Betika Jackpot Review - How Betika Jackpot Works?

Betika Jackpot is an online casino game where players compete by selecting several games correctly for them to win Prices of up to Ksh 100 million. Read our review to see if this new game is worth playing!

Betika Jackpot Review - How Betika Jackpot Works?

Betika Jackpot is a free online slot machine that allows players to win big cash prizes. The game features 17  games in which you must select a specific number of games to win the prices. To participate in the Jackpot,you are required to start by depositing cash to be staked.


What Is Betika Jackpot?

Betika Jackpot was launched by, a betting site in Kenya. Think of Betika Jackpot as some online casino game where participants are awarded for predicting a certain number of games correctly. The betika website has been designed with a simple interface and easy navigation. The Jackpot also comes with a range of bonus games and promotions. You can find it on the official website or Via utilizing its Applications both on Android and iOS


How Does Betika Jackpot Work?

To Participate in Betika Jackpots, all you need to do is to have a registered Account with Betika Kenya. Players start off playing Betika Jacport by predicting populated games by Betika. First, there is the Betika Grand Jackpot, whereby a Player is required to Predict 17 Games correctly for them to Win Ksh 100,000,000. To participate in the Grand Jackpot, a Player will be required to deposit Ksh to their Betika account

Still, on the Same Betika Grand Jackpot, a player can also win Ksh 50,000,000 for predicting the same 17 games, but this time you will be required to deposit Ksh 20. Other jackpots include the Betika Midweek jackpot, where a player can take home s Ksh 15,000,000 by only staking  Ksh 15; lastly, there is the Sababisha jackpot, where a player can win Ksh  Ksh200,000  by betting Ksh20.


Are There Any Bonuses or Free Spins Available?

Yes, Betika Jackpot offers Bonuses, and they are awarded for selecting 0, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 out of a possible total of 17. However, be aware that from time to time, the Bonuses amount does change

Can I Play Betika Jackpot with Real Money?

Yes, Betika Jackpot can only be done by depositing Money to your Betika account. All you need to do is to register on the site or App. Once registered, players will then need to deposit funds into their accounts. After depositing funds, players can begin playing the game.



We found that Betika Jackpot was easy to use and had a good selection of games. It is something that you must try also.

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