Best Cryptocurrency Companies in Kenya with exceptional interest rates

Cryptocurrencies in Kenya are not a new thing for the larger population. As of the writing of this article, it is estimated that over 4.8 million Kenyans own cryptocurrencies. While choosing the best Cryptocurrencies to invest in seems easy, still choosing a platform to carry out your trades successively should not be taken so lightly.

Best Cryptocurrency Companies in Kenya with exceptional interest rates
10 Best Cryptocurrency Companies in Kenya with exceptional interest rates

The cryptocurrency market is quite saturated with scammers who may be thirsty for your money or Tokens. To be safe, we have decided to compile the ten best cryptocurrency platforms in Kenya to help you thrive in this industry.

The platforms that we have listed below are arranged in no chronological order. It would be best if you also took note that each platform has different transaction costs and securities. We, therefore, advise you to always carry out your research before diving onto them

Let us get started


Binance Earn provides various financial solutions that allow you to save and earn interest simultaneously. Flexible Savings, Locked Savings, one-time loans, and flexible or locked Staking are all part of the comprehensive offering. The platform is simple to use and provides a lot of freedom regarding investing options.

If you are getting started, you should know what Spot transactions are in the platform, with maker and taker just 0.10 percent. In addition, when you pay your fees in BNB, the platform token and the expenses in taker and maker decrease to 0.075 percent. Your charges may also be reduced depending on your VIP status. The stages are computed based on the monthly amounts exchanged and the quantity of BNB possessed. The VIP1 level, for example, has ultra-low fees of 0.02 percent for the maker and 0.04 percent for the taker.


Tokenized shares are one of the features that distinguishes FTX from other platforms: owing to the "tokenized" shares, you may access the stock market on the forum with a single click. Another element of FTX is the ability to wager on whether or not future occurrences will occur.

The maker's charge is 0.02 percent, while the taker's fee is 0.07. These fees reduce as the monthly trading volume and quantity of FTT tokens owned increase. Since the end of July 2020, FTX has abolished all leverage more than 20x, giving less experienced investors peace of mind.

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The primary platform features a simple interface and many asset pairs, and leverage effects. You'll need to go to the "pro" platform, which has a lot of analytical tools, to get access to the graphs on the courses.

 It operates on a maker-taker fee structure with volume incentives depending on your previous 30 days' activity. The tariff schedule is intended to entice traders to participate in the market and increase liquidity. You may be charged up to 0.16 percent of the transaction value in the maker and up to 0.26 percent in the taker, depending on your actions on the site. 


There are no auxiliary services available, such as savings, loans/borrowings, or other payment cards. Bybit's interface is simple to use, and you can jump between portfolios, account management, and the futures trading platform with ease.

The pricing structure is unique: the user can earn money instead of paying a charge to execute an order under specific circumstances! Bybit compensates the makers by reimbursing them to stimulate the provision of liquidity to the order book. As a result, the platform has opposing transaction fees (-0.025 percent) for makers and more traditional and positive fees for taker orders (0.075 percent ).

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The platform allows users to trade in cash, leverage, and, most recently, derivatives. It also enables the purchase of an asset in tiny increments at regular intervals, allowing for risk smoothing over time without worrying about entry timing.

The trading costs (maker 0.10 percent/taker 0.16 percent) are comparable to those levied by other platforms and decrease with volume starting at $ 250,000 per month; suffice it to say, tiny traders will be unaffected. also encourages you to utilize its token, the CRO, by giving you a discount (maker 100% / taker 10%) if you pay your transaction costs in this currency.


The platform has many cryptocurrencies to choose from and a simple way to purchase them. It aims to simplify all of the complexities of graphical analysis for beginners and small investors. Coinbase offers a somewhat more complicated platform (Coinbase Pro) geared to experienced traders in addition to the primary and intuitive trading platform for novices. 

Its transaction costs are pretty high: 3.99 percent on cryptos' credit or debit card purchases and 1.49 percent on all other transactions. Bank card withdrawals cost up to 2% of the total amount, with a minimum of 55 cents. These costs are far cheaper than most rival services. The cost of converting cryptos is also high: spreads can exceed 2%, which is significantly more than the 0.1 percent price charged by other platforms for the identical transaction.


In terms of professional-level trading capabilities, the platform is exceptionally well-equipped. It provides a sample account that includes all of the platform's capabilities, allowing newcomers to get their feet wet without breaking their wallets.

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The fee amount is determined by the platform's holdings of the token and the monthly trading volume. Several fee schedules, for example, rely on the unusual character of the assets. It also provides savings options that allow you to invest in crypto for passive income, and it stands out for the variety of cryptos that can be recognized. All of your assets are adaptable. The funds placed aside can be taken out at any moment. The Loan program, which allows you to borrow USDT for 3 to 90 days, is the inverse of the savings program. 


It provides a platform for spot trading, margin trading, and futures trading. Over 100 trading pairs against USDT and over 150 trading pairs against bitcoin on the spot and margin trading platform! Future systems will often feature more comprehensive tools than KuCoin does.

For both the maker and taker positions, the charge is 0.1 percent, with a 20% discount if the platform token is used to pay the price. On the futures side, transaction costs are 0.02 percent for the maker and 0.06 percent for the taker. These transaction fees are on the low end of the scale compared to what is seen elsewhere.

Here are Other considerable Platforms that you should also take a look at:

  • BitPesa
  • Paxful
  • etoro
  • Luno

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