DStv Kenya Packages, Channels, Paybill Number, and How to Pay via Mpesa in 2023

Understand everything about DStv Kenya Packages, including the different subscription packages, channels, how to pay using Mpesa, customer service options, and much more in our comprehensive guide.

Sep 25, 2023 - 13:49
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DStv Kenya Packages, Channels, Paybill Number, and How to Pay via Mpesa in 2023
DStv Kenya Packages, Channels, Paybill Number, and How to Pay via Mpesa in 2023

For many Kenyans, DStv, provided by Multichoice Kenya, is the trusted provider of top-tier television services. DStv is an undeniable leader in delivering world-class entertainment in Kenya, offering various channels and subscriptions to cater to diverse entertainment needs. From different budget-friendly packages to efficient customer service, this article provides a detailed guide to DStv Kenya, its offerings, and how to maximize its usefulness.

DStv Subscription Packages 2023

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Overview of DStv Packages

DStv is a household name due to its versatile packages that suit all pockets and preferences. Each package offers a unique blend of channels, allowing subscribers to choose what suits them best. From the basic Access package to the more comprehensive Premium package, every subscriber is catered for.

DStv Package Breakdown

Package Name Channels HD Channels Highlights Monthly Cost (KSh)
Premium 175+ 40+ - Month on Month subscription 9,900
- Enjoy Showmax at NO EXTRA COST
- Stream shows on DStv App, anywhere anytime
- Rent a movie on Box Office @Kshs 250
- Live TV and on-demand content available online
- Enjoy Extra view for only Kshs 1300
Compact Plus 155+ 30+ - Football favorites with UCL, PL, LaLiga & Serie A 6,200
- The best in American sport with NBA and NFL
- All the UFC action on SS Action
- Top place for local content
- Award-winning documentaries
Compact 135+ 25+ - Thrilling Premier League football 3,500
- Dedicated channel for WWE
- Home of local entertainment with Maisha Magic Plus and Maisha Magic East
- Riveting reality shows
- All Kids edutainment channels
- Local and international news
Family 120+ 10+ - All La Liga and Serie A fixtures, Europa League 1,850
- Popular & original TNT Africa Movies
- Kids edutainment channels
- Popular local & international series & drama
- Lifestyle, music & documentaries
Access 95+ 10+ - Select Serie A, EPL and La Liga fixtures & sports highlights magazine shows 1,300
- Great local shows on Maisha Magic East
- Popular international & local movies
- Fantastic kids shows
- Selected HD channels
- Local & International news
EasyView 51+ 10+ - 51 Channels 650
- Great Local content
- Edge of your seat Drama Series
- Unmissable soaps
- Engaging Lifestyle Shows
- All the magic of film on Cinemagic

How to Get DStv Kenya

The first step in your quest for DStv excellence is selecting the ideal package that caters to your viewing preferences. DStv offers a variety of packages designed to suit different tastes and budgets. I believe that I have already explained all the above well. The DStv experience begins with choosing the right package for you. Whether you're into sports, movies, lifestyle, or a bit of everything, there's a package tailored to your needs. Consider factors like the channels you want and your budget while making this decision.

Exploring DStv Channels

The number and type of channels available to you depend on the subscription package you choose. These channels range from sports and movies to news and documentaries. With DStv, you can access local and international content, ensuring you are always entertained.

Here are all DSTV Channels:

