best loan apps in kenya without registration fee

Various Application lenders have decided to put forth their best effort to guarantee that all qualified borrowers receive complete financial support. If you want to know which loan applications in Kenya work without a registration charge, Keep reading to the end.

best loan apps in kenya without registration fee
best loan apps in kenya without registration fee

Due to the favourable requirements, many lenders are moving toward mobile lending applications and other rapid loan providers in Kenya. Since the application and distribution processes are time-saving and don't require a CRB or security check, these groups gain new members daily.

Loan apps in Kenya do not require clearance from guarantors or loan security, unlike banks and other traditional lenders. Numerous borrowers have been scammed on some illicit applications due to the country's rising number of lending apps.

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Tala Loan App

Tala is highly renowned for disbursing loans as quickly as feasible. Typically, 5 minutes. One of the most reliable and honest loan apps in Kenya is Tala. When you first install the App, you are given the bronze status and can quickly get Ksh 500 as a starter. The maximum that you can get from Tala is Ksh50,000.

Branch Loan App

Branch is One of the favourite legitimate lending apps in Kenya that distributes money via Mpesa is this one. Their interest rate is affordable and flexible, so it's hardly surprising that it's nearly outperforming Tala, given that it has received positive reviews on Google Play. If you are a new Branch user, you may be eligible for a loan between Ksh250 and Ksh500. They will give you Ksh200 for free if you join up for Branch and pay off your first Loan, regardless of the amount. If you make on-time payments and keep using the App, you can increase your loan limit to Ksh 70,000.

Zenka Loan App

Zenka provides loans with no interest for first-time applicants. Download the App from the Google Play store, enter your information, and submit a request for your first Loan. You'll immediately receive a Ksh1,500 loan with no interest due in 61 days if you're eligible. The App also provides a USSD code *841# that you can use to register and apply for a loan if you don't want to download the App.

Timiza loan App

Timiza is an app from ABSA bank that enables users to do most of their transactions by phone. Timiza provides loans in addition to other services. If you don't have a smartphone, you can still access the Loan by dialling *848# and following the instructions. The App is available on the Google Play store.


Kenya Commercial Bank created KCB Mpesa in collaboration with Safaricom. It started as a savings account in 2015 and has been used. Borrowing is possible even without savings. The Loan will be deposited into your phone's KCB Mpesa account. You can borrow as little as Ksh 50 and as much as Ksh 1,000,000. Their monthly interest rate is 1.16%, plus a one-time negotiation cost of 2.5%. If you are a registered and active Safaricom Mpesa user, you may be eligible for a KCB Mpesa loan. Your line must have been active for the previous six months to qualify for a loan.

M-Shwari From Safaricom

Mshwari uses Mpesa mobile money to provide its services. It collaborates with the Commercial Bank of Africa and continues to rank among Kenya's top mobile loan apps. Although they don't know how much they can lend, you can only borrow a minimum of Ksh 100. Your loan limit rises if you keep saving with Mshwari and repay your initial Loan on time. Loans from Mshwari must be refunded within 30 days. Your Loan is disbursed to you in about five minutes. The loans have a 30-day repayment period and a 7.5% interest rate.

 Eazzy  Loan App

Eazzy Loan is a product of Equity Bank. The bank provides additional services like app-based withdrawals. You can acquire their loans if you belong to Equity Bank. Their upper limit varies from person to person. According to the transactions you have done throughout the month, you are eligible for a borrowing limit.

HF Whizz 

The App from HF Whizz is reputable and lets you borrow up to Ksh 50,000. Their offerings are comparable to Timiza's. The App also allows you to send money to other users and pay bills. Visit the Google Play Store, download the App, and register to use it. You will receive a loan once you have used the App for a while.


One of Kenya's most dependable mobile lending apps has consistently been identified as Opesa. Tenspot Kenya Limited released it, and the play store has received over 500,000 downloads as of right now. They have a Ksh 30,000 maximum loan limit and a Ksh 500 minimum loan limit.

Depending on the amount, these loans are due within 14 days and have a 14.-day interest rate of 16.8%. Late payments are charged 2.4% daily interest. If you don't pay off the Loan within 20 days, they will provide the Credit Reference Bureau with information on you.


Okash is a product of Opay, a Fintech division of the Opera Group and the company behind the well-known Opera mini browser. They have a 15-day loan repayment period with amended interest rates of 15% for the first 15, 17.6% for the next 22 days, and 23.2% for the final 29 days.

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