Consolata School: Admissions, Fees Structure, Location, Contacts, and More

Discover all you need to know about Consolata School in Nairobi City County. From admissions to facilities, this guide has you covered.

Oct 3, 2023 - 10:00
Consolata School: Admissions, Fees Structure, Location, Contacts, and More
Consolata School: Admissions, Fees Structure, Location, Contacts, and More

Are you searching for a top-notch educational institution that offers quality education in Nairobi City County? Look no further than Consolata School. This comprehensive guide will provide all the essential information about Consolata School, including admissions, fee structure, location, contacts, and more. Whether you're a parent looking for the perfect school for your child or a student seeking to join Consolata School, this article covers you.

Consolata School: Brief History

Consolata School is a renowned private Catholic co-educational day school operated by the dedicated Consolata Missionaries. The school is committed to providing a high-quality education that follows the Kenya national curriculum system. What sets Consolata School apart is its inclusive approach, welcoming boys and girls of all races, regardless of their religious background. The school comprises three distinct sections:

1. Nursery Section

The nursery section is designed for the youngest learners and includes baby care, Pre-primary I, and Pre-primary II units. It provides a nurturing environment for early childhood development.

2. Primary Section

The primary section encompasses lower primary and upper primary levels. Here, students receive a well-rounded education in math, languages, science, and art, fostering intellectual growth and creativity.

3. Secondary Section

Consolata School also offers a secondary section that encourages intellectual development, preparing students for university, colleges, vocational and technical training, and various professions.

School Vision and Mission

Vision: Consolata School aspires to be an exemplary educational institution with outstanding facilities where students can achieve their full potential. The school is dedicated to supporting its staff professionally and ensuring that the broader society benefits from its educational mission.

Mission: The primary mission of Consolata School is to shape morally upright, academically excellent, and well-mannered young individuals who will make a positive impact on society. The school strongly emphasises nurturing students to become responsible citizens, leaders, and individuals who exemplify Christian living.

Core Values

Consolata School places a high value on several core principles that guide its educational approach:

  • Integrity: Honesty and ethical behaviour are fundamental values upheld at Consolata School.
  • Gentleness: The school fosters an environment of kindness and gentleness among its students.
  • Accountability: Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and choices.
  • Responsible Citizenship: Consolata School instils in its students a sense of duty and responsibility towards their communities and country.
  • Leadership: The school promotes leadership qualities among its students.
  • Christian Living: Consolata School strongly emphasises the values of Christian living, imparting them to its students.

Facilities at Consolata School

Consolata School boasts a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities to enhance the learning experience for its students. Some of the notable facilities include:

Consolata School Library

The school's library is valuable for students, teachers, and research scholars. It houses extensive documents, including books, textbooks, dissertations, project reports, journals, CDs, and cassettes. The library offers various services such as circulation, reference, bibliographic/indexing, newspaper clipping, internet search, and photocopying. Students can also access e-books and e-journals through Internet search terminals. Additionally, the library is equipped with modern technology, including laptops, LCD screens, and interactive panels for presentations.

Co-Curricular Activities

Consolata School strongly emphasises co-curricular activities to foster holistic development in its students. Dedicated coaches lead these activities and include:

  1. Sports: The school hosts events like Sports Day and Swimming Galas, encouraging students to showcase their athletic abilities. Various sports facilities, including swimming pools, playing fields, basketball courts, and more, are available to support these activities.
  2. Houses: Students are divided into four competitive houses (Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow), promoting teamwork and healthy competition throughout the year.
  3. Awards: Consolata School recognizes and rewards outstanding student-athletes with gold, silver, and bronze medals during annual sports events.
  4. Physical Education: Physical education plays a vital role in the students' overall well-being and self-esteem, promoting their growth and development.

Transport System

Consolata School offers a transport system to facilitate safe transportation to and from school for its students. Qualified drivers and chaperones operate the system to ensure the safety and welfare of the students. Additionally, the school maintains its bus fleet to minimize breakdowns and disruptions during transportation. Safety and good discipline are paramount in ensuring a secure and efficient transport service.

|       ZONE 1          |       ZONE 2          |       ZONE 3          |
| Riverside             | Kileleshwa            | Westlands              |
| Westlands             | Spring Valley         | Parklands              |
| Parklands             | Loresho               | Sarit Centre           |
| Sarit Centre          | Abc                   | Brookside              |
| Brookside             | Forest Road           | Museum Area            |
| Museum Area           | Ngara                 | Rapta Road             |
| Rapta Road            | Kariokor              | Kilimani               |
| Kilimani              | Eastleigh             | Yaya Centre            |
| Yaya Centre           | Kangemi               | Buruburu               |
| Buruburu              | Mt. View              | Lavington              |
| Lavington             | Pangani               | Muthaiga               |
| Muthaiga              | Kawangware            | Statehouse             |
| Statehouse            | Riruta                | New Muthaiga           |
| New Muthaiga          | Setlight              | Ngong Road             |
| Ngong Road            | Wanye Road            | Old cid/hq             |
| Old cid/hq            | Tena                  | South B Area           |
| South B Area          | Mimosa                | Airtel                 |
| Airtel                | Kenyatta Market       | South C Area           |
| South C Area          | Madaraka              | Dam                    |
| Dam                   | Magiwa                | Lang’ata Area          |
| Lang’ata Area         | Loresho               | Otiende                |
| Otiende               | Ngumo                 | Phenom                 |
| Phenom                | Jamhuri Estate        | T-mall                 |
| T-mall                | Runda                 | Jonathan Ngeno         |
| Jonathan Ngeno        | Uhuru Gardens         |                        |
|                       | Akila 1 & 2           |                        |
|                       | Mbagathi Road         |                        |

