Best features coming to WhatsApp this year

WhatsApp's Communities feature will be added to the app soon. But that's not the only thing the instant messaging service has planned for the following months.

Best features coming to WhatsApp this year
Best features coming to WhatsApp this year

Expect incremental improvements rather than revolutionary changes to (eventually) catch up with the competition on several key aspects.

WhatsApp will roll out several new features to improve group conversations in the following weeks. They will even come before the Communities, with these groups being encrypted from beginning to finish, allowing diverse groups to coexist inside the same framework. They enable administrators to deliver messages to all users, particular groups, or individuals.

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 We expect four "novelties" to be on the agenda, both for groups and routine discussions:

  1.  Reactions: Just as in other apps, it will soon be allowed to respond to messages with emojis. This saves time and reduces the amount of noise in discussion threads.
  2. Admins may delete messages, which helps control a debate or conduct housekeeping.
  3. Extended file sharing: Files of up to 2 GB will now be able to be sent.
  4. Extended voice calls: Up to 32 people will be able to talk at once, and the design will be redesigned.

These upgrades will not be released on a certain date.