Best Loans without CRB in Kenya

This article lists the best Loans without CRB that should be on your radar. Read to the end to know which to go for as the services listed here have their advantages and disadvantages.

Best Loans without CRB in Kenya
Best Loans without CRB in Kenya

We have already compiled a list of the best loan apps you can find now in the country, but the Loans without CRB stand out. For one reason or another, you may find yourself in a challenging financial situation, and in this case, emergency loans will prove their usefulness without you going through much hustle.

Credit reference bureaus (CRB) are not a new thing to many, but they are institutions charged with the mandate of providing your credit score. Their usefulness is proven to many loan services/providers who either decide on whether to provide you with the Loan amount or not. This favors those with higher credit scores while the majority are left out. The good news is that you don’t need to worry as there are already many institutions or, rather, Loan applications that will save you at your worst.

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Opesa loan app is one of the outstanding applications that provides loans to various Kenyans on the M-Pesa accounts. The platform is owned by Tenspot Kenya Limited. You can borrow between Ksh 1,500 to 50,000). You have 91-365 days to pay back at a maximum APR (annual percentage rate) of 36%. In addition, there is an option of paying 12-16.8% if you decide to pay back the loan in a short period of up to 91 days.


Usawa is another loaning application that we couldn’t fail to feature in the article. You can apply for a loan in this app anywhere between KSH(500 to 1,000,000). The interest rate used during the loan repayment is 12% PA. The repayment period is limited between 91 days and three years, depending on the amount borrowed. The only downfall with the application is that you are charged about Ksh 400 during registration. Apart from being accessed via its  application, you can also use *483*012# to register and apply for the loan

Jazika loan

Jazika loan is a popular credit lending platform that provides customers with conventional loans. Before getting a loan on this platform, one has to go through all the Terms and Conditions for the service upon registration. The maximum amount that can be loaned on the platform is up to ksh100000, with a repayment duration between 61 and 180 days. A one-time service fee of 12% is charged for duration registration depending on the limit and an APR of 12% during the loan repayment.

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Fadhili is one of the best lending companies in the country. Good thing is that you don’t need to visit their branches in the country as they have an application on the Google Playstore. They give loans up from KES 500 to KES 1,000,000 with a 12% PA interest rate during the Payment. Also to manage your account once active, the lender will require you to pay KSH 400 each year. The duration for paying the loan ranges from  91days and 36 months, depending on the loan amount you have borrowed.


Here is another online lending Platform dubbed Utajiri, proving its usefulness. Upon registration, you will be required to pay a registration fee of KSH 250. The loan given by Utajiri varies from KES(30-to 300,000). During the repayment period, which ranges from 91 to 365 days depending on your loan amount, you will be charged 12% as the APR.