV
  • Sayari TV
  • Ebru TV
  • Farmer TV
  • Baite TV
  • HCK TV
  • Baar
  • K24
  • Kass TV
  • Lenale TV
  • Heritage TV
  • WTV
  • Pwani TV
  • Deliverance TV
  • Lolwe TV
  • Inooro TV
  • EATV
  • Bunge TV
  • Njata TV
  • Youth TV
  • KTS TV
  • GBS TV
  • Family TV
  • Hope TV
  • Edu TV
  • Mother&child TV
  • Kingdom TV
  • Revival TV
  • Aviation TV
  • Kiss TV
  • Kass TV
  • Church Channel

International Channels on Bamba

Registered Bamba decoder users can also enjoy a selection of international channels, including:

  • NHK World
  • Ifilm
  • EWTN
  • Africa Movie Channels
  • Cars TV
  • Nollywood Movies
  • France 24
  • Movie Club
  • Fashion TV
  • Deutsche Welle
  • Peace TV
  • Romanza TV
  • Comedy TV
  • Smile TV
  • Justice TV
  • Recipe TV
  • Events channel
  • RT News
  • Aljazeera TV

Other Channels Displayed but Not Available

Some channels are displayed on the Bamba decoder but unavailable for viewership. These channels include:

  • ES.TV
  • Fashion Box
  • Cartoon Club
  • Freckle TV
  • Smile of a Child
  • Films on Reels
  • Movie Club
  • Movee4U
  • Nollywood Channel
  • Nollywood Movies
  • France24 TV English
  • God TV
  • MMA Warriors
  • WWWX
  • Docu Box
  • World Fashion Channel
  • Fastnfun Box
  • Madscreen Box
  • 360Tune Box
  • Film Box
  • Film Box Art House
  • Clubbing TV
  • Pets. TV
  • Fight Box
  • Venture Channel
  • World War Channel
  • Channels TV
  • CMTV
  • Launch TV
  • MCBN
  • Channel M1
  • HIP TV
  • Nigezie
  • Ofive
  • OH TV Africa
  • Al Jazeera Arabic
  • Janta TV
  • Dove TV
  • Inspiration TV
  • JCTV
  • Press TV – Arabic/English
  • TBN
  • The Church Channel
  • TVC News

Connecting Your Bamba Decoder

To fully enjoy the Bamba TV experience, it's essential to connect your decoder to your television. Follow these steps:

  1. Point your aerial to the transmission around you.
  2. Connect your antenna securely to the decoder.
  3. Use the supplied RCA cable to connect the decoder to your TV.
  4. Plug the power cable into a power outlet.
  5. Turn on the TV and decoder.
  6. Tune your TV to channel 36 for a clear signal.
  7. Once the scan is complete, you can start enjoying the free-to-air channels on Bamba TV.

How Much Does Bamba TV Cost?

Bamba TV is known for its affordability, making it a popular choice among Kenyan viewers. The initial cost of purchasing a Bamba TV decoder varies. Still, it typically ranges between Ksh 1,500 and Ksh 2,000, depending on the specific model and any promotional offers available.

The registration process for Bamba TV is free, so there is no direct cost associated with activating your decoder. After registration, you can enjoy the vast selection of free-to-air channels without monthly subscription fees.

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Bamba TV has changed the television viewing landscape in Kenya by providing a cost-effective way for viewers to access a wide range of free-to-air channels, including local and international content. The Bamba decoder, registration process, available channels, and associated costs have all contributed to its popularity among Kenyan TV enthusiasts. Whether interested in news, entertainment, movies, sports, or lifestyle content, Bamba TV offers something for everyone without monthly subscription fees. Follow the registration process and enjoy the world of free digital TV with Bamba TV. stands proudly as a preeminent Publication Blog in Kenya, dedicated to delivering an unparalleled wealth of informative content across a multitude of subjects that resonate with both the Kenyan audience and the global community at large. Our unwavering commitment to quality and accuracy has made us a trusted resource for readers not only in Kenya but also in the United States and South Africa.