Applying for the Equity Wings To Fly 2023 Scholarship

Apply for the Equity Wings To Fly scholarship program in 2023 and open doors to a brighter future. Find out how to maximize your chances of acceptance with expert advice.

Jun 22, 2023 - 13:55
Jun 22, 2023 - 13:55
Applying for the Equity Wings To Fly 2023 Scholarship
Applying for the Equity Wings To Fly 2023 Scholarship

The transition from primary school to high school is a critical stage in a student's life, but it can be challenging, particularly for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. However, hope is on the horizon with the Equity Wings to Fly scholarship. This program is designed to support secondary education for top-performing students from financially challenged backgrounds, making a significant difference in their lives.

About Equity Wings To Fly

The Equity Wings To Fly program is an initiative by the Equity Group, Mastercard Foundation, and other partners. It was established to support secondary education for promising children from poor backgrounds. This scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation, books, uniforms, pocket money, and transport to and from school. Since its inception, it has considerably impacted, supporting over 26,000 bright scholars who might otherwise have been left out.

Who Can Apply?

Understanding eligibility is critical for a successful application. The scholarship program selects beneficiaries from all 47 counties of Kenya based on their performance in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams. The qualifying students should be in the top 5th percentile in their district's KCPE exams. In addition, applicants must demonstrate they are from an economically disadvantaged background.

How to Apply

Gone are the days when you had to visit a physical Equity Bank branch or Equity Agents to apply. Nowadays, the process can be completed online, providing a seamless experience for potential applicants.

  1. Visit the Equity Group Foundation's Website: The application process starts here. An easy-to-follow online form is provided.
  2. Register for an Account: Enter a valid email address and phone number to get started. An activation code will be sent to the email provided.
  3. Activate Your Account: Enter the activation code to your email and click 'activate account.'
  4. Complete the Application Form: This part requires you to provide detailed information about your academic and family background. It's crucial, to be honest and provide accurate information.
  5. Submit the Required Documents: You'll need to download the recommendation and declaration form, scan it, and upload it back onto the platform.
  6. Submit Your Application: Once you've filled in all the details, click 'save changes.'

The board will then review your application to determine your eligibility.

Expert Tips for Getting Accepted

Remember, you're not the only one applying for the scholarship. Competition is fierce. But with a few expert tips, you can increase your chances of being accepted:

  1. Be Thorough: Fill out the application form meticulously and honestly. The more accurate and detailed your information is, the better your chances.
  2. Follow Instructions: Ensure all documents required are attached and all the instructions given are followed to the letter.
  3. Review Your Application: Before submitting, double-check everything to ensure all crucial details have been included.
  4. Apply Early: Be sure to submit your application before the last minute. The earlier you apply, the better.

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With the Equity Wings to Fly scholarship, financially disadvantaged yet academically promising students can transition to secondary school seamlessly. Remember, the application process is purely online, which makes it accessible to everyone. Be thorough in your application, provide accurate details, follow instructions, and apply early. Good luck!

Document Downloads

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