Best Phones to buy in Kenya Under KSH 30,000

Are you searching for exciting phones with an excellent price-quality ratio between Ksh 20,000 to Ksh 30,000? This article summarises everything you need to know about which devices to choose.

Nov 9, 2022 - 15:13
Jan 17, 2023 - 13:35
Best Phones  to buy in Kenya Under KSH 30,000
Best Phones to buy in Kenya Under KSH 30,000

A few years ago, finding a good smartphone for less than KSH 30,000  was considered impossible. Since then, a lot has changed, and this price range is now one of the most active on the market. Competition drives down prices and raises performance standards—a condition where consumers are unlikely to complain. The main culprits are Chinese brands like Xiaomi or Realme, which started with affordable smartphones to establish their credibility before moving up to more expensive models with the success that was expected.

What are the Constraints for a smartphone below KSH 30,000

A smartphone at this price initially resembles its more expensive big brothers quite a bit. There are large HD screens, several camera sensors, and thoughtful designs. Details are where differences can be felt: less-than-perfect finishes, somewhat weaker processors, or even lower-quality screens are standard. But this image is probably the furthest apart from what the best flagships offer.

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Let us get started


The Redmi Note 10 Pro, currently available for less than KSH 30,000, was the flagship model for the Chinese company's 2021 lineup. Although it is comfortable to use, this large smartphone may cause issues for those with little hands. The finish is quite nice for this price, with lovely glass dos. The manufacturer used a high-luminosity OLED display with a 120 Hz OLED display for the screen. It's even more uncommon for models in this range, but the colourimetry is accurate. However, the retirement rate is not adaptive; manual adjustment is required.

When it comes to performances, some compromises are starting to be seen. Although the Snapdragon 732G is adequate for daily use, it is not well suited for video gaming. In contrast, the battery life is adequate, providing nearly two days of typical use. It will take the fast charger 33W an hour to recharge the battery's 5020 mAh. Since 5G is not an option, one must be content with 4G for network-related matters.

Oppo Reno 7

Oppo returned to the mid-range with the Reno 7 after a very conventional Oppo Reno 6. The manufacturer settled on a 6.43-inch (2400 x 1080 pixel) AMOLED screen with good lighting and accurate colour. The phone is a fantastic value for the money. The phone is elegant and flat-bordered, top design, influenced by the iPhone 13, will be displayed. The only flaw is that the mention is a little prominent. We particularly like the block photo on his chest, which gives him a cute retro appearance. It is even more appealing in the vegan orange leather variant.

Most base scenarios are met by the Snapdragon 680 and 8 Go of RAM, supported by a pleasant ColorOS to use daily. Never consider turning off video games like Fortnite, though. Three lenses, for instance, the portrait mode, display excellent results. s are shown in the photograph: a primary 64-megapixel, wide-angle, f/1,9 camera, a second lens for field depth, and a third, a microscope. For instance Regarding battery life, the Oppo Reno 7 performs admirably, averaging over 14 hours between charges during our tests and requiring a 33 W charge to recharge the device in an hour fully.


After the quickly forgotten Nord N10 and N100, OnePlus once again broadens its selection with the Nord CE, short for "Community Edition". The brand now focuses more on the middle of the spectrum than the entry level to challenge Xiaomi. The  Nord CE has a comfortable take-in hand and is pleasingly sleek and light. The AMOLED screen offers a 90 Hz refresh rate, accurate colour reproduction, and adequate lighting. Unfortunately, the glass is very susceptible to light.

Processor-wise, a Snapdragon 750G is found in the cap. For most applications, the performance of the puce is very accurate, and one can even play in favourable circumstances by paying close attention to minor details. Things with autonomy are less successful: the North CE holds without issue for two days, but quick charging takes an hour to complete.


You're looking for a reliable value. The Samsung Galaxy A23 5G design is just one of several attributes that enable it to achieve this honourable title. It is made of plastic, yet it's also relatively light and straightforward. Despite using less luxurious materials than the series S, his integration of the photo block at the back is successful. Keep in mind that it has a port jack, a now-rare component. Even though it is not an AMOLED display, the tactile screen on Samsung smartphones continues to be of very high quality. The 6,6-inch LCD supports an FHD+ resolution of 2408 x 1080 pixels. Additionally, you benefit from a 120 Hz refresh rate, which is an excellent feature of this price.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 SoC powers the Galaxy A23 with up to 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of expandable storage. The superb One UI 4.1 created by Samsung controls Android 12's interface.In the back are four photo sensors: a 50-megapixel wide-angle, a 5-megapixel ultra-wide-angle, a macro lens, and a 2-megapixel depth sensor for each. If it is clear that not all of them are useful, it will be concluded that the primary camera will perform admirably if given enough light. The frontal 8 MPx lens may be used to full advantage without having to perform any miracles.


Clearly, the Realme 9 is not trying to revolutionize the market. However, it is not very expensive and appears to be more balanced. Realme made an effort to include 90 Hz with the 6.4-inch super AMOLED display. The lighting is adequate, and the color calibration is generally good. The device is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 SoC with 4, 6, or 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of expandable storage. Undoubtedly, the puce is hardly a weapon of war, but it will work for modest purposes.

The main benefit of this model is its impressive level of independence. In fact, it can last for at least two days thanks to its battery, which has a 5 000 mAh capacity and is compatible with fast charging at 33 W. Undoubtedly, the somewhat depressing photo portion, particularly the ultra-wide viewpoint, is where the bug bites. Fortunately, he finds his main goal to be rather current.In addition to the traditional black, the Realme 9 is now available in a bright yellow and in pearl white. If this design interests you, read our review of the Realme 9 4G.

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