How and where to buy Bitcoin in Kenya using all payment methods, including M-Pesa

Bitcoin is a very lucrative industry that can draw in many Profits if Done right. So if you are probably wondering where to start with Blogging in Kenya, you are probably in the right place. Read to the end not to miss any detail

How and where to buy Bitcoin in Kenya using all payment methods, including M-Pesa
How and where to buy Bitcoin in Kenya using all payment methods, including M-Pesa

The biggest and best-known cryptocurrency, as well as the oldest, is bitcoin. It emerged in 2008 and is now a popular investment category for individual investors and businesses. Surprisingly Kenya has been ranked the best country in the world, with more than 4.5 Million Kenyans having a Bitcoin Account.

Currently, the market capitalization of Bitcoin alone exceeds 700 billion US dollars, more than double the value of Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, there have sometimes been significant price swings in recent years. For instance, comparing Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to stocks or commodities, they are still a relatively new asset class.

However, Bitcoin's volatility has been an enormous plus, particularly for long-term investors. So, among other things, you could purchase a Bitcoin for roughly KSH 117,611 at the start of 2017. This would have more than tripled his wealth in only five years. You would be wealthy now if you had purchased Bitcoin from the beginning and never sold it.

But even during economic downturns, it has proven worthwhile to invest in bitcoin. Meanwhile, the price dropped to around KSH 588,059 at the start of the corona epidemic and then increased to an all-time high of almost KSH 7,997,602 in a little over a year. 

What to buy bitcoin in Kenya?

The simplest way to Buy In Kenya is through Known exchanges. When it Comes to buying Bitcoin, we advise always doing your research before investing in a platform to avoid falling out into the hands of scammers. Here are the best Platforms for Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies in Kenya

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Should you buy Bitcoin in 2022?

 Compared to other asset classes, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are both young and very volatile. For instance, the price of Bitcoin increased from being in the low single digits of the dollar in 2012 to over Ksh 10,000 in only one year.

 Meanwhile, the prices have increased dramatically, and if you had purchased and kept Bitcoin 10 years ago, you would have made significant profits. As a result, many experts first dismissed cryptocurrencies as a hoax or a pyramid scheme in addition to making fun of them. 

However, famous financial gurus advise allocating between 5 and 7 percent of the portfolio to cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. Today, bitcoin is commonly referred to as "digital gold," it is frequently used as an inflation hedge and continues to be the most widely utilized cryptocurrency. 

Hodlers, or long-term investors, have historically made fantastic returns with Bitcoin, and the picture for the future is still highly favorable, not only from our perspective. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have solidified their status as a legitimate asset class, and institutional investors (smart money) are increasingly investing in them. 

Additionally, the Bitcoin network continues on a favorable trajectory as long as the critical hash rate keeps rising. In turn, this allows the miners to verify the transactions more quickly. Because of this, the currency still has a ton of room to expand; according to analysts, Bitcoin will reach (Take a look at the embedded layer below) in 2022.