Comparison of the Best Taxi Apps In Kenya- 2021

Kenya Taxi business has been on the rise due to advanced technologies coming up, various startups and vast industrialization.  Nowadays it is always easier to find A taxi One call away, unlike in the past where you could find only One cab service dominating. Furthermore, these Taxi services can be only accessed via Applications available in the Google and Apple Stores, respectively.

Comparison of the Best Taxi Apps In Kenya- 2021
Best Taxi Apps In Kenya

The Respective online taxi apps are always effective as they help explore how the Taxi companies operate, their charges, and so much more. In other words, if you are looking for the Best Taxi Apps in Kenya right now, that would give you comfort as if it were your own private vehicle. Here is our guide today



Since its inception in 2015, Uber Kenya has been committed to establishing a good rapport between its drivers and their riders.  Furthermore, uber has even its door service to door pick off thereby providing safety to their customers. Their app is available in both Google and app stores. However, I would advise you to know UberPOA, UberCHAPCHAP, UberX, UberSelect and UberBoda before making an order.


A year own after uber launch in the country, Bolt was also initiated, formally known as Taxify. Bolt was a game-changer to the taxi business in the country due to its lower costs, and additionally, it was the only taxi business to allow payments via Mpesa. Today payments can be done through Credits, Cash, and Mpesa, thereby providing flexibility to its customers. To get Bolt on your iPhone, click here and Bolt for Android here.

Image: Bolt_kenya Instagram ,A lady on bolt ride

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Little Cab

This startup is a subsidiary of the Safaricom Foundation. In Kenya, this is the cheapest Cabs you can get without thinking to pay for it twice. The best thing about Little Cab is that you won't be bored during the journey due to the free services they offer, such as free wireless connection and specifying whether you want your Driver to be an agent or lady. In addition, the app accepts payments via Mpesa, credit card, or you can opt for Cash

Get Little cab for Android

Get a Little Cab for Apple

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Wasili is the best flexible taxi service in the country if you want to easily navigate other parts of the country(rural areas). It has not focused only it big towns or cities, unlike the previous Taxi services listed above.

image: wasilicab instagram

The Wasili app was started around 2018. To enjoy wasili services:

Get wasili for Android

Get wasili for iPhone

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Image: Indriver Instagram

Launched in 2019,indriver is probably one of the cheapest taxi services you can get in the country, if not Little cabs. Through its apps, you can always negotiate on the amount you will pay even before you start you journey.

Get indriver for Android

Get indriver for iPhone


Delight Cabs

Delight is one of the oldest Taxi services in the country. It was introduced in early 2009. The best thing about delight is that they charge you more if you decide to cancel your trip after making bookings with them. In addition also offer group trips, staff trips, pick and drop-offs or you can either request to hire a personal car at your service. Check their website for additional information

Get Delight App for Android

Get Delight App for iPhone

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Maramoja is truly made for Kenyans(Am not saying it is biased, it originates from Kenya). It carries its customers to various urban centres in the country. This specialist co-op, very much like other applications, charges their customers per kilometre on top of other modern charging systems that make their foundation effective and reasonable. Maramoja is a socially fueled taxi booking application in Kenya. The methodology is basic – the application assists riders with finding a by and by confiding in a ride with a couple of snaps.

Get Maramoja App for Android

Get Maramoja App for iPhone


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This taxi-wearying down application in Kenya generally focuses on coordinations tasks, permitting organizations to convey products to customers on schedule. You should pick the ideal area, book conveyance and track your Driver as they do something amazing.

Get Sendy App for Android

Get Sendy App for iPhone


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