Full List Of All Steel Companies in Kenya and Their Contacts

Discover the major players in Kenya's steel industry and their contact information in this comprehensive guide. Boosting industrial expansion and contributing to economic growth.

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Full List Of All Steel Companies in Kenya and Their Contacts
Full List Of All Steel Companies in Kenya and Their Contacts

Kenya's industrial landscape has seen significant growth over the years. A crucial component of this growth has been the flourishing of steel companies nationwide. This article provides a comprehensive guide to steel companies in Kenya and their contact information, contributing to Kenya's industrial expansion and offering various services to various sectors.

Kenya's Steel Landscape

Before delving into the list, it is essential to understand Kenya's steel industry landscape. Steel companies in Kenya contribute to approximately 13% of the manufacturing sector. These companies play an integral role in the Kenyan economy, providing employment opportunities and contributing significantly to the country's GDP.

Although Kenya relies on imported raw materials for its steel production due to limited local sources, these companies have established themselves as critical players in the construction, automotive, and manufacturing sectors.

List of Major Steel Companies in Kenya

Let's now look at the significant players in Kenya's steel industry, including their contact information.

1. Tononoka Steel

Tononoka Steel began its journey in 1980 as Tononoka Hardware Limited and has since grown into a major supplier of steel products in Kenya.


  • Physical Address: Airport North Road, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Phone numbers: +254 721 470 960 and +254 721 470 852
  • Email address: [email protected]

2. Tarmal Steel

Starting as a humble hardware shop in Mombasa, Tarmal Steel has grown into a leading manufacturer of steel and allied products in East Africa.


  • Physical Address: Tarmal HQ, Mazeras, Kenya
  • Phone number: +254 720 094 507

3. Bachu Industries Limited

Bachu Industries Limited has grown from a family business established in 1976 into a diversified manufacturing powerhouse for steel products.


4. Insteel Limited

Insteel Limited, incorporated in 1974, is part of the Safal Group subsidiaries known for its diversified steel manufacturing.


  • Physical Address: Ol Kalou Road, Industrial Area
  • Phone number: +254 734 333 163
  • Email address: [email protected]

5. Metco Limited

Established in 1975, Metco Limited is renowned for its quality steel products fabricated from mild, stainless steel, and aluminum.


  • Physical Address: Lusaka Close, Off Lusaka Road, Industrial Area
  • Phone numbers: +254 735 551 285 and +254 722 360 444
  • Email address: [email protected]

6. Apex Steel

Established in 1970, Apex Steel provides quality and reliable steel products to the construction and engineering industry.


  • Physical Address: 27-29 Funzi Road, Off Enterprises Road, Industrial Area
  • Phone numbers: +254 780 505 020, +254 732 888 820, +254 722 828 850, and +254 732 668 031
  • Email address: [email protected]

7. Devki Steel Mills

Devki Steel Mills, Kenya's largest steelmaker, operates from multiple locations, including Ruiru, Athi River, and Mombasa.


  • Nairobi: Physical Address: Ruiru - Kamiti Road, Nairobi
  • Phone number: +254 729 999 901
  • Email address: [email protected]

  • Mombasa: Physical Address: North Airport Road, Mombasa
  • Phone number: +254 734 600 000
  • Email address: [email protected]

  • Athi River: Physical Address: Athi River Road, Athi River
  • Phone number: +254 735 000 006
  • Email address: [email protected]

SUMMARY TABLE: Steel Companies in Kenya and their contacts

Company Name Physical Address Phone Number(s)
Tononoka Steel Airport North Road, Nairobi, Kenya +254 721 470 960, +254 721 470 852
Tarmal Steel Tarmal HQ, Mazeras, Kenya +254 720 094 507
Bhachu Industries Limited Enterprise Rd, Nairobi +254 20 828 604, +254 734120484
Insteel Limited Ol Kalou Road, Industrial Area +254 734 333 163
Metco Limited Lusaka Close, Off Lusaka Road, Industrial Area +254 735 551 285, +254 722 360 444
Apex Steel 27-29 Funzi Road, Off Enterprises Road, Industrial Area. +254 780 505 020, +254 732 888 820, +254 722 828 850, +254 732 668 031
Devki Steel Mills Ruiru Town (Nairobi), Nairobi/Mombasa Highway, Miritini (Mombasa) 0756 020 000, 0756 020 610, 0756 020 620, 0756 020 630, 0709110000, +254 (20) 2028169
Kens Metal Industries Limited Off Enterprise Road, Industrial Area +254 733 914173, +254 20 7903903
Zenith Steel Fabricator Limited - +254 722 205 902, +254 733 555 281
Steel Structures Limited Kangundo Road, Off Outering Rd +254 733 517 700, +254 722 517 700
Jumbo Steel Mills - +254 727 607 770
Eldoret Steel Mills Limited Kambi Somali Road Eldoret Kenya +254-203894114, +254 53 2033398
Abyssinia Iron and Steel Limited Kibos Road, next to B.O.C Gases +254 707 726 560, +254 719 834 973
Steelmakers Mombasa Road, next to Alpha Centre +254 20 269 0722, +254 720 633 733, +254 734 633 000

Industry Challenges

Despite the progress and contribution of the steel industry to Kenya's economy, it still faces several challenges. The need for local raw material sources remains a significant issue, leading to a dependency on imported materials, sometimes resulting in increased production costs. Infrastructure deficits and inconsistent power supply can also hinder the growth and development of the industry.

Another major challenge is the influx of cheap, low-quality imported steel. This competition pressures local steel companies to lower their prices, affecting their profitability.

Future of Kenya's Steel Industry

Despite the challenges, the future of the steel industry in Kenya looks promising. The rapid growth of the construction sector due to urbanization and industrialization provides a substantial market for the steel industry. Furthermore, the government's commitment to enhancing infrastructure development provides a positive outlook for the sector.

Moreover, the Kenyan government has implemented policies to encourage local manufacturing. Efforts like the "Buy Kenya, Build Kenya" initiative aim to promote local industries by requiring government institutions to give preference to local manufacturers. Such policies will likely bolster the growth and competitiveness of Kenya's steel industry.

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The steel industry plays a critical role in Kenya's economic development. Though it faces several challenges, the industry's prospects look promising due to rapid urbanization and industrialization, supportive government policies, and increasing demand in the construction sector. As these steel companies continue flourishing, they are poised to contribute even more significantly to Kenya's economy.

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