Equity Bank's Swift Codes and Branches For 2023

Get a comprehensive guide to Equity Bank's Swift codes and branches. Unlock seamless international transactions with this essential knowledge.

Jun 30, 2023 - 18:19
Jun 30, 2023 - 18:21
Equity Bank's Swift Codes and Branches For 2023
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Walking through the complicated world of international banking can feel like piecing together a complex puzzle. One of the most crucial pieces of this puzzle is understanding Swift codes and bank branches, particularly if you're dealing with institutions like Equity Bank in Kenya. Let's take a deep dive into the world of Equity Bank Swift codes and branches.

Imagine you're sending a letter to a friend in a different city. You must know their exact address to ensure your letter reaches them. Similarly, when transferring money across borders, SWIFT codes serve as that 'exact address' for banks.

What is a SWIFT Code?

A SWIFT code—sometimes called a SWIFT number—is a standardized format for Business Identifier Codes (BIC). Banks and financial institutions globally use SWIFT codes as unique identifiers, signifying who they are and their location. These codes are primarily used when transferring money between banks, particularly for international transfers or SEPA payments. Banks also leverage these codes to exchange messages among themselves.

Interpreting SWIFT Codes

A typical SWIFT code consists of 8 to 11 characters and follows a specific format: AAAA BB CC DDD.

  • AAAA: Bank Code (letters only)
  • BB: Country Code (letters only)
  • CC: Location Code (letters and digits)
  • DDD: Branch Code (optional)

Taking Equity Bank Kenya's SWIFT code EQBLKENA as an example, 'EQBL' represents the bank code, 'KE' is the country code for Kenya, and 'NA' is the location code.

Unveiling Equity Bank: Branches and Codes

Equity Bank, based in Kenya, is an influential financial institution offering banking services to the people of Kenya and across East Africa. With numerous branches scattered across and in foreign countries, Equity Bank has become an integral part of the banking landscape.

The Equity Bank was incorporated in 2014 following the corporate restructuring of Equity Group Holdings Limited. Today, it is the most celebrated bank in Kenya, with a substantial customer base of over 9 million users across East Africa. The bank has subsidiaries in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda, and Tanzania. With such a vast network, it's essential to understand how to reach the bank in case of emergencies or inquiries.

Equity Bank boasts over 170 branches across Kenya, with 38 spread across Nairobi. Each branch possesses a unique code that aids in its identification.

