10 Best Construction Companies in Kenya

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10 Best Construction Companies in Kenya
Top 10 Construction Companies in Kenya; A Comprehesive Guide

Kenya's construction industry has been on an impressive upward trajectory over the past decade. The surge in infrastructure development projects has led to the growth of many construction companies. Whether erecting a skyscraper in bustling Nairobi or building roads in remote areas, these construction companies are instrumental in shaping Kenya's future.

The top 10 construction companies are crucial to Kenya's urbanization and economic growth.

1. Epco Builders

Epco Builders, founded by Ramji Varsani in 1978, is a giant in the construction industry. It stands proudly in the NCA 1 category, the highest rank given by the National Construction Authority. With its headquarters in Nairobi's Industrial Area, this company has a turnover of about 5 billion Shillings, illustrating its significance in Kenya's economy.

Epco Builders have been instrumental in notable projects, including the Moi University Pension Scheme Complex Tower in Eldoret and the Kwale International Sugar Company. The firm's prowess and reliability are reflected in its ability to handle projects worth over 10 billion Shillings.

2. Seyani Brothers & Company

The Seyani Brothers & Company, also known as Seyani Bros, was established in 1978. This company started small, with renovation work and subcontracting jobs under top construction companies. However, today, they stand among the titans in the construction sector in East Africa.

Their key projects include expanding Village Market in Nairobi and Sabis International School in Runda. Seyani Bros continues to make its mark in Kenya's construction landscape, a testament to their commitment to quality and excellence.

3. Landmark Holdings

Founded in 1999, Landmark Holdings is another prominent player in Kenya's construction industry. The firm is recognized for contributing to the industry, having bagged the Construction Excellence Award in 2014. Landmark Holdings specializes in high-rise commercial, multi-level basements, high-rise residential buildings, and shopping malls.

The company's portfolio includes several high-profile projects, such as the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority headquarters and the JKUAT Tower. Landmark Holdings' innovative construction methods, like pre-stress concrete construction solutions, further distinguish them.

4. Cementers Limited

With a history of over four decades, Cementers Limited has cemented its position as one of Kenya's leading construction companies. Established in 1975 by Kurji V. Patel and Laxman M. Arjan, Cementers has been at the heart of top projects in Kenya, including Mihrab Towers, Two Rivers Development, and JKIA airport roadwork in Nairobi.

Cementers' extensive experience and unwavering dedication to quality have earned them a special place in Kenya's construction landscape.

5. Parbatsiyani Construction

Parbatsiyani Construction is a significant contributor to Kenya's infrastructure development. The company, which started its journey in Kampala, Uganda, in 1991, expanded to Kenya in 2001, establishing its base in Nairobi. Parbatsiyani Construction handles medium and large construction projects, showcasing their adaptability and range.

6. Intex Construction

Established in 1982, Intex Construction has etched its name in Kenya's construction industry. The company has been involved in numerous Construction, civil engineering, and real estate projects, including the Construction of Kibera high-rise flats.

Intex Construction's extensive portfolio and years of experience make them a preferred choice for major infrastructure projects.

7. Put Sarajevo Ltd

Put Sarajevo Ltd is a construction company with an international background, founded initially in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They have gained recognition and respect in the Kenyan construction industry for their excellent work in civil engineering, construction management, and project execution. The company prides itself on delivering projects on time without compromising safety and quality. Put Sarajevo was registered and has been active in Kenya since 1980. It continues to set the pace in infrastructure development, with notable projects such as the Thika Superhighway and the Kikuyu Bypass.

8. Associated Construction

Associated Construction, founded in 1979, is another major player in Kenya's construction industry. The company is known for its strong emphasis on safety, quality, and innovation, often leveraging advanced construction technology in its projects. Associated Construction has left its mark in various parts of the country, from commercial to residential and institutional projects. The Marsabit Wind Power project and the ongoing Nairobi Gate Industrial Park construction are key projects.

9. Laxmanbhai Construction

Laxmanbhai Construction is one of the oldest construction companies in Kenya, dating back to 1953. Despite its age, the company has continuously adapted to changes in the construction industry, implementing modern techniques and equipment. Laxmanbhai Construction is renowned for constructing some of the most iconic buildings in Kenya, including the Serena Hotel in Nairobi and the Nation Centre.

10. Hayer One

Hayer One is a relatively young construction company established in 2007, but it has quickly risen through the ranks. With a primary focus on residential, commercial, and industrial properties, the company has significantly transformed Kenya's skyline. Some of their high-profile projects include the Magnolia Hills residential development and the Park Inn by Radisson in Westlands.

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These top construction companies have played pivotal roles in shaping Kenya's infrastructure and the built environment. Their significant contributions have improved the country's physical landscape and positively influenced economic growth. As Kenya continues to experience rapid urbanization and development, these construction companies remain at the forefront, helping build the nation's future.


What are the largest construction companies in Kenya?

Some of the largest construction companies in Kenya are Epco Builders, Seyani Brothers & Company, and Cementers Limited. These companies have been involved in numerous high-profile projects, contributing significantly to Kenya's infrastructure development.

How is the ranking of construction companies determined in Kenya?

The National Construction Authority (NCA) in Kenya ranks construction companies based on the company's financial capacity, past performance, personnel, and equipment capability.

Are there international construction companies operating in Kenya?

Several international construction companies, such as Put Sarajevo Ltd from Bosnia and Herzegovina, operate in Kenya. They have contributed to significant infrastructure projects in the country.

What kinds of projects do these construction companies handle?

These companies handle many projects, including the Construction of residential buildings, commercial skyscrapers, roads, bridges, and other infrastructure developments.

What factors contribute to the success of a construction company in Kenya?

The success of a construction company in Kenya depends on various factors, such as the quality of work, adherence to safety standards, ability to deliver projects on time, and financial stability.

What is the future outlook for the construction industry in Kenya?

The future of the construction industry in Kenya looks promising. The country is experiencing rapid urbanization and infrastructure development, which presents significant opportunities for construction companies.


The information provided in this article is based on publicly available information as of the time of writing. The ranking and status of construction companies can change over time due to various factors, such as the completion of significant projects, changes in financial capacity, and changes in regulations. Please use this information as a guide and conduct your due diligence before deciding on construction companies or projects in Kenya.

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