Best Phones On Loans In Kenya

Are you Looking for the best Possible Phones on Loan In Kenya? The smartphone market here in Kenya is so competitive, and thus there are smartphones that you can look out for to meet your daily needs. In this article, we have provided you with the best phones you can easily find on Loan in Kenya.

Sep 26, 2022 - 20:44
Jan 17, 2023 - 20:33
Best Phones On Loans In Kenya
Best Phones On Loans In Kenya

We have already gone through various smartphones that you can find at multiple rates on this website. Already it is Safaricom Kenya is mainly known for producing low-cost smartphones. Nevertheless, there are quite a lot of other brands that you really should be aware of. Therefore, this guide will not focus on which models you can get from Safaricom; instead, we will focus on some of the best brands and other well-wishers who offer phones on loans.

Before we get started, we advise you to go through our Lipa mdogo smartphone list to understand which smartphones are offered on Safaricom. and if that doesn't excite you still, we recommend you also to take a look at our best smartphone compilations down below

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With that said, you should also be aware that various brands willing to lend you their phones on Loan will always require that you pay for the product at multiple installments rates. This can be done in a week, month, or even year. If you are looking for a good smartphone on Loan, it is not just about buying a phone and putting it in your Pocket. Instead, you should always be curious to know about its spec sheet as it will help you to understand how to use the device. 

Let us get started 

Aspira Loan Phones on Loan

Launched in 2017, Aspira has been offering financial services to various Kenyans. This means customers can register on their website and buy Electronics based on Lipa Mdogo Plan. So which smartphones are offered on Aspira.?

Realme C11 2021-17% Discount

The Realme C11 2021 variant's comprehensive spec sheet guarantees an excellent operating and gaming experience. In addition to a 2GB RAM, the company has included a superb display, straightforward cameras, and accessible storage space in the smartphone. The Price of the smartphone on Aspira is  Ksh 11,311, but you can opt to pay for the phone at only Ksh 1,256 for  12 Months.

SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 Ultra-12% Discount

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has all the capabilities a user would need in a top-of-the-line smartphone. Its 108MP camera is superior to the competitors and offers its user up to 100x magnification capabilities. To enjoy all the novelties that this smartphone brings, you can opt to buy the device for   Ksh 114,999 or rather pay it Ksh 12,765  monthly

M-kopa phones on Loan

We have already discussed M-Kopa Phones in detail; thus, if you are looking for the best possible deals, here are our best recommendations. M-Kopa is another asset financing platform offering great smartphones to Kenyans at much lower prices. To qualify for the smartphone loan, take note that they only accept clients who are aged 18 and above.

Lipa Later Phones On Loan

Lipa Later is another Trusted Platform in Kenya that offers a selection of Phones On Loan. The only catch with them is that they will not lend you a smartphone unless your most recent three-month bank statement or six months' worth of Mpesa statements. After which, they will only lend you a smartphone that is available depending on your Loan Limit.

For Lipa later, It was a bit hard to narrow down which phones are available on Loan as they have a couple of partners who work with them to ensure that their service delivery is efficient enough. To see which products are on Loan, you must first sign up with the platform and apply for various products. You can also visit one of their shops[See the Image below] directly to get assisted.

Mogo Phones on Loans

MOGO is a trustworthy and well-respected company in Kenya mainly known for offering auto finance and logbook loans. Besides that, the company also provides Phones loans that you can purchase at much cheaper rates. Take note, however, that the company only offers Samsung models. Here are the best models that you can find  on the platform

Samsung Galaxy A12 64GB-52 Weeks Loan term

The Samsung Galaxy A12 is a reasonably priced phone with several features. The smartphone's standout feature is an outstanding quad-camera system. Despite having a 5,000mAh battery and 4GB RAM, customers may not be satisfied with the device's subpar CPU. To purchase the device, you will need to make a Down payment  of KES 3 900

Samsung Galaxy A53 128GB-52 Weeks Loan term

With its exquisite quad-camera configuration and 128GB of internal storage, the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is a suitable option for photographers and vloggers. The same may be relied upon for effective multitasking throughout the day. You will need to make a Down payment  of KES 9 800 to get the device

Watu Simu Loans

What is an Asset FinTech company that is revolutionizing mass-market mobility in Africa? The brand is available in Kenya, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Rwanda. Watu Simu offers reasonable and adaptable financing options for the Kenyan market for multiple phones. The only catch with watu is that it provides loans on a specific selection of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. These includes:

Samsung Galaxy A03 Core

Samsung Galaxy A03

Samsung Galaxy A13

Samsung Galaxy A23

Samsung Galaxy A33

Note that when you purchase any smartphone from Watu time, you must make down payments monthly. To Know how much they cost, you can sign up on their website or visit any select Watu Stores.

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