Climax Coaches online booking, offices, routes, owners, and contacts

Travel with confidence and comfort across Kenya's regions with Climax Coaches. Explore their affordable and customer-satisfactory services today.

Jul 25, 2023 - 11:42
Climax Coaches online booking, offices, routes, owners, and contacts
Climax Coaches online booking, offices, routes, owners, and contacts

If you're planning a trip to the western parts of Kenya, then Climax Coaches might be your best bet. Founded over a decade ago, Climax Coaches has been serving passengers with outstanding dedication, making journeys comfortable, timely, and affordable. This guide will provide comprehensive information about Climax Coaches' online booking process, offices, routes, owners, and contact information.

A Brief History of Climax Coaches

Climax Coaches, a veteran in the Kenyan transportation industry, has made a name for itself by consistently offering efficient and reliable services. The company, which had humble beginnings with just two buses, has grown into a transportation titan with over 100 robust vehicles, ready to serve passengers across various cities in former Nyanza, Rift Valley, and Western Provinces.

One key factor distinguishing Climax Coaches from other bus companies is its commitment to customer satisfaction. The buses have state-of-the-art features, including comfortable seats, ample legroom, TV screens for entertainment, and phone charging sockets. These features are designed to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

Ownership of Climax Coaches 

There has been much speculation about the ownership of Climax Coaches. Many names have been thrown around, including that of Kirinyaga County Governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru. However, it's essential to note that Governor Waiguru has publicly denied any ownership stake in the company.

A team of shareholders owns the company, and among the top shareholders are directors Beatrice Kambo and George Kinyanjui. This team has been instrumental in steering Climax Coaches towards its current position in the transport industry.

Climax Coaches' Destinations

Climax Coaches serve various destinations across Kenya. Operating from Nairobi's Machakos Country bus station, they cover the following areas:

  • Kisumu
  • Siaya
  • Kericho
  • Nakuru
  • Majengo
  • Mbale
  • Chavakali
  • Kapsabet
  • Shamakhokho
  • Kakamega
  • Webuye
  • Eldoret
  • Matunda
  • Mois Bridge
  • Kitale
  • Bungoma
  • Busia
  • Mumias
  • Kendu-bay
  • Homa-bay
  • Mbita

The company aims to connect as many Kenyans as possible, making it a go-to option for most travelers in these regions.

Climax Coaches Online Booking Process 

Unlike many modern bus companies, Climax Coaches does not offer an online booking service. However, bookings can easily be made at their offices available at each bus terminal. Even though the online booking process is not available now, the manual booking process is relatively straightforward.

Fares and Pricing 

The fare of Climax Coaches varies depending on the demand and the specific route you're traveling. During peak times, fares may increase, and off-peak times may decrease. It's advisable to contact the company or visit their offices for the most accurate and current fare information.

Climax Coaches Contacts

To make a booking or if you have any queries, you can reach Climax Coaches through the following contact details:

  • Physical Address: Saboti, Eldoret-Kitale Rd, Saboti, Kenya
  • Telephone number: +254 717 146 600

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Climax Coaches continues to be a leading bus service provider in Kenya. Its commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service has ensured that many travelers continue to choose Climax Coaches for their journeys. So, whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, Climax Coaches are ready to serve you.


1. Does Climax Coaches offer online booking?

Currently, Climax Coaches does not offer an online booking service. You can make bookings at their offices at each bus terminal.

2. Who owns Climax Coaches?

Climax Coaches is owned by a team of shareholders, with directors Beatrice Kambo and George Kinyanjui among the top shareholders.

3. What routes do Climax Coaches cover?

Climax Coaches covers many destinations in western Kenya, including cities like Kisumu, Siaya, Kericho, Nakuru, and more.

4. How can I contact Climax Coaches?

You can contact Climax Coaches at their physical address in Saboti, Kenya, or through their telephone number: +254 717 146 600.

5. What are the fare rates for Climax Coaches?

Fare rates for Climax Coaches vary depending on demand and specific routes. Contact the company directly or visit their offices for the most accurate fare information.

6. When was Climax Coaches established?

Climax Coaches was established over a decade ago and has served passengers across Kenyan cities since then.


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