Package Name Channel List
DStv Lite Citizen TV (273), STN TV (265), KBCTV (270), NTV (271), KTN (272), K24 (275), TVE Tanzania (295), Zanzibar TV (291), NTVU (283), RTV (299), TBC1 (290), Safari TV (292), NatGeo Wild (182), Jim Jam (586), Disney Junior (309), Nickelodeon (305), Faith (341), Islam Channel (347), Emmanuel TV (390), SBN (345), Wasafi TV (296), Y254 (376), Citi TV (363), Mibawa TV (298), Plus TV Africa (408), Africa Magic Epic (152), Maisha Magic Movies (141), TRACE Mziki (323), NBS (286), SS Blitz Africa (220), SS Blitz Variety 4 (209), Al Jazeera (406), BBC World News (400), Africanews (417), Newzroom Afrika (405)
DStv Access Maisha Magic East HD (158), E! Entertainment (124), FOX Life (126), Novellas: Telemundo (118), EVA+ (142), Zee World (166), Movie Channels: M-Net Movies 4 (108), B4U Movies (451), Discovery Family HD (136), NatGeo Wild (182), SS Blitz Africa HD (220), SS Football Africa (225), SS Variety 4 Africa (229), BBC World News (400), Al Jazeera (406), CGTN News (409), CNC World (415), Africanews (417), Nickelodeon (305), Disney Junior (309), Jim Jam (310), PBS Kids (313), EDU Channel (316), Mindset Pop (317), Mindset (319), MTV Base (322), TRACE Mziki (323), KISS TV (331), STN TV (265), KASS TV (266), Inooro TV (269), KBCTV (270), NTV (271), KTN (272), Citizen TV (273), KTN News (274), K24 (275), Kameme TV (276), NBS (286), Safari TV (292), Citi TV (363), Y254 (376), Discovery Family HD (136), Maisha Magic East HD (158), SS Blitz Africa HD (220), Newzroom Afrika HD (405), Africa Magic Epic (152), Africa Magic Family (154), Africa Magic Hausa (156), Africa Magic Yoruba (157), Africa Magic Igbo (159), Maisha Magic Bongo (160), ROK GH (164), Spice TV (190), Televista (194), Trybe (195), eTV Africa (250), NTVU (283), TBC1 (290), Zanzibar TV (291), Cloud Plus (294), TVE Tanzania (295), Wasafi TV (296), ETV News (298), Rwanda TV (299), HIP TV (324), Sound City (327), Dominion TV (364), SABC News (404), Newzroom Afrika HD (405), Plus TV Africa (408), Arise News (416), Joy News (421), FAITH (341), Day Star (342), TBN (343), SBN (345), ISLAM CHANNEL (347), Eternal Word Television Network (348), Dove TV (349), Emmanuel TV (390), TV Mundial (P) (680), NHK (413), RAI International (430), TV5 Monde Afrique (437), Deutsche Welle (446), CCTV 4 (447), CGTN Documentary (448), CGTN French (449), CCTV Entertainment – Mandarin Entertainment Channel (480), China Movie Channel (481), Shanghai Dragon TV (482), Hunan TV (483), Zhejiang TV (484), Phoenix News and Entertainment (485), RTPi (P) (525), NDTV 24x7 (413), DMX - Adult Contemporary (751), DMX - Today's Hits (752), DMX - Y2K Hits (753), DMX - 70's Hits (754), DMX - 80's Hits (755), DMX - Familiar Favourites (756), DMX - Soft Hits (757), DMX - Love Songs (758), DMX - Metro Blends (759), DMX - House Party (762), DMX - Power Hits (763), DMX - Dance (764), DMX - Trots Afrikaans (765), DMX - Campus Rock (766), DMX - Alternative (767), DMX - Hard Rock (768), DMX - Classic Rock (769), DMX - Golden Oldies (770), DMX - 90's Hits (771), DMX - Classic RandB (772), DMX - Urban Adult Contemporary (773), DMX - Urban Beat (774), DMX - Reggae (775), DMX - Modern Country (776), DMX - Traditional Country (777), DMX - Gospel (778), DMX - African Rhythms (779), DMX - Italian Contemporary (780), DMX - Smooth Jazz (781), DMX - Classic Jazz (782), DMX - Blues (783), DMX - Beautiful Instrumentals (784), DMX - Contemporary Instrumentals (785), DMX - The Light (786), DMX - Light Classical (787), DMX - Arias and Overtures (788), DMX - Chamber Music (789), DMX - Symphonic (790), DMX - French Contemporary (791), BBC World Service English (850), BBC World Radio 2 (851), BBC African Languages (852), Voice of America (853), World Radio Network (854), IDHAA (855), KBCes (856), CORO (857), Eastern FM (858), Easy (859), Channel Islam Internationale (865), Radio France Internationale (866), HOT96 (875), Nosim (879), Mwatu (880), Maisha FM (881), Maisha FM (881)
