Chaka Ranch Charges, Accommodation, Entrance Fees, Conferencing, and Contacts

Discover Chaka Ranch, the perfect destination for family fun and outdoor activities. Explore accommodation options, entrance fees, and more

Oct 5, 2023 - 12:26
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Chaka Ranch Charges, Accommodation, Entrance Fees, Conferencing, and Contacts
Chaka Ranch Charges, Accommodation, Entrance Fees, Conferencing, and Contacts

Are you seeking an unforgettable outdoor adventure that combines entertainment, leisure, and natural beauty? Look no further than Chaka Ranch Leisure Park, nestled in the heart of Kiganjo, Nyeri County. In this article, we will delve into the exciting world of Chaka Ranch, exploring its charges, accommodation offerings, entrance fees, conferencing facilities, and much more. Let us embark on this journey of discovery!

Chaka Ranch at a Glance

Chaka Ranch Leisure Park, open daily, including public holidays, is conveniently located just two hours from Nairobi City Centre. Situated amidst the stunning vistas of Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Mountain Range, Chaka Ranch offers a unique blend of outdoor entertainment options that will leave you captivated.

Chaka Ranch takes pride in providing a homely and all-inclusive environment that serves as a one-stop destination for family fun, outdoor activities, delectable food, refreshing drinks, and mouthwatering barbecues. 

Chaka Ranch Charges and Entrance Fees

Let us begin by unravelling the details of Chaka Ranch charges and entrance fees. We understand that every visitor has different expectations, so we offer a range of options to suit your preferences.

  • Adults: Entrance fee is Ksh. 300 per person.
  • Children: Kids can enter for Ksh. 100 per child.

Chaka Ranch Accommodation

Chaka Ranch offers luxurious accommodation in 12 well-appointed tents at the tented camp for those seeking a tranquil getaway. The serene environment invites you to unwind and recharge, making it the perfect escape for friends, family, or even a solo adventure. The tented camp is conveniently located within walking distance from the leisure park.

Accommodation Charges:

  • Standard Rooms (Full Board):
    • Single: Ksh. 11,500
    • Double: Ksh. 10,000
    • Triple: Ksh. 10,000
  • Deluxe Rooms (Full Board):
    • Single: Ksh. 13,500
    • Double: Ksh. 11,500
    • Triple: Not Applicable
  • Superior Rooms (Full Board):
    • Single: Ksh. 15,500
    • Double: Ksh. 13,000
    • Triple: Not Applicable

Please note that Chaka Ranch also offers various packages and discounts for families and groups, ensuring everyone can enjoy the hospitality.

Conferencing at Chaka Ranch

Chaka Ranch takes pride in offering modern conference facilities amidst the beauty of nature. Their objective is to provide an atmosphere that fosters enthusiasm and generosity in the food they share and the knowledge exchanged during conferences.

  • Full-Day Conference Package: Ksh. 4,300 per person
  • Half-Day Conference Package: Ksh. 3,500 per person
  • Full-Board Package (Single): Ksh. 11,500 per person
  • Full-Board Package (Double): Ksh. 19,000 per person

Their conference rooms are equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi and Smart TVs, ensuring that your meetings are productive and enjoyable.

Chaka Ranch Activities

Now, let us dive into the thrilling world of Chaka Ranch activities. Whether you are a child or an adult, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Chaka Rides Experience:

    • Toto Quad Ride (Ages 3-6): Ksh. 1,000
    • Junior Quad Bikes (Ages 7-13): Ksh. 2,000
    • Senior Quad Bikes (Ages 14+): Ksh. 3,000

Chaka Arena Experience:

    • Various thrilling activities like obstacle races, climbing towers, bubble soccer, and more are available for just Ksh. 2,000, ensuring an exciting day.

Chaka Skating Experience:

    • Enjoy roller skating all day for Ksh. 1,000, with gear and supervision provided.

Chaka Kiddie Zone Experience:

    • Ideal for kids; featuring choo-choo trains, trampolines, slides, bouncing castles, and more. The choo-choo train is Ksh. 500, while all-day access to Chaka Dizney is Ksh. 1,000.

Paintball Experience:

    • Engage in thrilling paintball battles for Ksh. 2,000 per person. All equipment and refereeing are provided.

Chaka Ranch's Latest Offers

For those seeking the best deals, Chaka Ranch offers a variety of packages for both kids and adults. These packages include activities and meals to make your visit even more enjoyable.

Contact Information

Chaka Ranch:

  • Location: Kiganjo, Nyeri County
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Reservation Phone No.: +254719242897 / +254738600046
  • Check-in: 02.00 PM
  • Check-out: 10.00 AM

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Chaka Ranch is not just a destination; it is an experience that brings families, friends, and colleagues together in the heart of nature. Whether you want adventure, relaxation, or a place to host your next conference, Chaka Ranch has it all. With its affordable charges, top-notch accommodation, and various activities, it is no wonder that Chaka Ranch is regarded as one of Kenya's best leisure parks. Discover the magic of Chaka Ranch, where memories are made and adventures await!

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