Faiba Internet, packages, prices, installations, and Shops in Kenya

The world of internet connectivity is a crucial feature in every aspect of today's modern world. From Tech, marine to heath sectors, internet connectivity is the Key. Here in Kenya, we already have several firms that seek to Provide better internet connections to various geographical spaces in the country.

Faiba Internet, packages, prices, installations, and Shops in Kenya
Faiba Internet, packages, prices, installations, and Shops in Kenya

Despite all the choices on the way, it is always very viable to identify an appropriate internet service provider that will always meet all your requirements. That is what Faiba stands for in the country. First, Faiba is a product of Jamii Telecommunications which the Communications Commission of Kenya first initiated on 20th April 2004. Over the years, the company has expanded across to other parts of the globe, especially here in East Africa but let us save that particular history for another day.

Faiba, via Jtl's sole purpose, is to provide Data Carrier Services, Satellite Backbone Services, Internet Backbone Services, International Gateway Services, Broadband VSAT Services, Signal Distribution Services, and Broadband Wireless Services. If you are one of those people in this country looking to know whether Faiba is the option for you to spend your money on every month, in this particular guide, we entrust you with everything that you need to know about Faiba. 


Here in Kenya, we are already moving towards 5G connectivity, and that's why we recommend you to check out the state of 5G connectivity in Kenya. As of the writing of this Article, Faiba is rolling its connectivity in 4G connectivity, but we believe that very soon, there are plans already to support 5G. 

That does not mean that the speeds are either low. Faiba is one of the best internet providers in the country, especially when we consider faster speeds thanks to the greater bandwidths, longer transmission distances, improved latency, and more robust security. 

To cut the story short, here are the plans offered by Faiba 

Faiba Mobile 4G

Most of us are used to the Normal 4G network from our usual Telco operators, but there is also the 4G+, which promises faster speeds up to 150Mbps. The sweetness with this particular is that it is the most affordable plan. The only catch is that you need to own a  4G compatible phone, a Faiba Mobile Simcard, and a Mi-Fi at only Kshs. 5,400.

Here are the Costs

Data bundles

  • 1 GB  Valid for 1 day:  Ksh 50
  • 8 GB Valid for 7 days: Ksh 300
  • 15 GB Valid for 7 days: Ksh 500
  • 25 GB Valid for 30 days:  Ksh 1,000
  • 40 GB Valid for 30 days: Ksh 2,000
  • 70 GB Valid for 30 days: Ksh 3,000
  • 120 GB Valid for 30 days: Ksh 4,000
  • 210 GB Valid for 30 days: Ksh 6,000

 Mobile Plans

 Kifaru: Ksh 1,500 

  • Get 30GB of data monthly
  • Unlimited on-net calls and SMS
  • 200 off-net minutes
  • 200 off-net SMS
  • 30-day validity

 Ndovu: Ksh 2,500 

  • Get 60GB of data monthly
  • Unlimited on-net calls and SMS
  • 350 off-net minutes
  • 500 off-net SMS
  • 30-day validity

Simba: Ksh 4,000 

  • Get 90GB of data monthly
  • Unlimited on-net calls and SMS
  • 700 off-net minutes
  • 700 off-net SMS
  • 30-day validity 

Unlimited Plans 

  • Fisi Hour Valid for 1 hour: Ksh 150 

Faiba Fixed Internet

In this segment, three plans are available. This is where the natural thing happens as it offers high speeds for its internet connections. Under fixed internet, we have three plans running monthly as outlined down below : 

Faiba Home

  • 30Mbps: Ksh 5,250
  • 50Mbps: Ksh 10,500
  • 75Mbps: Ksh 15,750
  • 125Mbps: Ksh 21,000 

Faiba Business

  • 15Mbps Ideal for 1-10 users: Ksh 10,000
  • 25Mbps Ideal for 11-20 users: Ksh 15,000
  • 40Mbps Ideal for 21-30 users: Ksh 25,000
  • 60Mbps Ideal for 31-40 users: Ksh 30,000
  • 75Mbps Ideal for 41-50 users: Ksh 40,000
  • 100Mbps Ideal for 51-65 users: Ksh 55,000

Faiba Konnect

  • Faiba Konnect 11Mbps: Ksh. 9,000
  • Faiba Konnect 22Mbps: Ksh. 15,000
  • Faiba Konnect 33Mbps: Ksh. 20,000
  • Faiba Konnect 55Mbps: Ksh. 30,000
  • Faiba Konnect 10Mbps: Ksh. 57,000
  • Faiba Konnect  20Mbps: Ksh. 90,000
  • Faiba Konnect 50Mbps: Ksh. 150,000 

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Faiba Shops in Kenya

  • Jamii Telecom,Jamii Towers:020 8405 377
  • Jamii Telecom, TRM:020 8405 382
  • Jamii Telecom,Nyali Centre:020 8405 378
  • Jamii Telecom Ketty Plaza, Mombasa:020 8405 314
  • Jamii Telecom, Hurligham, UON pension scheme building:020 8405 381 

Faiba customer care contact

In case of any problems with your connectivity you can easily contact Fibre via:

  • Tel. +254 20 840 5100 | +254 711 054 100 | +254 732 132 100 
  • Email: csc@jtl.co.ke or customercare@jtl.co.ke