DStv Family FOX (125), CBS Reality (132), Novellas: EVA (141), Star Life (167), Movie channels: TNT Africa (137), Documentary, lifestyle and education channels: BBC Lifestyle (174), Food Network (175), National Geographic Channel (181), Sports channels: ESPN 1 (218), SS LaLiga Africa HD (224), SS Variety 3 Africa HD (228), Kids and teens channels: Boomerang (302), Cbeebies (306), Da Vinci Kids (318), Music channels: AFRO Music English (326), Hd channels: SS LaLiga Africa HD (224), SS Variety 3 Africa HD (228), Other African channels: Real Time (155), Pearl Magic (161), ROK 2 (169), Trace Jama (333), Trace Gospel (332), Citizen Radio (874), HOT96 (875)
DStv Compact Maisha Magic Plus HD (163), General entertainment channels: M-Net City (115), VUZU (116), Universal TV (117), BBC Brit (120), WWE Channel HD (128), BET (129), MTV (130), Lifetime Entertainment (131), Pearl Magic Prime (148), Maisha Magic Plus HD (163), Movie channels: Studio Universal HD (112), Documentary, lifestyle and education channels: Discovery TLC HD (135), Discovery ID HD (171), Sports channels: SS Premier League Africa HD (223), SS Variety 2 Africa HD (227), WWE Channel HD (236), International news and commerce channels: CNN International (401), Sky News (402), Kids and teens channels: Cartoon Network (301), Disney Channel (303), Disney Channel XD (304), NickJr (307), NickTOONS (308), Hd channels: Studio Universal HD (112), WWE Channel HD (128), Discovery TLC HD (135), Maisha Magic Plus HD (163), Discovery ID HD (171), SS Premier League Africa HD (223), SS Variety 2 Africa HD (227), WWE Channel HD (236), Other African channels: Africa Magic Urban (153), ROK (168), TRACE Naija (325), Trace Muzika (334)
DStv Compact Plus General entertainment channels: 1 Magic HD (103), Movie channels: M-Net Movies 3 HD (107), Documentary, lifestyle and education channels: Discovery Channel HD (121), CBS Justice (170), Curiosity Channel (185), The History Channel (186), Sports channels: ESPN 2 (219), SS Football Plus Africa HD (222), SS Variety 1 Africa HD (226), SS Action Africa HD (230), International news and commerce channels: CNBC Africa (410), Bloomberg Television (411), Hd channels: 1 Magic HD (103), M-Net Movies 3 HD (107), Discovery Channel HD (121), SS Football Plus Africa HD (222), SS Variety 2 Africa HD (227), SS Action Africa HD (230), Africa Magic Showcase HD (151), European and Asian channels: EuroNews French (438), EuroNews German (445)
DStv Premium General entertainment channels: M-Net East HD (102), Comedy Central (122), Movie channels: M-Net Movies 1 East HD (104), M-Net Movies 2 HD (106), Sports channels: SS Grandstand Africa HD (221), SS Rugby Africa (231), SS Cricket Africa (232), SS Golf Africa (233), SS Tennis Africa HD (234), SS Motorsport Africa HD (235), SS Maximo 1 (P) HD (241), SS Maximo 2 (P) HD (242), International news and commerce channels: EuroNews (414), Hd channels: M-Net East HD (102), M-Net Movies 1 East HD (104), M-Net Movies 2 HD (106), SS Grandstand Africa HD (221), SS Football Plus Africa HD (222), SS Tennis Africa HD (234), SS Motorsport Africa HD (235), SS Maximo 1 (P) HD (241), SS Maximo 2 (P) HD (242), ExtRA (Various Channels)

