Clinical Officer Intern Salaries in Kenya  And Allowances For 2023

Are you curious about how much clinical officer interns earn in Kenya? Uncover the truth behind their salaries, how they differ based on education level, and the impact of various factors on compensation

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Clinical Officer Intern Salaries in Kenya  And Allowances For 2023
Clinical Officer Intern Salaries in Kenya  And Allowances For 2023

Starting a career in healthcare as a clinical officer in Kenya is a promising step toward contributing to the nation's medical sector. In the active landscape of Kenyan healthcare, clinical officer internships serve as vital stepping stones for aspiring healthcare professionals. One key aspect that concerns aspiring clinical officer interns is their potential salary. In this article, we'll delve into the factors that influence clinical officer intern salaries in Kenya and provide insights into what one can expect regarding compensation during this crucial training period.

Who is a clinical officer?

A clinical officer is a healthcare professional responsible for various medical tasks and patient care activities. They are also referred to as clinicians. They are skilled in various aspects of healthcare, including clinical history taking, patient examination, diagnosis, treatment of common ailments, and minor surgical procedures.

Do clinical medicine interns get paid?

Yes, clinical medicine interns in Kenya receive compensation for their work during their internships. The compensation varies based on the level of education and qualification of the intern. According to the provided data, degree-holding clinical officer interns receive different salaries. This salary is awarded for these interns' valuable contributions to the healthcare sector while they gain practical experience and training.

Factors Affecting Clinical Officer Intern Salaries

Several factors play a role in determining the salary of a clinical officer intern in Kenya. It's worth noting that these salaries can vary significantly based on these factors:

  1. Institution: The salary offered to clinical officer interns may differ depending on the medical institution where they are undergoing their internship. Public hospitals, private clinics, and non-governmental organizations might offer varying compensation packages.
  2. Location: The geographic location of the internship site also affects salaries. Interns in hardship areas may receive higher salaries.
  3. Institutional Policy: Each hospital has its policies for paying clinical officer interns.
  4. Education and Experience: Factors like the intern's level of education, previous experience, and additional qualifications can impact their starting salary.

How much does an intern Clinical Officer earn in Kenya?

While the salary for clinical officer interns can vary, a general range can be outlined based on their level of education, as explained below:

Degree Clinical Officer Intern

Clinical officer interns with a degree enjoy a considerably higher salary range than their diploma counterparts. According to available data, degree clinical officer interns can earn a monthly salary ranging from Ksh 70,000 to Ksh 80,000. This range reflects the advanced educational attainment and specialized skills that come with a degree qualification.

Clinical Officer Diploma Interns

While equally vital to the healthcare sector, clinical officer interns holding diplomas can anticipate a monthly salary of up to Ksh 15,000- ksh20,000. Their commitment and dedication help shape a brighter future for healthcare in Kenya, making a positive difference in the lives of patients and the community.

Hardship Allowance

Both degree and diploma clinical officer interns may sometimes qualify for hardship allowances. Hardship allowances are an additional financial incentive for individuals working in arduous or remote environments with challenging living conditions. This allowance aims to acknowledge and alleviate the difficulties healthcare professionals face in such areas.

Duties and responsibilities of clinical officer intern

  • Clinical history taking
  • Performing physical examination 
  • Diagnosing and treating patients' common ailments at an outpatient or inpatient health facility
  • Implementing community healthcare activities 
  • Guiding and counseling patients, clients, and staff on health issues
  • Sensitizing patients and clients on preventive and promotive health
  • Carrying out minor surgical procedures as per training and skill
  • Collecting and compiling clinical data
  • Referring patients and clients to appropriate health facilities.

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Choosing a path as a clinical officer in Kenya's healthcare sector is an exciting step toward making a meaningful contribution. These internships offer a valuable platform for aspiring healthcare professionals to learn and grow. Exploring the dynamics of intern salaries reveals the diverse nature of compensation. Both degree and diploma interns play pivotal roles in enhancing healthcare, and their dedication drives positive change. As these interns continue to learn and serve, they significantly improve healthcare services and the community's overall well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1 . Do clinical medicine interns get paid?

Yes, clinical medicine interns in Kenya receive compensation for their work during their internships. The amount of compensation varies based on the intern's education level.

2 . What factors influence clinical officer intern salaries?

Clinical officer intern salaries are influenced by factors such as the institution, location of the internship, institutional policies, and the intern's education and experience.

3 . How much does a degree clinical officer intern earn in Kenya?

Clinical officer interns with a degree can earn a monthly salary ranging from Ksh 70,000 to Ksh 80,000. This higher compensation reflects their advanced qualifications and skills.

4. What is the salary range for clinical officer diploma interns?

Clinical officer diploma interns receive a monthly salary of up to Ksh 20,000. 

5. What is the hardship allowance for clinical officer interns?

A hardship allowance is an additional financial incentive for clinical officer interns working in challenging or remote environments.

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