Comparison of the best streaming platform and services in Kenya

Video streaming has become one of the most popular ways to watch or consume movies and series in only a few years. Many sites now provide a variety of catalogues, ranging from well-known films to limited-edition series.

Comparison of the best  streaming platform and services in Kenya

Since the introduction of streaming services, there have never been so many options for watching TV episodes and movies on the internet. Whether you're seeking adult series or family-friendly programming, there is something for everyone's taste and want.


 Netflix is available virtually everywhere, on any platform conceivable. The service is available on iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, web browsers, and TV boxes. Netflix is available for free in Kenya. Yes, that's correct. The platform supports the Dolby Vision standard and transmits up to 4K HDR. Even with a low bitrate, the video compression is flawless, with several processes relying on the user's connection to retain an adequately clear image. 

Amazon Prime

 If there is a natural weak point in Amazon's platform, it is the user experience. The proposed interface is outdated and sluggish, and it's not unusual to have to click many times on the remote control to get the proper subtitles or language. The Amazon streaming site is still the most satisfactory experience available, much ahead of Amazon's box TV apps. Amazon checks all the boxes and provides great compression, even at a low bit rate for video quality. Amazon Prime Video delivers Ultra HD resolution and compatibility for HDR10+ and Dolby Vision on select shows for those with a fibre connection or an outstanding ADSL speed.

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 Apple Television

 Apple created the bundle to provide the greatest possible visual and audio rendering to its users. The image has no visible artefacts or difficulties due to the significant compression. The sound is Dolby Digital 5.1, which is standard for SVoD services. Let's say you're fortunate enough to have a fast 5G, 4G, or fibre connection. In such a situation, Apple TV + reaches its full potential, with stunning 4K and a video speed of 45 Mbps on average. For compatible TVs, Apple presents all of its original content in HDR10 and Dolby Vision.


 Showmax, unlike the other platforms listed, has more African material, but it doesn't mean you won't be able to locate your favourite shows on the platform. The platform prioritizes its consumer base over all else. For example, you may view your favourite shows by lowering the video quality in the settings section even if you don't have enough data. The platform's content is supplied via adaptive streaming (HD for PCs, TVs, etc., and SD for mobile phones and smartphones). 


 Viusasa is a video-on-demand subscription platform containing tens of thousands of videos, movies, music, and other types of material, Mostly Kenyan content. It is a subscription-based site, which means you must pay to utilize it.