Best Electric Bikes In kenya For 2023

Save up to 70% on running costs with an electric bike! Our guide to the top models available in Kenya will help you make the right choice for your needs.

Jan 26, 2023 - 15:50
Jun 23, 2023 - 19:59
Best Electric Bikes In kenya For 2023
Best Electric Bikes In kenya For 2023

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular in Kenya as more and more people look for sustainable and cost-effective transportation options. This article will look at some of the top electric bikes currently available in Kenya, including the Roam Air, Kiri BIKES, and Ebee.

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The Roam Air Bikes

Roam, formerly Opibus, recently revealed the availability of its electric motorbike named Roam Air. Kenyans can purchase the Roam Air at KES 180,000, designed to run well in urban and rural environments.

The bike is fully electric and can save users up to 70 percent in running costs compared to fuel-powered motorcycles. It uses a dual-battery system, which allows the user to unplug a battery from the bike and charge it at home or authorized charging stations. When fully charged, it can manage a range of 180 km. Roam says the Air is mechanically robust and designed to tackle challenging terrains.


Kiri BIKES is an electric vehicle startup based in Nairobi, Kenya. The company's mission is to challenge the status quo of the motor industry across the African continent. Kiri EV launches the broadest range of electric vehicles in East Africa. The company offers an entirely electric vehicle ecosystem, including a smart EV, intelligent portable battery, clever tech, swap stations, tracking, and emergency alerts.

Ebee Bikes 

Ebee is a Kenyan company with Dutch roots. The company was founded in 2021 to accelerate the adoption of light electric vehicles in Sub-Saharan Africa. Ebee's core focus is developing, distributing, and servicing e-bikes and e-cargo bikes for last-mile delivery in urban areas. Ebee is the first company in Sub-Saharan Africa to facilitate and invest in the mass adoption of E-bikes.

Little Bikes

 Little, a Kenyan super app, recently announced the launch of their electric mobility products, including electric bikes and scooters. The company has spent years working on the design and efficiency of the bikes, and they are now ready for release in March 2022. Little's bikes are built chiefly from easily recyclable materials, such as steel and aluminum, and can work up to 24 hours after a 4-hour charge. Users can activate the bikes by downloading the Little app and scanning the code on each cycle.

Bolt Bikes

On-demand transportation platform Bolt has also entered the electric bike market in Kenya. The company has unveiled electric tuk-tuks and e-bicycles on its platform as part of an effort to expand its greener transport options. Bolt Food couriers will currently use these electric vehicles, but the company plans to expand and include them in the ride-hailing business. Bolt is also the first company to launch an electric bike-sharing service in Europe, and the new e-bikes and e-tuk tuks will expand options for Bolt's delivery business.

Xiaomi Mi Bike 

If one rule about technology holds, it is that Xiaomi is available everywhere. The Chinese manufacturer entered the electric bicycle market without surprise following unquestionable success in the market for trotlines.

Like other products in the brand, the bicycle has a well-considered design with VanMoof-esque accents. It is tiny with 16-inch wheels and only 14,5 kilograms on balance.

The Xiaomi Bike is a lovely little machine that is, first and foremost, intended for urban centers. It is also entertaining to operate. It is not recommended for long-distance travel, but it offers a difficult-to-match quality-to-price ratio if you are not going very far. Simply put, this is the best flexible electric bicycle currently available. 

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 In conclusion, electric bikes are quickly becoming a popular option for transportation in Kenya as more and more companies are entering the market with innovative and eco-friendly options. Companies like Little, Bolt Bikes, and Roam Air are leading the way in developing electric transportation in Kenya, offering high-quality and sustainable options for those looking to switch to an electric vehicle. 

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