Gava Mkononi APP: How To Download And Apply For Government Jobs in Kenya

Learn about Gava Mkononi, the mobile app that brings government services to your fingertips. Uncover its features and benefits for Kenyans. Start exploring now!

Nov 11, 2023 - 12:08
Nov 11, 2023 - 23:10
Gava Mkononi APP: How To  Download And Apply For  Government Jobs in Kenya
Gava Mkononi APP: How To Find Employment and Government Services in Kenya

As the world accelerates towards a digitally driven future, governments worldwide are moving their services online to keep pace with this digital transformation. This trend has caught on in Kenya, where the government has revolutionized its service delivery through the Gava Mkononi initiative. This innovative platform offers thousands of government services at the tip of your fingers. But what exactly is Gava Mkononi? How does it work? And most importantly, how can it be leveraged to apply for jobs abroad? This article aims to answer these questions comprehensively, thoroughly understanding the Gava Mkononi platform.

Understanding Gava Mkononi

The frequency of accessing government services is undeniably high for every Kenyan citizen. In recognizing this need, the Kenyan government has embarked on a digital journey to make these services more accessible and efficient for every citizen, regardless of location.

Defining Gava Mkononi

Gava Mkononi is a unique mobile application, an extension of the pre-existing eCitizen platform, designed to deliver over 5,000 government services to Kenyans at their convenience. The name "Gava Mkononi" translates to "government services at the palm of your hands," resonating with the app's objective to make government services readily available via a smartphone.

How to Download and Access Gava Mkononi

Downloading the App

To begin using the Gava Mkononi App, the first step is to download it from the Google Play Store. This process is straightforward and accessible to anyone with an Android device:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your smartphone.
  2. Search for "eCitizen – Gava Mkononi."
  3. Select the app from the search results and click on the install button.
  4. Once installed, open the app to start using it​.

Registration Process

Upon opening the app for the first time, users can log in or register. The registration process is simple but requires some essential details:

  • Personal Information: Name, phone number, National Identity Card, and email address.
  • Account Type: Users can register as citizens, foreigners, or residents.
  • Once registered, users can browse and access various government services directly through the app​.

Accessibility for iOS Users

While the app is currently available for Android users, plans are underway to make it accessible to iOS users as well. This expansion will ensure the app reaches a broader audience, enhancing its utility and accessibility​.

Applying for Jobs Abroad through Gava Mkononi

Gava Mkononi continues beyond facilitating access to government services within Kenya. It further offers a pathway for Kenyans to access job opportunities beyond the Kenyan borders.

The Launch of Kazi Majuu

During the launch of Gava Mkononi, the Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Alfred Mutua, also unveiled Kazi Majuu, a platform designed to connect Kenyan job seekers with employment opportunities worldwide. This platform, accessible via Gava Mkononi, aims to eradicate the need for intermediaries and facilitate direct contact between job seekers and international employers.

To benefit from Kazi Majuu, Kenyans must register on the platform, making their profiles visible to recruiting agents globally. Besides connecting Kenyans with international job opportunities, Kazi Majuu also aims to track Kenyans' remittances and lives abroad, thereby offering a holistic solution to Kenyans seeking employment overseas.

What is Gava Express?

In addition to the Gava Mkononi initiative, the Kenyan government has also rolled out Gava Express. This platform targets non-smartphone owners and those residing in rural areas with limited internet connectivity. Gava Express mimics the services offered by Huduma Centres but delivers them at the grassroots level. With plans to establish over 300,000 outlets countrywide, Gava Express aims to bring government services closer to Kenyans.

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The Gava Mkononi initiative is a game-changer in Kenya, revolutionizing access to government services and employment opportunities. Kenyans can access thousands of services and secure jobs abroad with a button. The government's digitization of services is not just a leap towards digital transformation but a step closer to efficient and accessible service delivery for all Kenyans.


1. What is Gava Mkononi? Gava Mkononi is a mobile application developed by the Kenyan government to provide Kenyans easy access to over 5,000 government services via smartphones.

2. How do I download Gava Mkononi? You can download Gava Mkononi from the Google Play Store, register or log in, and access various government services.

3. What services can I access through Gava Mkononi? Gava Mkononi offers many services, including NTSA services, business registration, immigration services, and tax-related services, among many others.

4. Can I apply for jobs abroad through Gava Mkononi? Yes, through the Kazi Majuu platform accessible via Gava Mkononi, Kenyans can explore and apply for job opportunities abroad.

5. What is Gava Express? Gava Express is an initiative designed to provide government services at the grassroots level, targeting non-smartphone owners and those in areas with limited internet connectivity.

6. How does Kazi Majuu work? Kazi Majuu allows Kenyans to register their profiles visible to recruiting agents globally, facilitating direct contact between job seekers and international employers.


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