Elgon View College: Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Application Insights in 2024

Explore everything about Elgon View College, from diverse courses and admission requirements to fee structures and the online application process, in this detailed guide

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Elgon View College: Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Application Insights in 2024
Elgon View College: Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Application Insights in 2024

Elgon View College, nestled in the heart of Kenya, stands as a beacon of educational excellence and opportunity. Imagine walking through the gates of one of Kenya's oldest and most prestigious colleges, where the echoes of history and the buzz of modern learning coalesce. This institution didn't just spring up overnight; it has a story, a journey that saw it evolve from a humble school focused on secretariat studies to a vibrant, multi-disciplinary educational hub.

The college's inception is reminiscent of a seed, planted with a singular purpose, that grew to become a towering tree with many branches. Initially, Elgon View College catered to a specific niche, offering secretariat studies. This was a time when the typewriter's rhythmic clicks filled the air, and shorthand was a coveted skill. However, as the winds of change blew, the college sensed the need to diversify, to evolve with the times. It expanded its curriculum, not just incrementally but significantly, adapting to the shifting educational landscape of Kenya and beyond.

Today, Elgon View College is a melting pot of academic disciplines, welcoming students from various backgrounds, each with unique aspirations and dreams. It's a place where one can pursue certificate, diploma, and higher diploma programmes, each designed to provide not just theoretical knowledge but practical skills applicable in the real world. The college's success in offering a diverse range of courses isn't just confined to its primary campus; it has spread its wings across Kenya, opening multiple branches, each a testament to its commitment to education and its accessibility to students across the country.

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A Comprehensive Overview of Courses Offered

Academic Departments and Available Courses

Embarking on an academic journey at Elgon View College is akin to opening a treasure chest of opportunities. The institution's rich tapestry of courses is woven across several academic departments, each with its own unique offerings. Let's dive into the heart of these departments and discover the courses that beckon aspiring minds.

Information Technology: In the digital era, this department stands as a cornerstone of modern education at Elgon View College. Students can immerse themselves in courses like Certified Information Communication Technologists, Diploma in ICT, and even delve into Library and Information Studies. For those with a passion for the digital realm, short courses ranging from Computer Programming to Database Administration offer a chance to hone specific IT skills.

Journalism and Mass Communication: For the storytellers and media enthusiasts, the School of Journalism opens doors to a world of news, media, and communication. Courses here include Diplomas in Journalism and Media Studies and specialized diplomas in Advertising, Digital TV and Radio Journalism, and Sports Journalism, catering to diverse interests within the media landscape.

Business: The School of Business offers a broad spectrum of courses, including Business Management, Human Resource Management, and Sales and Marketing, to name a few. With diplomas and certificates available, this department provides a foundation for future entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Education: Future educators find their calling here, with courses in Early Childhood Education, Primary Teacher Education, and Diplomas in Teacher Education for both Arts and Science streams. This department is dedicated to shaping the educators of tomorrow, equipped to inspire and lead in classrooms.

Social Work and Social Administration: This school offers a blend of humanitarian and administrative studies with diplomas and certificates in Public Administration, Social Work, and Disaster Management. It's ideal for those who aspire to make a difference in society through social work and community development.

Hospitality: For those with a flair for hospitality and culinary arts, courses in Hotel and Catering, alongside artisan certificates in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy, provide practical skills and industry knowledge.

Each department at Elgon View College is a gateway to a specific career path, with courses meticulously designed to provide both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Admission Requirements and Course Durations

Elgon View College's inclusive approach to education is evident in its admission requirements. Most certificate courses require a minimum mean grade of D (plain) at KCSE, making higher education accessible to a broader range of students. For those aspiring to enroll in diploma programmes, a C- (minus) is the gateway to their academic journey.

The duration of courses at Elgon View College is thoughtfully structured, ranging from one to three years. This flexibility allows students to choose a path that aligns with their career goals and personal circumstances, ensuring that education at Elgon View College is not just a journey, but a journey tailored to each individual's needs and aspirations.

Understanding the Fee Structure

Fee Details for Various Programs

The financial aspect of education is a pivotal factor for many students, and Elgon View College understands this. The fee structure at the college is designed to be as inclusive as possible, accommodating a wide range of financial capabilities. Here's a closer look at the financial commitment required for pursuing different programs.

At the heart of the fee structure is the principle of affordability. The fees vary depending on the course chosen, reflecting the resources and materials needed for each program. Generally, the minimum fee per term for a course at the institution is Ksh 12,000, a figure that's within reach for many Kenyan families. On the higher end, some of the more resource-intensive courses, such as the Diploma in Teacher Education, have fees going up to Ksh 33,000 per term, inclusive of boarding for science streams.

Non-modular certificate courses are priced at Ksh 12,000 per term, making them a cost-effective option for students seeking certification in various fields. Higher diploma courses, offering more advanced learning, are pegged at KES 20,000 per term, offering value for the level of expertise and depth they provide.

How Fees Vary Across Departments

The fee structure is not a one-size-fits-all but is rather tailored to the specific needs of each department. For instance, courses in the Computing and Informatics department, which may require significant investment in technology and software, might have a different fee structure compared to courses in the School of Journalism.

The Diploma in Teacher Education, particularly for arts, costs KES 30,000 per term, while the science stream demands Ksh 33,000 per term, inclusive of boarding. This variance in fees reflects the differing resource requirements for arts and science education streams.

