Harambee Sacco Registration, Loans, Dividends, Portal, Mobile banking

Discover how to join Harambee Sacco, register online or physically, and become a member of this fiscal family today!

Jun 1, 2023 - 22:32
Sep 22, 2023 - 10:38
Harambee Sacco Registration, Loans, Dividends, Portal, Mobile banking
Harambee Sacco Registration, Loans, Dividends, Portal, Mobile banking

Harambee Sacco, a financial institution born from a simple idea in 1969, has grown significantly in Kenya's fiscal landscape. Initially, it was an initiative launched by the Office of the President (OOP) staff to facilitate savings and lend short-term loans for personal development. But over time, this merry-go-round has evolved into a full-fledged Sacco that caters to the needs of numerous Kenyans across various cities.

The Origin of Harambee Sacco

The idea behind Harambee Sacco germinated in 1969 within the Office of the President (OOP). The staff members formed a merry-go-round to foster a savings culture and provide quick loans for personal growth. This initiative eventually paved the way for establishing the Harambee DT SACCO Society Ltd in 1970.

Over the years, Harambee DT SACCO Society Ltd has grown into a commercially independent, democratically controlled, and self-reliant business enterprise serving the needs of countless Kenyans. Today, it operates a network of FOSA branches in various cities, including Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nakuru, and Nanyuki.

 Registering with Harambee Sacco

    Joining Harambee Sacco is a straightforward process that can be completed online or by visiting one of its branches. To register online:

    • Visit Sacco's website.
    • Click on 'Membership' and then 'How to Join.'
    • Provide the required information and proceed to register.

    For physical registration:

    • Please fill out the hardcopy membership form available at any FOSA branch or download it from the Harambee Sacco website.
    • Attach the necessary documents.
    • Submit the filled application forms and the required documents to the SACCO through physical delivery or email.
    • Pay the set membership fees at the time of application. This can be done using the pay bill number 525200 with your ID as the account number, or you can deposit the funds at the FOSA or through Harambee Pesa agents.
    • A membership number is generated and sent to you upon successful verification, marking your entry into this fiscal family.

     Loan Services Offered by Harambee Sacco

    Harambee Sacco offers its members various loan services catering to different needs. These services include:

    • BOSA Loans: These loans cater to various demands of the members, from emergency and school fees loans to development and top-up loans.
    • FOSA Loans: With products like Shares Boost Advance and Salary Advance, members can improve their loan borrowing power even with limited savings.
    • Mortgage Products: Aligned with the Kenyan government's Big Four Strategy, which focuses on affordable housing, Sacco offers two mortgage services: Harambee Home Loan and Harambee Jenga Loan.

    Harambee SACCO Mobile Banking and Member's Portal

    Harambee Sacco has embraced technology to improve its service delivery in an age driven by digital innovation. It has introduced the M-CASH Platform, which links members' FOSA Savings Account to their mobile phones. Members can access this platform through the USSD code *357# or the M-CASH App, available on Android and iOS platforms.

    Additionally, Sacco has a member portal through which members can access various services from the comfort of their homes or offices. These services include checking account balances, requesting statements, applying for loans, and transferring funds.

    Financial Literacy and Empowerment

    Harambee Sacco also emphasizes financial literacy and empowerment among its members. The Sacco conducts regular workshops and training sessions where members learn about savings, investing, and entrepreneurship. These initiatives have significantly promoted a culture of savings and investment among Kenyans, leading to economic growth and individual prosperity.

    The Role of Harambee Sacco in Kenya's Economy

    As one of Kenya's leading financial institutions, Harambee Sacco plays a vital role in the country's economy. Its contributions go beyond financial services; the institution promotes job creation, poverty reduction, and economic empowerment.

    Sacco has injected substantial funds into the economy through its various financial products and services, boosting multiple sectors, including real estate, agriculture, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

    Furthermore, by promoting financial literacy and economic empowerment, Sacco is helping create a financially educated and independent population, which is essential for the growth and stability of any economy.

    The Future of Harambee Sacco

    Given its continuous growth and consistent innovation, the future of Harambee Sacco looks promising. As it seeks to stay ahead of the competition, Sacco is continually introducing new products and enhancing existing ones to meet the changing needs of its members. It is also focused on expanding its physical and digital reach to serve even more Kenyans.

    Moreover, Harambee Sacco is committed to driving financial inclusion, particularly for the unbanked and underserved sections of the population. By doing so, Sacco will not only cement its position as a leading financial institution in Kenya but also significantly contribute to the country's overall economic development.

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    Since its inception, Harambee Sacco has established itself as a beacon of financial empowerment in Kenya. Through its diverse offerings and dedicated service, Sacco has significantly promoted a savings culture, economic empowerment, and financial independence among Kenyans. With its continued commitment to innovation and financial inclusion, Harambee Sacco is set to play an even more significant role in Kenya's economic future.