How to Contact Equity Bank Customer Care: A Comprehensive Guide

Looking for assistance from Equity Bank? Here are 7 ways to connect with their customer care team easily.

May 31, 2023 - 21:32
Sep 27, 2023 - 13:20
How to Contact Equity Bank Customer Care: A Comprehensive Guide
How to Contact Equity Bank Customer Care: A Comprehensive Guide

Equity Bank, one of Kenya's leading financial service providers, has gone above and beyond in connecting with its vast clientele. Their customer care, reflecting their innovative approach to banking, is easily accessible through numerous channels that serve the need of each customer. Let's explore how Equity Bank continues to offer top-notch customer support, catering to middle and low-income earners and maintaining an expansive network of branches and agents.

Equity Bank's Multiple Contact Avenues

Equity Bank's commitment to superior customer care has led to the creation of many contact methods. Let's dive into these various channels.

1. In-Person Visits to Equity Bank Branches

You can easily find an Equity Bank branch near you, with around 130 branches across Kenya. Whether you need general banking assistance or specialized support, the customer care desks at these branches are geared to help you. They extend their reach through agents, making banking services even more convenient.

2. Phone Calls to Customer Care Desk

Want to speak directly with a representative? Equity Bank offers two primary contact numbers – 0763063000 and 0763000000 – connecting you directly to the customer care team. This ensures that customers can have their issues addressed promptly.

3. Equity Bank's Interactive' Talk to Us' Webpage

You can also engage Equity Bank's customer care through the Talk to Us webpage, where a support team agent will reach out shortly. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Enter your name and contact details
  • Select the incidence type, product, and category
  • Type your question and attach any necessary documents
  • Click submit

4. Engaging through Social Media Platforms

Equity Bank's presence on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offers a more informal and convenient way to interact with its support team. Reach out to their pages on these platforms, and they'll respond promptly.

5. Equity Bank's Chatbot (EVA) 

Equity Bank has embraced technology by introducing EVA, an automatic Virtual Assistant chatbot accessible through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. It's a futuristic approach to addressing customer queries, available 24/7.

6. Writing a Letter or Visiting the Head Office

For those who prefer more traditional means, you can write a letter or visit the Equity Bank head office on the 9th Floor of Equity Centre, Hospital Road, Upper Hill, Nairobi. You can also email them at [email protected].

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7. Comprehensive List of Nairobi County Equity Bank Branches

Looking for your nearest branch in Nairobi? Here's a snapshot of the contact numbers for specific branches, including Equity Bank Head Office, Corporate, Tom Mboya Street, Kenyatta University, Githurai, Kasarani, and more.

No. Branch Name Address Phone Numbers
1 Equity Bank, head office Upper Hill, Equity Centre +254763026000
2 Equity Bank, Corporate Fourways Towers, 4th-floor 0202262023
3 Equity Bank, Muindi Mbingu Muindi Mbingu Street 0763063000
4 Equity Bank, Tom Mboya Tom Mboya Street 0202744000
5 Equity Bank, Kenyatta University Kenyatta University, main campus 020 2744000
6 Equity Bank, Githurai Ngumba Road, near Kassmatt Building 020 2357603
7 Equity Bank, Kasarani - 0763 068118
8 Equity Bank, Garden City Garden City Mall 0763 068175
9 Equity Bank, Ridgeways Ridgeways Mall 0763 068134
10 Equity Bank, Kayole Spine Road, near former D.O’s office 020 2744000
11 Equity Bank, Westlands - 020 2744000
12 Equity Bank, Enterprise Road - 020 2744000
13 Equity Bank, Buruburu Near Uchumi Supermarket 020 2744000
14 Equity Bank, Donholm Along Outering Road 020 2744000
15 Equity Bank, Kariobangi - 020 2744000
16 Equity Bank, Eastleigh Eastleigh, Second Avenue 020-2400548/9, 0745545343
17 Equity Bank, Mama Ngina Mama Ngina Street 020 2744000
18 Equity Bank Karen, Supreme Centre - 0763 068162
19 Equity Bank, Karen - 0702 914904, 020 2318768
20 Equity Bank, Kangemi Kangemi Market 020 2744000
21 Equity Bank, Ngara Ringroad, Ngara roundabout 0716 336710
22 Equity Bank, Kahawa House Haile Selassie Avenue 020 2744000
23 Equity Bank, Nairobi West Jamia Mosque 020 2744000
24 Equity Bank, Lavington - 0763 068141
25 Equity Bank, Bima House - 020 318122
26 Equity Bank, Gikomba Business Arcade 020 2357506, 020 2357533
27 Equity Bank, Industrial Area Along Sekoni Road 020 3545303
28 Equity Bank, JKIA Cargo Village, North Airport 0736 560005
29 Equity Bank, Kawangware Dagoretti Road 020 2105476
30 Equity Bank, Pinnacle Centre - 020 2114147
31 Equity Bank, Kenyatta Avenue - 020 2322432/33
32 Equity Bank, Moi Avenue Shankar Dass House 020 2250058/52
33 Equity Bank, Community NHIF Building 020 2744000
34 Equity Bank, KNUT House Mfangano Road 020 2744000
35 Equity Bank, Embakasi Taj Mall 0763 068148
36 Equity Bank, Kitengela Milele Plaza, Prisons Road 020 2181300
37 Equity Bank, Industrial Area Tanga Road 0203545303

For a comprehensive list, kindly click here

Equity Bank HeadQuarters Contacts


Equity Bank is a beacon of exemplary customer service, with innovative channels that resonate with its diverse client base. From its extensive branch network to technology-driven solutions like EVA, Equity Bank in Kenya continues to elevate the banking experience, leaving no stone unturned in its pursuit of excellence. Whether you need to call, visit, or chat online, Equity Bank ensures that every avenue leads to satisfaction.


This article provides a detailed guide on contacting Equity Bank's customer care in Kenya. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and completeness, the information should be used as a guideline, and it's always advisable to contact Equity Bank directly for the most up-to-date information.

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