Here is a list of all Equity Bank Branches In Kenya

Branch Name Address Phone Bank Code
Equity Head office Upper Hill – Hospital Road Equity Center 9th floor +254763026000 68000
Equity Bank Corporate Fourways Towers, 4th floor 0202262023 68001
Equity bank Fourways Muindi Mbingu St, Nairobi 0763063000 68002
Equity bank Kangema Kangema 0202032311 68003
Equity Bank Karatina Karatina, Nyeri 06172524, 72709 68004
Equity Bank Kiriaini Kiria-ini, Mathioya 0202032345 68005
Equity Bank Murarandia Kiharu, Murang’a 0202102809 68006
Equity Bank Kangari Opp. Police Post along Muranga – Othaya road 060-44217 68007
Equity Bank Othaya Othaya Road, Nairobi 061-3152059 68008
Equity Bank Thika Commerce House 067-22673, 22475 68009
Equity Bank Kerugoya Kerugoya, Kenya 060-21545/21470 68010
Equity Bank Nyeri Nyeri, Kenya 061-2034876 68011
Equity Bank Tom Mboya Tom Mboya Ave 0202744000 68012
Equity Bank Nakuru West Road Nakuru 0202592088 68013
Equity Bank Meru Meru, Kenya 064-32920, 30059 68014
Equity Bank Mama Ngina Nairobi 020-317624, 317822 68015
Equity Bank Nyahururu Nyahururu, Kenya 0202744000 68016
Equity Bank Community Supreme Center NHIF Building 1st floor. Ragati road 0202744000 68017
Equity Bank Community corporate Madison Insurance House, Ground Floor 020 2744000 68018
Equity Bank Embu Siakago Road 068-31027 68019
Equity Bank Naivasha Naivasha, Kenya 050-2020360 68020
Equity Bank Chuka Chuka, Tharaka-Nithi 064-630570/1 68021
Equity Bank Murang’a Murang’a Town 060-31225 68022
Equity Bank Molo Molo Town 0202314035 68023
Equity Bank Harambee Avenue Harambee Ave, Nairobi 020318122 68024
Equity Bank Mombasa Mercantile Digo Road 041-2318810/11/12 68025
Equity Bank Kimathi Kimathi St, Nairobi 0202744000 68026
Equity Bank Nanyuki Nanyuki 050-23154 68027
Equity Bank Kericho Kericho Town 052-21622/21635/31156 68028
Equity Bank Kisumu Mega Plaza, Opp UoN, Oginga Odinga St 0572026163/0724256129/0736400500 68029
Equity Bank Eldoret Eldoret Town 053-2060907 68030
Equity Bank Nakuru –Kenyatta Ave Kenyatta Avenue 0723-786732 68031
Equity Bank Kariobangi Along Outer Ring Road 0723786724 68032
Equity Bank Kitale Kenyatta St 054-31590/1 68033
Equity Bank Thika – Kenyatta Ave Kenyatta Avenue 067-20031/2 68034
Equity Bank KNUT House Mfangano Road, Nairobi 020 2744000 68035
Equity Bank Narok Narok, Kenya 050-23154 68036
Equity Bank Nkubu Nkubu, Meru 064-51220 68037
Equity Bank Mwea Mwea 060-48451/060-48249 68038
Equity Bank Matuu Matuu Town 0734999688/0674355237 68039
Equity Bank Maua Maua Town 064-21101 68040
Equity Bank Isiolo Isiolo Town 064-52200/52008 68041
Equity Bank Kagio Kagio, Kirinyaga 0722893884 68042
Equity Bank Gikomba Business Arcade 020 6764202 68043
Equity Bank Ukunda Neeti Plaza 040-3201001/2/3 68044
Equity Bank Malindi F.N Center Lamu Road 0713172064/0422121122 68045
Equity Bank Digo Road Digo Road Mombasa 041-2318809 68046
Equity Bank Moi Avenue Shankardass House +2540202550058 68047
Equity Bank Bungoma Supermarket road 055-30812 68048
Equity Bank Kapsabet Kapsabet, Kenya 053-52565/52391 68049
Equity Bank Kakamega Kakamega 0714803827/0736532411 68050
Equity Bank Kisii Kisii 058-30620/30625 68051
Equity Bank Nyamira Nyamira, Kisii 058-6144234/5 68052
Equity Bank Litein Litein 0722902544/0202122700 68053
Equity Bank Moi Avenue Corporate Moi Avenue, Nairobi 0203105852 68054
Equity Bank Westlands Woodvale Grove, Nairobi 0763068055 68055
Equity Bank Kenpipe Plaza Sekondi Road Nanyuki 0203545303 68056
Equity Bank Kikuyu Kikuyu, Kenya 0738-394654/020-2642476 68057
Equity Bank Garissa Garissa Town 046-2103545363 68058
Equity Bank Mwingi Mwingi 044-822028 68059
Equity Bank Machakos Machakos, Kenya 044-21541/61/85 68060
Equity Bank Ongata Rongai Next to Tuskys Supermarket 020 3585238 68061
Equity Bank Ol-Kalao Ol-Kalao Town 0763068062 68062
Equity Bank Kawangware Dagoreti Road, Kawangware 0202744000 68063
Equity Bank Kiambu Kiambu Town 0705264234 68064
Equity Bank Kayole Pinnacle Center Building 0202114147 68065
Equity Bank Gatundu Gatundu, Kiambu 0202114140/1 68066
Equity Bank Wote Wote, Makueni 44-33578 68067
Equity Bank Mumias Mumias 056-641321 68068
Equity Bank Limuru Limuru 0710716096 68069
Equity Bank Kitengela Kitengela 0734225130/0711952251 68070
Equity Bank Githurai Githurai, Nairobi 020 2357603/4 68071
Equity Bank Kitui Kitui 044-4422007/044-4423006 68072
Equity Bank Ng’ong Dialal Building 1st floor +254202357602 68073
Equity Bank Loitoktok Loitoktok, Kenya 020 8006918 68074
Equity Bank Bondo Bondo, Kenya +2542022369577 68075
Equity Bank Mbita Point Mbita Point, Homa Bay 0202357596 68076
Equity Bank Gilgil Gilgil 050-4002172 68077
Equity Bank Busia Busia, Kenya 020-8060164 68078
Equity Bank Voi Njiiri Plaza, Upper Floor 0713510916 68079
Equity Bank Enterprise Road Industrial Area 0718540133/0737152165 68080
Equity Center Upper Hill, Equity Center, Ground Floor 0717751414/6 68081
Equity Bank Donholm Donholm, Nairobi +254202369430 68082
Equity Bank Mukurweini Othaya- Karatina Road 0202744000 68083
Equity Bank Eastleigh Eastleigh 2nd Ave 0745545343 68084
Equity Bank Namanga Namanga, Kenya 020-2400501 68085
Equity Bank Kajiado Kajiado, Kenya 0714-803827/0736-532411 68086
Equity Bank Ruiru Ruiru Town 020 2445032 68087
Equity Bank OTC OTC, Nairobi 020 2400524/5 68088
Equity Bank Kenol Kenol Town, Murang’a 0717968689 68089
Equity Bank Tala Tala, Machakos 020 2400515 68090
Equity Bank Ngara Ring Road Ngara Roundabout 0716336710 68091
Equity Bank Nandi Hills Nandi Hills 0716-336796/0738-735417 68092
Equity Bank Githunguri Githunguri, Kiambu 020 2445047/43 68093
Equity Bank Tea room Ngara 0729361796 68094
Equity Bank Buruburu Buruburu, Nairobi 0763068095 68095
Equity Bank Mbale Mbale, Maragoli 0202369608 68096
Equity Bank Siaya Siaya Town 0572506100 68097
Equity Bank Homabay Lore Plaza +254202744000 68098
Equity Bank Lodwar Lodwar Town 0716336798/0731468412 68099
Equity Bank Mandera Mandera Town 0729753233 68100
Equity Bank Marsabit Marsabit Town 0717074313 68101
Equity Bank Moyale Moyale, Kenya 0703-483455/0734-917708 68102
Equity Bank Wajir Wajir, Kenya 0612307600/1/2/3 68103
Equity Bank Meru –Makutano Makutano, Meru 020-2744000 680104
Equity Bank Malaba Malaba, Busia 0572507202 68105
Equity Bank Kilifi Kilifi, Kenya 0412006505/6 68106
Equity Bank Kapenguria Kapenguria, Kenya 0704116594 68107
Equity Bank Mombasa road Mombasa Road Nairobi 0763068108 68108
Equity Bank Eldoret Market Eldoret Market 053-2060832/833 68109
Equity Bank Maralal Maralal Kenya 0716336714/0731330357 68110
Equity Bank Kimende Kimende Township 0727878120/0518006631/2 68111
KU Sub Branch Kenyatta University Nairobi 0202322432/33 68113
Equity Bank Nyeri – Kimathi Way Nyeri, Kenya 0202744000 68115
Equity Bank Migori Moi Ave Suna 0722-214635/ 0721-582352 68116
Equity Bank Kibera Kibera, Nairobi 020 2744000 68117
Equity Bank Kengeleni Kisauni, Mombasa 0726852599/0738335741 68118

