Top 10 certified dog breeders in Kenya: Find your perfect match!

Looking for a loyal companion? Check out our list of the top 10 dog breeders in Kenya! From German Shepherds to English Springer Spaniels, we've got you covered.

May 23, 2023 - 17:02
Top 10 certified dog breeders in Kenya: Find your perfect match!
Top 10 certified dog breeders in Kenya: Find your perfect match!

Are you searching for a lifetime companion who is loyal, knowledgeable, trainable, and the one who will be comfortable in your daily life? , Don't stress much in this article. We have researched and analyzed some of Kenya's most popular dog breeders. Read to the end of the article to understand the hidden Gems you don't know.

1. Zewal Kennels 

With a commendable track record spanning 15 years, Zewal Kennels stands tall in the dog breeding landscape in Kenya. Besides offering nine types of pedigree dogs and puppies, Zewal takes pride in breeding diverse breeds, including German Shepherds, Saint Bernards, Japanese Spitz, Belgian Malinois, Rottweilers, and French Mastiffs. Their location? You can find them at Eastern Bypass (Kwa Dogi), Nairobi. Need to reach out? Dial 0722 432 778.

2. Kiuna Dogs 

Casting back to 1984 when Kiuna Dogs was established, this breeder has been a household name in Kenya, famed for its solid Black and Dark Sable German Shepherd dogs. Head over to Thiongo Road, Nairobi, to meet these great breeds. To get in touch, call them on 0721 982 203.

3. Skaga Kennels Limited 

Taking a deep dive into dog breeding and kennel consultancy services, Skaga Kennels Limited, established 18 years ago, delivers quality and expertise. They also provide kennel administration and management, outsourcing of working dogs, and recruiting and training both dogs and handlers. Find them at Ridgeways, Kiambu, or reach them at 0722 672 263, 0723 371 539.

4. Weza Kennels 

Specializing in breeding long-coat German Shepherds and supplying clean and fresh dog food, Weza Kennels knows what's best for your furry friend. You can find them at Komarock, Nairobi, or contact them at 0773 755 166.

5. Deckzyro Kennels

Providing a holistic approach to dog breeding, boarding, and training services, Deckzyro Kennels has something for every dog owner. Discover their excellent services at 21st Drive, Kerarapon, Off Ngong Road, Nairobi, or contact 0745 212 444.

6. Octagon Kennels Ltd

Octagon Kennels Ltd caters to various dog breed lovers, dedicated to breeding and training diverse breeds like German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Springer Spaniels, Malinois, and Blood Hounds. Head to Ruiru or call them on 0723 324 036 to check them out.

7. Savannah Kennels Kenya 

Well-known breeders of pedigree German Shepherds and Jack Russell Terriers, Savannah Kennels, offer variety and quality. To learn more about their offerings, contact them at 0721 115 495.

8. Acacia Pedigree Kennels 

Focusing on giant breeds carefully selected from the finest bloodlines, Acacia Pedigree Kennels is a haven for different types of European dogs
like English Mastiffs, Great Danes, Saint Bernards, and Newfoundland. Visit them in Karen, Nairobi, or call 0722 690 379.

9. Chui Kennels 

Chui Kennels is another popular dog beer in Kenya. They are known mainly for breeding high-quality German Shepherds and Dobermans. They're also a go-to spot for all your dog training needs. Contact them on 0721 512 007 or find them at Gituamba, Kiambu.

10. Top Mark Kennels 

Rounding off our list is Top Mark Kennels. They are well-known for breeding Labrador Retrievers and English Springer Spaniels. Apart from their excellent dog breeds, they also provide exceptional dog training services. To reach out, call them on 0720 272 827.

Understanding Your Breeder 

Choosing a breeder isn't just about finding someone with the dog breed you want. It's essential to consider the breeder's reputation, breeding practices, and approach to dog care and training. Visit the kennels, meet the parent dogs, and see how the puppies are raised.

Reliable breeders will provide health certifications and details about the puppies' lineage. They will also be willing to answer any questions about the breed or specific puppy you're interested in.

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Closing Remarks 

Many reputable dog breeders are located in Kenya. The country has several dog breeds that possess distinct qualities and cater to diverse lifestyles. Find your ideal companion among our top 10 dog breeders in Kenya, whether a friendly Labrador Retriever, diligent German Shepherd, or spirited English Springer Spaniel. Select your preferred breed and take a new furry companion home today!

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