Fuliza Mpesa: The Ultimate Guide to Fuliza to Your Number

Fuliza Mpesa is a short-term loan facility that lets you complete transactions even when your Mpesa account is running low. Learn all about it with our comprehensive guide.

Jun 11, 2023 - 09:45
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Fuliza Mpesa: The Ultimate Guide to Fuliza to Your Number
Fuliza Mpesa: The Ultimate Guide to Fuliza to Your Number

 If you're in a pinch and need to make an actual payment, but your Mpesa account is running low, Fuliza is your lifeline. Whether you're a seasoned user or a beginner, this comprehensive guide offers everything you need to know about Fuliza Mpesa. By the time you're done reading, you'll be a Fuliza pro.

What is Fuliza Mpesa?

Fuliza Mpesa is an innovative overdraft service introduced by Safaricom, a leading telecommunications company in Kenya. This service allows Mpesa users to complete their transactions even if they lack sufficient funds in their Mpesa accounts. Think of it as a short-term loan facility enabling you to make payments when you're in a financial pinch.

How to Activate Fuliza Mpesa

Eligibility for Fuliza Mpesa requires you to be a Mpesa registered user and have an active Safaricom line for at least six months. Here's how to activate Fuliza:

Step 1: Opt-In to Fuliza

Dial *234# on your mobile phone.
Select option 0, which is Fuliza Mpesa.
Next, select 1 (yes) to get started.
Accept the terms and conditions.
After opting in, you will receive a message shortly informing you of your Fuliza limit.

Step 2: How to Use Fuliza

After opting into Fuliza and checking your limit, you can complete a transaction when short of funds. Fuliza automatically steps in and uses your limit and your existing funds to finalize the transaction.

Step 3: Checking Fuliza Balance

Keep track of your Fuliza balance by dialing 2346*1#.

How to Fuliza to Your Number

Contrary to some misconceptions, it is possible to Fuliza to your number. However, there is a catch. You can only send Fuliza money to another number, Till number, or Paybill number - meaning you cannot send money to the same phone number you're using to Fuliza.

If you have another personal number, Till number, or Paybill number under your name, here's how you can Fuliza to your number:


  • Go to the M-PESA menu.
  • Click on "Send Money."
  • Enter the personal number, Till number, or Paybill number registered under your name.
  • Enter the amount you want to Fuliza, enter your M-PESA pin, and click OK.
  • Confirm the Fuliza transaction on the pop-up message that appears on your screen.

Fuliza Charges and Tariffs

Fuliza Mpesa charges a 1% access fee on your outstanding balance. Here are the daily Fuliza Charges and Tariffs:

Increasing Your Fuliza Limit

Want to boost your Fuliza limit? Follow these steps:

Increase Mpesa Usage

Regularly using your Mpesa account increases your chances of a higher Fuliza limit.

Pay Your Fuliza Loan On Time

Timely repayment of your Fuliza balance sends a positive signal, increasing the likelihood of your limit getting bumped.

Be an Active Safaricom Subscriber

Active Safaricom subscribers tend to receive higher Fuliza limits.

Fuliza Repayment

Repaying your Fuliza loan is pretty straightforward – it's automatic! Each time you receive money in your Mpesa account, Safaricom deducts the amount to repay your Fuliza balance. The loan is due within 30 days. If you don't meet this deadline, your Mpesa account may be suspended, and you may incur additional penalty fees.


Navigating Fuliza Mpesa can be simple. This guide has covered the basics – from activating and using Fuliza to understanding charges and increasing your Fuliza limit. Now, you have the knowledge to use Fuliza Mpesa like a pro.

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 How do I opt into Fuliza Mpesa?

Dial *234# on your phone and select option 0. Agree to the terms and conditions to opt into Fuliza.

 How do I use Fuliza to send money?

If your Mpesa account needs more funds, Fuliza steps in automatically when you attempt to send money.

 How do I check my Fuliza balance?

Dial 2346*1# to check your Fuliza balance.

How can I increase my Fuliza limit?

Increase your Mpesa usage, pay your Fuliza loans on time, and be an active Safaricom subscriber to increase your Fuliza limit.

How are Fuliza repayments made?

Fuliza repayments are automatically deducted from your Mpesa account whenever you receive money.

 What happens if I don't repay my Fuliza loan on time?

If you don't repay within 30 days, your Mpesa account may be suspended, and additional penalty fees may apply.


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