Farmers Choice Products And Prices For 2023

From sausages to ham and more, Farmers Choice has something for everyone. Explore their diverse meat products and see why they're a trusted name in the Kenyan meat industry.

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Farmers Choice Products And Prices For 2023
Farmers Choice Products And Prices For 2023

Founded in 1980, Farmers Choice has evolved as a beacon in the food processing industry in Kenya, offering a variety of fresh and processed pork products to consumers of all income brackets. With the primary aim of providing healthy, nutritious, and delectable products, Farmers Choice has made remarkable strides, demonstrating continuous growth and expansion in its product range.

Pioneering Quality Control in Meat Production

A defining characteristic of Farmers Choice is its adherence to Total Quality Control. Following this philosophy, they have established a modern butchery complex and slaughterhouse at Kahawa West, just outside Nairobi. Constructed to meet international standards, this complex fulfills hygiene and safety requirements specified by international bodies such as the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation, the World Health Organisation, and the EU. Farmers Choice also holds ISO 22000 compliance, demonstrating its commitment to food safety.

Farmers Choice endeavors to educate their consumers about the benefits of their products. They emphasize how well-prepared sausages can provide a balanced blend of essential vitamins and proteins besides being easy to cook. As a result of their successful promotional campaigns, their sausages have become an integral part of the Kenyan diet, savored in households and exclusive hotels alike.

A Glance at Farmers Choice Products

Farmers Choice offers a broad spectrum of meat products, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Fresh Pork Products

Their fresh pork products range includes bacon (in different variants such as back bacon, collar bacon, rindless bacon, and streaky bacon), an array of sausages (like spicy pork, premium pork, pork chipolatas, meaty cocktails, low-fat pork), and a variety of ham and delicatessen items.

Beef and Lamb Products

Farmers Choice also offers a range of beef and lamb products. Consumers can find various sausages, bacon, and burgers in the beef section. Their lamb range includes racks, sausages, meaty ribs, shoulder chops, and T-bone chops.

3rd Party and Pet Food Products

In addition to its in-house products, Farmers Choice also supports other 3rd party products. Furthermore, they also provide pet food, ensuring that your furry friends are not left out.

Farmers Choice Kenya Price List 2023

Farmers Choice's pricing strategy is evident in its commitment to serving all income groups. They offer high-quality products at prices that are wallet-friendly and competitive in the market. For example, a 500g pack of Farmer's Choice Safari Beef Sausages is priced at KES 335, while a 1kg Farmer's Choice Beef Sausage pack is priced at KES 682. A 1kg Farmer's Choice Pork Sausages pack is available for KES 671, and a 200g Farmer's Choice Beef Brawn Slice is priced at KES 126.

Here is a complete List:

