Best fibre packages in Kenya 2023: Choose the right package

Some of the fiber packages in Kenya include; Safaricom home fiber, zuku fiber, Jamiii Telecom, and Liquid Telecom among others.

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Best fibre packages in Kenya 2023: Choose the right package
Best fibre packages in Kenya 2023: Choose the right package

There are more and more internet service providers (ISPs) in Kenya, and they offer a range of packages to suit various needs and price ranges. The most well-known ISPs in the nation are Liquid Telecom, Safaricom Home Fiber, Zuku Fiber, Jamii Telecoms (JTL), and Telkom Kenya. These ISPs provide various internet packages with various speeds and costs, ranging from low-cost choices for occasional users to high-speed solutions for businesses and frequent internet users.

Customers can select between fiber, wireless, or satellite internet solutions depending on their demands and location. Kenya's digital revolution is being aided by the rivalry between ISPs, which has improved service quality, improved price, and increased accessibility to the internet.

Best fiber packages in Kenya 2023

Safaricom home fiber

Explore Home Fiber Packages

Package Speed Price per month
Bronze 8 MBPS Ksh 2,999
Silver 20 MBPS Ksh 4,100
Gold 40 MBPS Ksh 6,299
Diamond 100 MBPS Ksh 12,499

Home Plus Packages

Package Price Bundle
Home plus 800 Ksh. 800 5GB + 400Min + 1000SMS
Home plus 1800 Ksh. 1,800 15GB + 1000Min + 2000SMS
Home plus 2700 Ksh. 2,700 25GB + 1500Min + 3000SMS
Home plus 4600 Ksh. 4,600 45GB + 2500Min + 5000SMS

Business Packages

Business Speed Price per month
Small offices of 1-10 users 3 MBPS Ksh. 4,100
Medium offices of 10-20 users 5 MBPS Ksh. 5,799
Medium offices of 20-30 users 10 MBPS Ksh. 15,699

One of Kenya's top residential Wi-Fi service providers is Safaricom. Safaricom has several reasonably priced fiber bundles with download and upload rates of up to 100Mbps. Both commercial and residential users can use the packages. There are several options available at affordable monthly rates.

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Zuku fiber

ZUKU offers unlimited internet plans with up to 250 Mbps of speed. They also provide additional services like phone and digital TV. Payments are often paid monthly, and the provider offers free installation services. The following explores the many available packages.

Internet Only Packages

Speed Price per month
10 MBPS Ksh. 2,799
20 MBPS Ksh. 4,199
60 MBPS Ksh. 5,999

Triple Play Packages

Package Price per month
10 MBPS + 60 channels Ksh. 2,899
20 MBPS + 60 channels Ksh. 4,399
60 MBPS + 60 channels Ksh. 6,299

Jamii Telecoms (JTL)

The company is among Kenya's first fiber Internet service providers. In addition to Faiba fixed, the company now provides Mobile 4G LTE. The following explores the many packages on offer.

Liquid home

Faiba Home Plans

Package Price per month
30 Mbps Ksh. 5,250
50 Mbps Ksh. 10,500
75 Mbps Ksh. 15,750
125 Mbps Ksh. 21,000

Faiba Business Plan

Package Ideal users Price per month
15 Mbps 1-10 Ksh. 10,000
25 Mbps 11-20 Ksh. 15,000
40 Mbps 21-30 Ksh. 25,000
60 Mbps 31-40 Ksh. 30,000
75 Mbps 41-50 Ksh. 40,000
100 Mbps 51-65 Ksh. 55,000

ISP Liquid

ISP Liquid Home is based in Kenya and primarily serves the Nairobi area. With this service, there are no buffering issues or signal problems. The available packages are listed below.

Package Speed Price per month
Basic fiber 5 Mbps Ksh. 2,499
Fast fiber 10 Mbps Ksh. 3,499
Super-fast fiber 25 Mbps Ksh. 5,199
Lightning-fast fiber 50 Mbps Ksh. 6,839
Turbocharged fiber 100 Mbps Ksh. 11,999
Wimax 5 Mbps Ksh. 2,499
Wimax 10 Mbps Ksh. 3,499

SurfNet Solutions

In the Kajiado, Machakos, and Nairobi regions, SurfNet Solutions has over 14,000 clients who can choose from home fiber, home wireless, or business packages.

Home Fiber Packages

Package Price per month
10 Mbps Ksh. 2,400
20 Mbps Ksh. 3,500
40 Mbps Ksh. 5,000

Home Wireless Packages

Package Price per month
5 Mbps Ksh. 2,400
8 Mbps Ksh. 3,000
20 Mbps Ksh. 5,000

Business Packages

Package Price per month
6 Mbps Ksh. 5,000
12 Mbps Ksh. 8,000
45 Mbps Ksh. 25,000

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Kenya has a variety of internet service providers offering different types of internet connections, including fiber optic. As seen in the article, some of the best fiber packages are listed. Hence you can make an informed decision when looking for a fiber package suitable to your needs.

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