Deciphering Bank Branch Codes

A "bank code" is a series of numbers identifying banks globally. Each bank possesses a unique code that differentiates it from others within the country and worldwide. For Equity Bank, this code is 68. Remember, the number should be "68" and not "068". Whenever asked to input your bank code details, the number can be up to 5 digits. For Equity Bank, the remaining 3 digits are the "branch codes," specifying the exact branch of Equity Bank where your account belongs.

In Closing: Equity Bank at Your Fingertips

Armed with the knowledge of SWIFT, bank, and branch codes, you can confidently navigate the realm of international banking. Remember, the SWIFT code for Equity Bank Kenya is EQBLKENA, and the bank's code is 68.

Understanding these codes is a step closer to a seamless banking experience with Equity Bank, no matter where you might be.

Additional Information: Equity Bank Routing Number

Another essential information that aids in successful transactions is the bank's routing number. For Equity Bank, this routing number is 101105354. This number is crucial for transactions within the United States, ensuring your money gets to the right branch.

Reaching Out to Equity Bank

If you're left with lingering questions or need additional assistance, Equity Bank offers multiple avenues of contact. Whether you need to resolve an urgent issue or gain a deeper understanding of your banking needs, their customer service team is ready to assist.

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While banking can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially with international transactions, understanding key terms and codes can make your journey smoother. With this comprehensive guide to Equity Bank's SWIFT codes and branches, you're better equipped to manage your banking needs wherever you are. Remember, knowledge is power - especially when navigating the intricate labyrinth of international banking.


Q1: What is the SWIFT code for Equity Bank Kenya?

The SWIFT code for Equity Bank Kenya is EQBLKENA.

Q2: How many branches does Equity Bank have in Kenya?

Equity Bank has over 170 branches in Kenya, with 38 branches in Nairobi.

Q3: What is the bank code for Equity Bank?

The bank code for Equity Bank is 68.

Q4: What is the routing number for Equity Bank?

The routing number for Equity Bank is 101105354.

Q5: What is the main use of a SWIFT code?

A SWIFT code is primarily used when transferring money between banks, particularly for international transfers or SEPA payments. Banks also use these codes for communication between them.

Q6: How can I contact Equity Bank?

You can reach Equity Bank through their website (ke.equitybankgroup.com), phone number ((+254) 763063000), or email ([email protected]).


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