Product Name Price Currency Description
Farmer's Choice Safari Beef Sausages 500g 335.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Beef Sausage 1Kg 682.00 KES 1Kg - Approx 1 piece per KG
Farmer's Choice Pork Sausages 1Kg 671.00 KES 1Kg - Approx 1 piece per KG
Farmer's Choice Beef Smokies Labless 1Kg 449.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Beef Brawn Slice 200g 126.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Collar Bacon 100 gr 178.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Classic Pork Sausage 10 Pieces 500 gr 358.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Sandwich Ham 200g 272.00 KES 200g - Approx 5000 pieces per KG
Farmers Choice Streaky Bacon 200 gr 442.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Nyamabite Sausage 125 gr 85.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Value Pack Chicken Sausage 1Kg 633.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Beef Smokies 900g 519.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Chicken Brawn Slices 200 gr 123.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Streaky Bacon 400 gr 780.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Pork Brawn Slice 200g 142.00 KES 200g - Approx 50 pieces per KG
Farmers Choice Spicy Pork Sausages Value Pack 1 kg 721.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Fresh Beef Burger 400 gr 363.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Long Beef Smokie 400g 257.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Chicken Burger 400 gr 360.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Extra Long Beef Vienna Sausages 500g 531.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Extra Long Beef Vienna Sausages 250g 300.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Meat Balls 300 gr 269.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Spicy Beef Sausage 1Kg 692.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Collar Bacon 400 gr 741.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Danish Pork Hot Dogs 500g 358.00 KES -
Farmers Choice High grade Mince Beef 500 gr 478.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Frankfurters Sausages 250g 300.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Beefo Pet Food 2 kg 384.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Extra Long Pork Frankfurters 500g 531.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Chicken Sausages 400g 358.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Pork Chipolatas 200 gr 219.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Spicy Chicken Sausage Value Pack 1Kg 682.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Beef Brawn Slice 500g 342.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Beef Vienna Sausages 500g 531.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Premium Pork Sausages 400 gr 433.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Pork Brawn Slice 500g 337.00 KES 500g - Approx 50 pieces per KG
Farmer's Choice Spicy Beef Sausage 400g 423.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Choma Sausage 1Kg 899.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Beef Chipolatas 200g 211.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Spicy Pork Sausages 400 gr 424.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Sandwich Beef Ham 200g 325.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Eazy Peel Sausages 60g 46.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Farmers Choi Smoked Beef Mini Bites 500 gr 349.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Back Bacon 200 gr 459.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Team Pet Food 2Kg 388.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Back Bacon 400 gr 810.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Country Ham 200g 352.00 KES 200g - Approx 5 pieces per KG
Farmer's Choice Beef Bacon 200g 614.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Rindless Bacon 200 gr 519.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Tasty Chicken Mini Bites Sausages 500g 351.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Poultry Vienna 500g 470.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Frozen Minced Beef 500g 309.00 KES -
Cheeselove Cheddar P 250G 535.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Extra Long Poultry Vienna 500g 467.00 KES -
Cheeselove C/Burger Slices 250G 585.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Frozen Pork Belly Spare Ribs 750g 955.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Frozen Pork Loin Chops 500g 753.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Baby Boers Beef 500g 565.00 KES -
Farmer's Choice Campofrio Salami With Pepper 100g 430.00 KES 100g - Approx 5000 pieces per KG
Farmers Choice Servelat Exlong 500G 455.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Boerewors 500 gr 544.00 KES -
Farmers Choice Frozen Pork Fillet 500g 679.00 KES -
Cheeselove Sandwich Slices 250G 585.00 KES -
Cheese Love Mozzarella 250G 465.00 KES -

Prices vary across product ranges, catering to different consumer preferences and budgets. You can visit their website or local grocery stores for a complete list of Farmers Choice product prices.

A Boon for Farmers

Apart from catering to consumers' food needs, Farmers Choice also extends several services to pig farmers. These services include free field extension advisory services, free transportation from the farm to the slaughterhouse, provision of high-quality pig feed, and free training for existing and new farmers. These services reflect Farmers Choice's dedication to supporting local farmers and ensuring the best quality meat reaches consumers.

A Legacy of Quality and Trust

Farmers Choice's legacy is not only built on quality products and stringent safety measures but also on the trust and loyalty it has fostered over the decades with consumers. Their products' excellence, coupled with the company's dedication to consumer satisfaction, has made Farmers Choice a household name in Kenya and neighboring countries.

Environmental Responsibility

Farmers Choice also prioritizes environmental responsibility. It has implemented an innovative biogas plant that utilizes waste products from its operations to generate renewable energy. In addition, it has committed to achieving Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals in its operations and has embraced water and energy conservation initiatives.

Farmers Choice also places a strong emphasis on packaging waste management. They have adopted a strategic approach to reduce, reuse, and recycle packaging materials to minimize environmental impact.

Consumer Accessibility

Farmers Choice has made its products widely accessible to consumers across Kenya. They supply leading supermarkets, retail outlets, hotels, and restaurants. Moreover, their online platform ensures that consumers can browse and purchase products from the comfort of their homes, catering to the modern need for convenience. Delivery services are offered to multiple locations, with standard and expedited options, ensuring that the quality products reach your doorstep fresh and on time.

Farmer's Choice contact details

Contact Type Contact Information
Telephone +254 20 2013008/9, +254 20 8015466-9
Mobile phone +254 722331706, +254 722205698, +254 735601021, +254 733570433, +254 733570435, +254 708022507, +254 708022357, +254 733699111
Fax +254 020 2013010, +254 020 260 6584
Email [email protected]
Facebook @farmerschoiceke
Twitter @FarmersChoiceKE
Website Farmers Choice Kenya
Physical Address Head Office, Farmer's Choice Limited, P. O Box 47791-00100, Nairobi, Kenya

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In Conclusion

From its modest beginnings in 1980, Farmers Choice has grown to become a leading player in the Kenyan meat industry. They provide products catering to different tastes and dietary needs at competitive prices. Moreover, their commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability, as well as their support for local farmers, has cemented their reputation as a reliable and responsible business. Whether you're a food connoisseur or enjoy a good meal, Farmers Choice guarantees a tasty and nutritious experience.

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