Understanding the fee structure at Elgon View College is crucial for students and parents to make informed decisions about their education. With a range of fees across various departments, the college strives to accommodate students from different financial backgrounds, ensuring that education remains accessible and affordable.

The Online Application Process

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Online

The digital age has simplified many processes, and applying to Elgon View College is no exception. The online application process is straightforward, designed to ensure ease and convenience for prospective students. Here's a step-by-step guide to navigate this process:

  1. Starting the Application: The journey begins on the college's official website, where prospective students can access the online application portal. This portal is user-friendly and guides applicants through each step of the process.
  2. Filling Personal Details: The application form requires personal details such as name, date of birth, and contact information. Accuracy is key here, as this information forms the basis of your student profile.
  3. Selecting the Course and Campus: Applicants can choose their desired course and preferred campus. With a wide range of courses and multiple campuses across Kenya, students have the flexibility to select an option that best aligns with their goals and location preferences.
  4. Uploading Educational Certificates: The next step involves uploading educational certificates, including KCSE results slips. These documents are crucial for verifying academic eligibility for the chosen program.
  5. Review and Submission: Before hitting the submit button, it's essential to review all the information and documents uploaded. Once satisfied, applicants can submit their form, marking the completion of the online application process.

 Alternative Application Methods

While the online application is a convenient option, Elgon View College also caters to those who prefer traditional methods or may not have internet access.

  1. Obtaining Application Forms: Application forms are available at the admissions office of the college. This option is ideal for those who wish to have a physical copy of the application or need in-person assistance.
  2. Applying via KUCCPS: Students can also apply through the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS). This process involves applying via the KUCCPS Student’s Portal, accessible through their website. The KUCCPS placement is especially useful for students seeking government-sponsored programs.

Each application route, whether online or offline, is designed to be inclusive and accessible, ensuring that every aspiring student has a fair chance to apply and pursue their educational dreams at Elgon View College.

Additional Information and Resources

Modes of Study and Intakes

Elgon View College embraces flexibility and inclusivity in its teaching modes, catering to the diverse needs and schedules of its students. Understanding these modes and their respective intakes is crucial for prospective students to plan their educational journey effectively.

  1. Full-time, Evening, and Weekend Studies: The college offers full-time, evening, and weekend study options. This flexibility allows students to choose a mode of study that fits their lifestyle, whether they are fresh high school graduates, working professionals, or individuals with daytime commitments.
  2. Intake Periods: Intakes for various programs occur at strategically spaced intervals throughout the year. The main intakes are in January, May, and September, aligning with the academic calendar. Additionally, for school-based programs, which are tailored for teachers and other professionals, the intake months are April, August, and December.
  3. School-based Programs: These programs are specifically designed for those who can only commit to studies during school holidays. This option is particularly popular among educators and professionals who seek to further their studies without disrupting their work schedules.

Opportunities for Financial Assistance

A significant concern for many students is the financial aspect of higher education. Elgon View College, in collaboration with external bodies, offers avenues for financial assistance to ensure that education is accessible to all.

  1. TVET Bursaries from HELB: Students pursuing Diploma and Certificate courses can apply for loans and bursaries from the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB). This financial support is a lifeline for students from underprivileged backgrounds, including orphans and those from single-parent families.
  2. Application Process for Financial Aid: The application for HELB loans and bursaries involves filling out the TVET Loan & Bursary Application Form (TLAF) available on the HELB website. The process requires the form to be filled, printed, signed, and submitted, either at the HELB office or selected Huduma Centers. This process is designed to be as straightforward as possible, ensuring that financial barriers do not hinder educational aspirations.

Elgon View College's commitment to providing various modes of study and financial assistance opportunities underscores its dedication to making education accessible and achievable for all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the entry requirements for various courses at Elgon View College?

    • For most certificate courses, a minimum mean grade of D (plain) at KCSE is required, while diploma programmes generally require at least a C- (minus) grade.

Can I apply online for courses at Elgon View College?

    • Yes, the college offers an online application process where you can submit personal details, educational certificates, and choose your preferred course and campus.

Are there different study modes available?

    • Elgon View College provides full-time, evening, weekend, and school-based study options, catering to the diverse schedules of students.

How does the fee structure at Elgon View College work?

    • The fee structure varies depending on the course, with a general range between Ksh 12,000 to Ksh 33,000 per term. It is advisable to contact the admissions office for detailed fee information for specific courses.

Is financial assistance available for students?

    • Yes, students can apply for loans and bursaries through HELB, especially those pursuing Diploma and Certificate courses. Priority is given to orphans, single-parent students, and those from financially challenged backgrounds.

Concluding Remarks

As we conclude this comprehensive exploration of Elgon View College, it's evident that this institution is more than just an educational establishment; it's a gateway to future success and personal development. From its wide array of courses and flexible study modes to the accessible fee structure and financial aid options, Elgon View College stands out as a beacon of hope and opportunity in Kenya's educational landscape.

Whether you're a fresh high school graduate, a working professional seeking further education, or someone looking to change career paths, Elgon View College offers a nurturing and supportive environment to achieve your academic and career goals. With its commitment to inclusivity, flexibility, and quality education, Elgon View College is indeed an excellent choice for anyone looking to advance their education in Kenya.

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