How to Get Your EACC Clearance Certificate: Everything You Need to Know

Discover how to obtain the EACC Clearance Certificate in Kenya and enhance your job prospects. Step-by-step guide and important information.

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How to Get Your EACC Clearance Certificate: Everything You Need to Know
How to Get Your EACC Clearance Certificate: Everything You Need to Know

The EACC Clearance Certificate is a crucial document in Kenya, serving as a testament to a person's integrity and conduct, particularly in a professional setting as you prepare to venture into the job market, whether fresh from school or changing careers, understanding what it is and how to get it is invaluable. In this comprehensive guide, we unravel the EACC Clearance Certificate's mystery, answering all your questions and making your journey to acquiring it as smooth as possible.

What is the EACC Clearance Certificate?

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) is a public body in Kenya established under Section 3 (1) of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission Act, 2011. The commission's mandate is to combat and prevent corruption, economic crime, and unethical conduct. The EACC Clearance Certificate is proof of a person's integrity and is often required for job applications in Kenya. However, the EACC does not issue a physical certificate but a confidential report submitted to the employing agency.

Why Do You Need an EACC Clearance Certificate?

In the job market, employers are always seeking individuals with the highest levels of integrity. This certificate confirms that an applicant complies with the constitutional requirements of the Leadership and Integrity Act's section 13, chapter six. It assures potential employers that the holder is in good standing, free from corruption-related issues, and ethically compliant.

Steps to Getting Your EACC Clearance Certificate

The EACC clearance process is straightforward. However, it's crucial to remember that it's an offline process; you cannot submit the required forms online. Here are the steps:

1. Obtaining the Self-Declaration Forms

Firstly, you must download the self-declaration forms from the EACC's official website or pick them up from the EACC offices. These forms should be filled in duplicate.

2. Completing the Forms

The forms require information such as your birth details, educational qualifications, marital status, employment information, and reasons for declaration. Ensure you fill in the facts accurately and honestly.

3. Attach Required Documents

Attach copies of your National Identity Card or passport, KRA PIN certificate, and academic certificates to the declaration form.

4. Signature and Oath

After filling out the forms, you need to sign them in the presence of a commissioner for oaths or a magistrate. They will then fill in the oath and affirmation page. This process usually incurs a fee of between 300 to 500 shillings.

5. Submitting the Forms

Once your forms are complete, please submit them to the EACC offices or any Huduma Center nationwide. However, not all Huduma Centers have EACC offices, so confirming before heading there is wise.

After Submission

Upon submitting your application, the EACC will verify your details. Once verified, they will acknowledge the application by stamping the two copies, with one copy returned to you for your records. The EACC will then send a confidential report to your potential employer.

Penalties for Providing False Information

Be aware that providing false information violates the Leadership and Integrity Act 2012. If found guilty, you may face a penalty of up to 5 million Kshs, imprisonment for five years, or both.

EACC Contacts

Office Location Address Phone Number(s)
EACC - Head Office Nairobi Integrity Centre, Jakaya Kikwete/Valley Road Junction, P.O. Box 61130 - 00200 Tel: (020) 4997000, Mobile: 0709 781 000; 0730 997 000
EACC Report Centre Tel: (020) 2717468; 0727 285663; 0733 520641, Hot fax: (020) 2717473
Bungoma Regional Office Bungoma Eldoret- Malaba Rd, Border Point Motel, Ground flr, Malaba +254702391287 / +254731888059
Upper Coast Regional Office – Malindi Malindi Malindi - Lamu Rd, Pine Court Building, Ground Floor, Right Wing, Malindi +254702391270 / +254731888056
Lower Coast Regional Office – Mombasa Mombasa Nkrumah Rd, ACK Mombasa Memorial, Cathedral Complex, 3rd Flr, Mombasa +254710768706 / +254412319081 / +254412319082
Upper Eastern Regional Office – Isiolo Isiolo Lower Kiwanjani, near Isiolo Sunrise Academy +254702391293 / +254731888067
North Eastern Regional Office – Garissa Garissa Province Road, Next to Government Guest House, Opp. Almond Resort +254737994444 / +254729480404
Central Regional Office – Nyeri Nyeri Advocates Plaza, Next to Law Courts and Lands Office +254703204580 / +254789665500
South Nyanza Regional Office – Kisii Kisii Off Kisii/Kilgoris Rd, Former County Attorney’s Office +254770912192 / +25477319470
South Rift Regional Office – Nakuru Nakuru Kenyatta Avenue, Shiv Plaza, 4th Flr +254731888064 / +254702391280
Lower Eastern Regional Office – Machakos Machakos Ngei Rd, Kiamba Mall, 4th Flr +254731888034 / +254702391282
North Rift Regional Office – Eldoret Eldoret Malaba Rd, Imperial Court Building, Wing A +254703602727 / +254789776600
Western Regional Office – Kisumu Kisumu Ang’awa / Oginga Odinga Street Junction, Jubilee Insurance Hse, 3rd Flr +254715408512 / +254572023111

Note: For direct communications, reach out to the EACC via their official social media platforms:

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Obtaining the EACC Clearance Certificate is a critical step towards employment in Kenya. By understanding what it is, why you need it, and the process of getting it, you can better prepare for your job search journey. Remember, integrity is an essential aspect of any professional setting, and the EACC Clearance Certificate helps to verify this trait. So, ensure you provide honest and accurate information throughout the process, maintain ethical conduct, and keep abreast of any changes to the procedure. This guide provides you with the basics, but you should also check with the EACC's official website or offices for any updates or additional requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I fail to get an EACC Clearance Certificate?

Failure to obtain the EACC Clearance Certificate might limit your chances of employment in certain sectors. This is especially true for jobs in the public sector and specific private sector positions that mandate the certificate.

Can I submit the EACC Clearance Certificate application online?

No, the EACC Clearance Certificate process is offline. You must submit the physical application form with the required documents in person.

How long does it take to get the EACC Clearance Certificate?

The time frame is not precisely defined, but applying early is best to allow for possible delays. Always keep a copy of your stamped form as proof of application.

Does the EACC Clearance Certificate expire?

There's no defined expiration date for the EACC Clearance Certificate. However, potential employers may request a recent certificate, typically up to one year old.

What is the cost of getting the EACC Clearance Certificate?

The clearance certificate itself is free. However, you will incur a fee when signing the form in the presence of a commissioner for oaths or a magistrate, usually between 300 to 500 shillings.

Who needs an EACC Clearance Certificate?

Anyone applying for a job, particularly in the public sector or some positions in the private sector where high levels of integrity are required, will likely need an EACC Clearance Certificate.


The information contained in this article is for general guidance purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice. Due to the changing nature of the law and regulations, we cannot guarantee that the information provided here is accurate or up to date. We are not liable for any errors or omissions or for any actions that may be taken from using this information. Always consult with a qualified professional or visit the official EACC website for the most accurate and current information.

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