DStv South Africa Contact information And Numbers

Having trouble reaching DStv South Africa? Don't worry! This article provides detailed contact information and step-by-step instructions for easy communication

Jul 25, 2023 - 14:10
DStv South Africa Contact information And Numbers
DStv South Africa Contact information And Numbers

Have you been trying to contact DStv South Africa but need help figuring out how? If so, you're in the right place. This article provides detailed contact information and effective ways to interact with DStv South Africa. We'll take you through the steps to contact DStv South Africa through various channels, including their self-service app, USSD, WhatsApp, and social media platforms. Let's get started!

Contacting DStv South Africa Made Easy

If you're a DStv customer, you might have encountered an error message, wanted to check your account balance, or needed assistance managing your account. While it might seem complex, DStv South Africa has provided various platforms to make reaching them as easy as possible.

Reach Out through the MyDStv App

DStv has a user-friendly app available for iOS and Android users, where you can easily manage your account. Registration is required, and the app is only available for South African customers. This app lets you check what you owe, clear error codes, view your transactions and reconnect packages.

Connect via WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used communication platforms, and DStv has taken advantage of this. Save DStv's WhatsApp number, 060 060 3788, on your phone and say "Hello" to get started. With this platform, you can check your account balance, clear error messages, and manage your account at your convenience.

Use the Live Chat

DStv offers live chat assistance for those who prefer more human interaction. To use this service, click the live chat icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the DStv website. Please note this service is available Monday to Sunday, from 07:00 to 00:00.

Social Media Platforms

DStv South Africa has customer care representatives on social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter @DStv. You can send a query or concern, and they will respond. Like the live chat, their social media customer care is available Monday to Sunday, from 07:00 to 00:00.

Dial USSD Code on Your Cellphone

For easy access to DStv services, dial 12068584# on your cellphone. This USSD code helps you to check your balance, clear error codes, view your transactions, transfer funds between your accounts, and reconnect packages. This service is available only if the number you're dialing from is registered with DStv.

DStv Self-Service: What It Is and How It Works

DStv Self-Service is an initiative that allows customers to manage their accounts without assistance from a DStv staff member. This service is available on your desktop computer, tablet, DStv app, or mobile device, enabling you to clear error messages, update your details, and manage payments conveniently.

To check your DStv account balance using DStv Self-Service, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the DStv Self-Service website.
  2. Click on Login and enter your email address or mobile number and password. If you don't have an account, you need to create one.
  3. After logging in, you can view your DStv balance on your dashboard.

Enjoy a Variety of Channels with DStv South Africa

DStv South Africa offers a variety of entertainment packages, including sports, reality shows, telenovelas, and more, with more than 150 channels to choose from. Their packages include DStv Premium, DStv Compact Plus, DStv Compact, DStv Family, DStv Access, and DStv EasyView.

Before subscribing, check the DStv packages with the channels list to ensure the bouquet suits your preference. To do so, use your remote to navigate the DStv channels list on your TV.

Quick Summary Of  DStv South Africa Contacts

Contact Method Details Availability
MyDStv App Available on iOS and Android. Only for SA. Registration required. Always
WhatsApp Number: 060 060 3788. Start conversation by saying "Hello". Always
Live Chat Available on the DStv website. May have delays due to lockdown. 07:00 to 00:00, Monday to Sunday
Social Media Facebook and Twitter@DStv. Send a query or concern. 07:00 to 00:00, Monday to Sunday
USSD Dial 12068584# from a registered phone number. Used to check account, clear error codes, view transactions, transfer funds, and reconnect packages. Alway

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Contacting DStv South Africa can be a manageable task. With numerous ways to reach them, from the MyDStv App, WhatsApp, live chat, and social media platforms to the USSD code, getting the assistance you need is easier than ever. Remember, effective communication is critical to solving any problems with your DStv services.


The information provided in this article is for general informational purposes only. It should not be considered a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a professional or DStv's official website before making any decisions.

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