Bank Of Baroda ATM Locations And Branches In Kenya

Bank of Baroda is an Indian multinational bank that has a presence in various countries around the world, including Kenya. If you are in need of banking services in Kenya and are looking for Bank of Baroda branches or ATMs in the country, this article will provide you with the necessary information.

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Bank Of Baroda ATM  Locations And Branches In Kenya
Bank Of Baroda ATM Locations And Branches In Kenya

Established in 1908, the Bank of Baroda is one of India's largest and most trusted banks. The bank has a solid international presence, with branches and ATMs in various countries across the globe. In Kenya, the Bank of Baroda has several branches and ATMs in different parts of the country, providing various banking services to individuals and businesses.

Whether a resident or a visitor to Kenya, you can rely on the Bank of Baroda for all your banking needs. The bank has a team of experienced and friendly staff who are always ready to assist you with any inquiries or transactions. This article will provide a list of Bank of Baroda branches and ATMs in Kenya, along with their locations and contact details.

Bank of Baroda Branches and ATMs in Kenya

Below is a list of Bank of Baroda branches and ATMs in Kenya, along with their locations and contact details:

Location Address Contact Number Email
Mombasa Mombasa 0412228607 [email protected]
Thika Kenyatta Avenue 0672230048 [email protected]
Kisumu Central Square 0572020303 [email protected]
Westlands Sarit Centre 0203752590/91 [email protected]
Nairobi (Industrial Area) Industrial Area 0206555945 [email protected]
Eldoret Moi Street 0532063204 [email protected]
Nakuru Kenyatta Avenue 0512211718 [email protected]
Kakamega Kenyatta AAvenue 05631766 [email protected]
Nyali Nyali Road, Texas 0414471103 [email protected]
Meru Njuri Ncheke 0642030623 [email protected]
Nairobi (Diamond Plaza) Diamond Plaza 0203742257 [email protected]
Mombasa Road Somak House 0206829118/9 [email protected]
Nairobi (Muthithi Road) Mthithi Road 02502248402 [email protected]

In addition to the above branches, the Bank of Baroda has a headquarters in Kenya, located on Koinange Street in Nairobi. The contact number for the office is + 254 (20) 2248412, and the email is [email protected].

Services Offered by Bank of Baroda in Kenya

At Bank of Baroda branches in Kenya, you can access a wide range of banking services, including:

  • Personal banking includes services such as opening and managing savings and current accounts, applying for loans and credit cards, and availing of foreign exchange services.
  • Business banking: Bank of Baroda offers a range of banking solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Kenya, including business loans, trade finance, and cash management services.
  • Corporate banking: Bank of Baroda provides comprehensive banking solutions for large corporations in Kenya, including project financing, structured finance, and working capital management.
  • Internet banking: Bank of Baroda's Internet banking platform, Baroda Connect, allows customers to access their accounts and carry out various transactions online, such as checking account balances, transferring funds, and paying bills.
  • Mobile banking: Bank of Baroda's mobile banking app, Baroda Passbook, enables customers to access their accounts and carry out smartphone transactions.
  • ATM services: Bank of Baroda's ATMs in Kenya offer various services, including cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, and funds transfer.

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In conclusion, Bank of Baroda is a reliable and trusted banking partner in Kenya, offering various banking services to individuals and businesses through its branches and ATMs nationwide. Whether looking for personal banking, business banking, or corporate banking solutions, Bank of Baroda has something for everyone. So if you need banking services in Kenya, visit a Bank of Baroda branch or ATM near you.

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