How to Register for DStv Now

DStv Now is an online streaming service for DStv subscribers, allowing you to enjoy your favorite programs at your convenience. The registration process is straightforward and involves the following steps:

  • Visit the DStv Now website.
  • Click the "Sign Up" button.
  • Choose your country from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter your email address and mobile number.
  • Create a password for your account.
  • Read the terms and conditions and check the box if you agree.
  • Click the "Create An Account" button to finish.

How To Pay For DStv In Kenya

DStv offers multiple payment options, including M-Pesa, KCB App, and Barclays Kenya App. To pay via M-Pesa, follow these steps:

  1. Open the M-Pesa menu and select Lipa na M-Pesa, then Pay Bill.
  2. Enter DStv's Mpesa Paybill number: 444900.
  3. Input your DStv Smart Card number.
  4. Enter the amount for your subscription.
  5. Input your M-Pesa PIN and confirm the details.
  6. Hit OK to finish the transaction.

DStv Installation Cost In Kenya

Installing DStv involves setting up a satellite dish, which costs around KES 1500, though the price can vary based on the location and complexity of the installation. Always opt for an accredited DStv installer to ensure high-quality, reliable service.

Picking the Right Decoder

With your chosen package in mind, it's time to decide on the decoder to bring your favorite content into your home. DStv offers a range of decoders, each with its unique features. Let's delve into your decoder options:

1. HD Decoder Bundle

The HD Zapper Decoder is perfect for those who appreciate high-definition picture quality. This compact decoder offers crystal-clear HD visuals and user-friendly menus.

Price: KSh2,999


  • LNB IN
  • AV
  • HDMI
  • USB
  • Power In

2. Explora Bundle

The DStv Explora takes your viewing experience to the next level. With the Explora, you can pause live TV, record your favorite shows, and even connect to the internet. It's a game-changer for avid TV enthusiasts.

Price: KSh30,799


  • Unicable IN
  • Audio Out (L)
  • Audio Out (R)
  • Video Out
  • D. Video Out
  • Audio Optical
  • HDMI
  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • Power In

3.Explora Decoder + Dish kit + Smart LNB + Installation

The Explora Decoder bundle is the ultimate choice for those looking to go all out. It includes everything you need for a seamless installation, ensuring you enjoy the full spectrum of DStv's offerings.

Price: KSh35,999


  • Unicable IN
  • Audio Out (L)
  • Audio Out (R)
  • Video Out
  • D. Video Out
  • Audio Optical
  • HDMI
  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • Power In

But the benefits of DStv don't end here. Let's explore how you can make the most of your subscription.

XtraView for Extra Entertainment

For families with multiple TVs and diverse viewing preferences, DStv offers a fantastic feature called XtraView. With XtraView, you can watch different live TV shows in three separate rooms simultaneously. Here's how it works:


DStv customers can now enjoy the flexibility of connecting three decoders under one subscription, allowing you to create a setup that suits your family's needs. You only pay one subscription fee plus an Access Fee for each XtraView connection.

To set up XtraView, you'll need to use a DStv Explora decoder as your primary decoder and link any DStv Explora or Single View DStv HD decoders in your setup. For a hassle-free installation, we recommend using an accredited DStv installer.

Reaching Out to DStv Customer Care

DStv offers several avenues for reaching out to their customer service. You can use shortcodes, USSD codes, or even email to communicate with them.

Contact Via Shortcodes and USSD Codes

Dial 22788 from your phone to speak directly to a customer service representative. Alternatively, you can use the USSD code *423# to reach DStv customer service.

Email Contact

If you're more comfortable communicating via email, reach out to [email protected]. Customer service representatives respond to email inquiries as promptly as possible.

Phone Contact

To speak directly with a DStv representative, call their call center by dialing +254 7110 66000 or +254 020 4236000. A customer service representative will assist you with any questions or issues.

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DStv Kenya provides a wide range of television entertainment options that cater to different tastes and budgets. Understanding the various packages and how to access and pay for them can enhance your viewing experience. Always remember that the DStv customer service team is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the different DStv packages available in Kenya?

DStv Kenya offers five packages: Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family, and Access, each with different prices and channel offerings.

How can I pay for my DStv subscription?

You can pay for your DStv subscription via M-Pesa, the KCB App, or the Barclays Kenya App.

What is DStv Now, and how can I access it?

DStv Now is an online streaming service that lets DStv subscribers watch their favorite programs online. To access it, you need to register on the DStv Now website.

How much does it cost to install DStv in Kenya?

The standard installation cost of DStv in Kenya is around KES 1500, but it can vary depending on location and the complexity of the installation.

How can I contact DStv customer care?

You can contact DStv customer care by dialing 22788 or +254 7110 66000, or +254 020 4236000. You can also reach them via email at [email protected] or through the USSD code *423#.

What channels will I get with my DStv subscription?

The number of channels depends on the package you subscribe to. The Premium package offers the highest number of channels, followed by Compact Plus, Compact, Family, and Access.


 This article is meant to provide general information about DStv Kenya services and may only cover some aspects of the service. The prices listed for the packages are as of 2023 and may vary. For more detailed information, please visit the official DStv Kenya website or contact DStv customer care.

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