|       ZONE 4          |       ZONE 5          |       ZONE 6          |
| Kileleshwa            | Riverside             | Westlands              |
| Spring Valley         | Parklands             | Sarit Centre           |
| Loresho               | Brookside             | Museum Area            |
| Abc                   | Rapta Road            | Kilimani               |
| Forest Road           | Yaya Centre           | Buruburu               |
| Ngara                 | Lavington             | Muthaiga               |
| Kariokor              | Statehouse            | New Muthaiga           |
| Eastleigh             | Ngong Road            | Old cid/hq             |
| Kangemi               | South B Area          | Airtel                 |
| Mt. View              | South C Area          | Dam                    |
| Pangani               | Lang’ata Area         | Otiende                |
| Kawangware            | Otiende               | Phenom                 |
| Riruta                | Phenom                | T-mall                 |
| Setlight              | T-mall                | Jonathan Ngeno         |
| Wanye Road            | Githaiga (kiambu)     | Gachie                 |
| Tena                  | Ruaka                 | Embakasi Nyayo         |
| Mimosa                | Fourway Junction      | Pipeline               |
| Kenyatta Market       | Thome                 | Ridgeways              |
| Madaraka              | Ridgeways             | Nyari Estate           |
| Magiwa                | Nyari Estate          |                        |
| Loresho               |                       |                        |
| Ngumo                 |                       |                        |
| Jamhuri Estate        |                       |                        |

|       ZONE 7          |
| Uthiru                |
| Kinoo                 |
| Lower Kabete          |
| Kikuyu Town           |
| Zambezi               |

Admission Process at Consolata School

The admission process at Consolata School varies depending on the level of study. Here is a brief overview:

Nursery School Program Admission

  • Baby Class: Admission involves an annual interview process in July and October.
  • Intermediate & Pre-Unit: Admissions are open based on available vacancies throughout the year.

Primary School Program Admission

  • Standard One (STD 1): Annual interviews occur in May, with provisions for resits in September and November.
  • Parents must pay interview fees, present the birth certificate, and fill out an admission form.
  • Students in other classes undergo assessment tests in Mathematics, English, and Kiswahili early in the term.

Secondary School Program Admission

  • Form One Entry: Students must sit for an enrollment exam, typically in September, and score a minimum of a B in Math, English, and Kiswahili to secure a place at Consolata School.
  • Admission letters are available for students entering forms II, III, and IV with the required documentation, including a passport photo, birth certificate, leaving certificate, and KCPE results slips.
  • All fees, including admission and caution money, must be cleared before admission.

Consolata School Fees Structure

Consolata School provides a breakdown of its fee structure to parents at the beginning of each year and the end of each term. Timely payment of fees is crucial, as failure to pay in time can result in a fine of KShs. 1,000. The school accepts payment through pay slips and banker's checks, but parents should be aware that returned checks will incur a penalty of KShs. 1,500 in addition to the payable amount. For the exact 2019/2020 academic year fees, it is advisable to visit the school directly.

Location and Contacts

Consolata School is conveniently located in the vibrant suburbs of Nairobi's Westlands. Here are the essential details for reaching the school:

Physical Location: Westlands, along Chiromo Road, Next to Consolata Shrine, Westlands Constituency, Nairobi County, Kenya

Postal Address: P.O. Box 14538 – 00800 Nairobi, Kenya

Contact Numbers:

  • Primary: +254 732 557004
  • Reception: +254 739 499014
  • Nursery: +254 723 773132
  • Secondary: +254 739 499013


Website: Consolata School Website

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Consolata School is committed to providing a holistic education that instils values, fosters academic excellence, and prepares students to become responsible and ethical citizens. If you're considering Consolata School for your child's education or your own, don't hesitate to contact the school or visit their website for more information. Your journey with Consolata School will be rewarding, offering a solid foundation for a bright future. stands proudly as a preeminent Publication Blog in Kenya, dedicated to delivering an unparalleled wealth of informative content across a multitude of subjects that resonate with both the Kenyan audience and the global community at large. Our unwavering commitment to quality and accuracy has made us a trusted resource for readers not only in Kenya but also in the United States and South Africa.