Haraka Loan App: How To Apply, Repay Your Loan, Interest Rate Available and Everything You Need To Know

This article explains everything you need to Know about Haraka Loan in Kenya. Do you want an actual fast Loan for emergency purposes? Read this article to the end to see how the Hraka Loan App will benefit you

Haraka Loan App: How To Apply, Repay Your Loan, Interest Rate Available and Everything You Need To Know
Zenka Loan App: How To Apply, Repay Your Loan, Interest Rate Available and Everything You Need To Know

Long ago before the age of digital computing here in Kenya, the only way you could be guaranteed to get a loan was by visiting a financial institution or Joining the so-called "Chamas," which exist today as SACCOS. Either way, you could travel for longer distances and end up getting the loan, and in worst-case scenarios, you don't get the loan

However, with the digital age of computers and smartphones, we have seen the rise of smartphones that have made the process very easy. First, there came the need to develop Apps Like Haraka Loan App and then Mpesa, which now acts as a gateway through which you can quickly receive the loan on your smartphone.

Here is the catch: if you have been into mobile lending businesses, not to say that is very bad; no, loans are sometimes helpful,l, especially in times of Crisis and unwanted emergencies. For Haraka Loan App, however, the application is not just a Mobile lending app. Still, the Haraka Loan app is one kind of application as it gives you access to reliable lenders willing to lend to you.

Eligible requirements before Applying for a Loan on Haraka Application

First thing before anything else, the  Haraka Loan App can easily be found on your favorite App Store. Before applying for the app, there are various requirements you must submit for you to be awarded a loan. First, the mobile application only accepts individuals who are over 18 years of age; thus, there are official documents that you will be required to provide to verify your identity. The good thing is that the loan is not only limited to Kenya; you can still find it in South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

Other requirements include:

  • aged 18 to 60
  • Android smartphone with internet access
  • Safaricom number if you are from Kenya
  • The Safaricom number should also be linked to your M-PESA account

Haraka Loan Online application

Launched in 2011, Haraka Loan is a GetBucks-affiliated lender in South Africa, though, as mentioned before, the app is available in several countries. Checking on Google Playstore, the app has a rating of 3.1 stars and more than 50,000 app downloads. So you should trust this kind of trustworthy application since MFSA and NCR ensure Haraka. The platform lends between Ksh 500 and Ksh 5,000. Remember that we said haraka is not just a typical mobile loan app but the gateway through which other services can also award you with loans. Depending on the lender and your qualifications, the amount between Ksh 500 and Ksh 5,000 serves new borrowers, but you can also be awarded anywhere between Ksh 1,500 and Ksh 100,000.

To apply for the loan, you must sign in to the app with your formal credentials during registration. Kindly follow all the prompts the app wants you to submit, as you will be locked out of the service if you fail to do so. You can apply for the loan amount you are eligible for after completing the loan application, based on the lender that Haraka advises.

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How To repay the Haraka Loan

Now that the platform has awarded you the loan, you will be required to repay the loan after some time. The rates from Haraka App are also quite reasonable during the repayment process. The loan must be repaid within 30 days of the due date and carries a 23% interest rate. To repay the loan, follow the steps mentioned :

  • Select Mpesa from the phone's menu.
  • Choose the "Lipa Na Mpesa" option from the menu.
  • Go to Paybill and enter 817910
  •  Type your Account number in (here, enter your phone number that received the loan)
  • Enter the amount that you want to repay
  • Enter your Mpesa pin and wait for an SMS on your Number to inform you that the transaction is a success.

How to be awarded a more considerable amount from Hraaka Loan App

  • Frequent MPESA transactions will put you on the right road because Haraka examines your phone's SMS messages.
  • Borrow frequently; Haraka promotes loyalty, and they'll want you to continue with them if you use the platform to borrow frequently.
  • Pay up your loans on time and access more considerable loan limits the more you meet the deadlines.
  •  Avoid being listed on CRB(Credit Reference Bureau) as it increases your ability to obtain better loans from Haraka and other lenders.

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Haraka Loan App Contacts

If issues arise with the Haraka Loan App, the best way you can be quickly helped is via its official Contact Page. You can reach them Via the following contacts,