7 Best Cement Companies in Kenya

Looking for the best cement brands for your construction needs in Kenya? Learn about the top-rated options and their unmatched reliability and quality.

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7 Best Cement Companies in Kenya
7 Best Cement Companies in Kenya

Cement is a fundamental building block in the dynamic, fast-paced construction world. In Kenya, a country known for its robust infrastructure development, the demand for top-quality cement has never been higher. This article highlights the top cement companies in Kenya, their unique brands, and their crucial role in transforming the nation's landscape.

1. Bamburi Cement

As one of the most reputable cement companies in East Africa, Bamburi Cement has been at the forefront of innovative construction solutions for decades. Established as the leading cement company in Kenya, its range of brands, such as Nguvu, Powermax, Fundi, Duracem, and Tembo, have become synonymous with quality and sustainability. But what truly sets Bamburi Cement apart is its long-standing commitment to environment-friendly operations.

2. East African Portland Cement

Dating back to 1933, East African Portland Cement Company holds an esteemed position as a seasoned cement manufacturer in Kenya. Its flagship brand, Blue Triangle Cement, is a testament to its commitment to quality and reliability. Renowned structures like KICC, the Thika Superhighway, and the Chemususu Dam have all been built using Blue Triangle Cement, marking the company's significant contribution to the country's architectural landscape.

3. Savannah Cement

Located near Nairobi, Kenya's cement consumption hub, Savannah Cement operates an eco-friendly cement grinding plant with a staggering capacity of 2.4 million tons a year. The company stands out for its emphasis on green technology and its revolutionary approach to environmental management in the cement industry. Its brand, Savannah, has earned wide recognition for these pioneering initiatives.

4. Mombasa Cement

Mombasa Cement Limited (MCL), one of the largest cement manufacturers in Eastern Africa, has operational plants across Nairobi, Athi River, and Kilifi. Holding a significant 20% market share in the Kenyan cement sector, MCL's influence cannot be understated. Its cement brand, Nyumba, is well-known and respected for its quality.

5. National Cement

National Cement Company Limited, the producer of the famous Simba Cement, expanded its grinding capacity by five times in 2013, responding to the increasing demand for its products. In 2019, the company made headlines in the cement industry by acquiring ARM Cement Limited's operations in Kenya, the manufacturer of the Rhino brand. This strategic move further solidified National Cement's position in the market.

6. Karsan Ramji & Sons

Despite their relatively smaller scale, Karsan Ramji & Sons have significantly impacted the Kenyan cement industry. Operating a plant at Eugashura with a daily output of 700 tonnes, their cement brand, Ndovu, is highly sought after.

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7. Rai Cement

Rai Cement, based in Nyanza province, has served customers in North Rift, South Rift, Nyanza, and Western regions since 2017. The company prides itself on providing high-quality cement to the market without compromise. Their cement brand, Dumu, encapsulates this commitment to quality.


Kenya's top cement companies are pivotal in the country's construction and infrastructure development. Through their various brands and innovative approaches, these companies have met the nation's growing demand for cement and contributed significantly to the economy. They continue to shape Kenya's skyline while maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and environmental stewardship.


Q: What is the largest cement company in Kenya?

A: Bamburi Cement is considered the leading cement company in Kenya, providing various quality innovative construction solutions.

Q: Which cement brand is best for construction in Kenya?

A: While there are many high-quality brands available, brands like Nguvu and Blue Triangle from Bamburi and East African Portland Cement Companies, respectively, are highly rated for their quality and reliability.

Q: What eco-friendly initiatives are Kenyan cement companies taking?

A: Companies like Savannah Cement lead in eco-friendly production, operating green technology-based cement grinding plants and emphasizing environmental management.

Q: How has the cement industry in Kenya evolved over the years?

A: The industry has seen significant growth and development, with companies expanding their capacity to meet the growing demand and implementing innovative technologies for eco-friendly production.

Q: Who are the emerging players in the Kenyan cement industry?

A: While established companies continue to dominate, smaller firms like Karsan Ramji & Sons and Rai Cement are significantly impacting the industry with their quality products.

Q: What role do cement companies play in Kenya's economy?

A: Cement companies contribute significantly to Kenya's economy by boosting infrastructure development, creating jobs, and attracting foreign investment.


The information provided in this article is based on the most recent data available and thorough research. However, it is essential to note that the performance and ranking of these companies may change over time due to various factors. It is always recommended to conduct personal research or consult a professional before making investment decisions.

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