M-PESA Business Till Number 2024: Benefits , Requirements, Application, Activation And Charges

Learn how to apply for an M-PESA Business Till online and streamline your payment collections. Get the step-by-step guide now.

Dec 23, 2023 - 19:45
Dec 23, 2023 - 19:46
M-PESA Business Till Number 2024: Benefits , Requirements, Application, Activation And  Charges
M-PESA Business Till Number 2024: Benefits , Requirements, Application, Activation And Charges

In  Kenya today where convenience and efficiency reign supreme, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline their operations. Enter M-PESA, a revolutionary mobile payment system that has transformed the way transactions are conducted, particularly in Kenya. M-PESA's influence has reached a new zenith with the introduction of the M-PESA Business Till, a tool that's redefining the landscape of business transactions.

Imagine a world where the hassles of cash handling and the complexities of traditional payment systems are replaced by a seamless, secure, and efficient digital platform. That's the promise of the M-PESA Business Till. Designed to cater to a broad spectrum of businesses, from bustling supermarkets and cozy cafes to stylish salons and dynamic online stores, this service ensures that money collection from customers is not just a transaction, but a smooth, integrated experience.

In this article, we dive deep into the world of the M-PESA Business Till. We'll explore its functionality, the immense benefits it offers to businesses, and how it stands as an enhancement to the existing Lipa Na M-PESA Buy Goods till. From simplifying transactions to offering a comprehensive account for both collecting and making payments, the M-PESA Business Till is more than just a payment service; it's a business partner that grows with you.

We will also guide you through the steps of setting up and operating your M-PESA Business Till, delve into the financial aspects including the associated fees, and discuss the critical element of security in mobile transactions. For business owners looking to leverage this technology for growth, we'll cover how the M-PESA Business Till can be a catalyst in this journey.

Whether you are a seasoned business owner or a budding entrepreneur, understanding the ins and outs of the M-PESA Business Till is vital in today's digital economy. So, let's embark on this journey to unlock the potential of digital transactions with M-PESA Business Till, a tool that's not just about payments, but about powering growth and simplifying business operations in the digital age.

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Understanding M-PESA Business Till

What is M-PESA Business Till?

M-PESA Business Till is not just a feature; it's a revolution in the sphere of digital transactions, especially designed for business owners. At its core, it is an upgraded version of the Lipa Na M-PESA Buy Goods till. This enhancement allows business owners to not only collect payments but also utilize the collected funds for various transactions directly from their till​​​​. It's a seamless integration of payment collection and expenditure, all in one place.

For those unfamiliar, think of it as a digital cash register that not only receives money but also facilitates further payments and financial operations. This innovative approach simplifies the transaction process, making it a vital tool for businesses in today's digital-first economy.

Benefits of Using M-PESA Business Till

The benefits of M-PESA Business Till are numerous and significant:

  1. Simplified Business Transactions: It provides a unified account for both collecting and making payments, enabling business owners to distinguish their personal M-PESA payments from business transactions​​.
  2. Versatile Services: The till offers a range of services including receiving payments, making payments to other businesses or customers, withdrawing funds, selling airtime, and accessing credit facilities​​.
  3. Enhanced Business Efficiency: By consolidating various financial transactions into one platform, M-PESA Business Till streamlines operations, saving time and reducing the complexity of managing multiple payment methods.

Who Can Use M-PESA Business Till?

M-PESA Business Till is designed for a wide array of businesses, proving its versatility and adaptability. Ideal candidates include:

  • Retail outlets like supermarkets, pharmacies, and boutiques.
  • Service-oriented businesses such as restaurants, salons, and online services.
  • Any business that frequently collects money from customers as a part of their operation.

This wide range of applicability underscores the till's flexibility, making it a suitable option for almost any business that deals with regular customer transactions​​.

Moreover, accessing M-PESA Business Till is straightforward. Business owners can utilize the USSD code 2342# or the M-PESA for Business App. The app, in particular, empowers users with a more in-depth understanding and management of their transactions, offering a clear and comprehensive view of their business's financial activities​​.

Setting Up and Operating M-PESA Business Till

Getting Started with M-PESA Business Till

Setting up the M-PESA Business Till is a straightforward process, designed to be accessible to all business owners. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1.Apply for the Till:

    • Online: Visit the M-PESA for business portal and apply for the till under the individual till category. This can be done by filling out an online application form and attaching necessary documents​​.
    • Via USSD: Dial 2342# and follow the prompts to register for the M-PESA Business Till. This option is available for both smartphone and feature phone users​​.

2.Activate Your Till:

    • After applying, you'll receive till details via SMS. To activate, dial 2342# and follow the instructions, which include entering the store number and setting up a secret PIN for secure transactions​​.

3.Display Your Till Number:

    • It's advisable to get a Lipa Na M-PESA sticker to display your till number prominently for your customers​​.

Managing Transactions and Operations

Once your M-PESA Business Till is active, managing it becomes an integral part of your business operations. Here’s how you can effectively use the till:

1.Using the M-PESA Business App:

    • For smartphone users, the M-PESA Business App is a convenient tool. It allows you to visualize payment collections and expenditures, see full statements, and transact directly from the app​​.
    • The app provides a user-friendly interface, with features like selling or buying airtime, viewing transactions, and managing multiple tills under the same company number​​.

2.Features for Enhanced Business Management:

    • Cashier Mode: This unique feature enables you to track M-PESA sales recorded by employees, aiding in monitoring business performance​​.
    • Roll-Up Feature: Allows you to consolidate funds collected at various outlets to the head office, streamlining the process of fund management​​.
    • Multiple Till Management: For businesses with more than one till, the app enables monitoring and transacting through multiple tills, offering a comprehensive view of the business’s financial operations​​.

The M-PESA Business Till, thus, offers much more than just a payment collection mechanism. It’s a complete business management tool that integrates seamlessly into your daily operations, bringing efficiency and clarity to financial transactions.

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Financial Aspects and Security of M-PESA Business Till

Understanding Charges and Fees

One of the critical aspects of using M-PESA Business Till is understanding the associated costs. Here's what you need to know:

1.Transaction Charges:

    • Businesses are charged a maximum of 0.55% per transaction, capped at KShs.200. This means that no matter the size of the transaction, the fee will not exceed KShs.200​​.

2.Free Collections:

    • For collections amounting to KShs.200 or below, there are no charges. This feature is particularly beneficial for small-scale transactions, making it cost-effective for businesses with a high volume of lower-value sales​​.

3.Customer Charges:

    • It's important to note that there are no charges for customers making payments to the M-PESA Business Till, with the exception of fuel stations. This incentivizes customers to use M-PESA for transactions, potentially increasing business​​.

Understanding these charges is crucial for businesses to effectively manage their finances and make informed decisions about their transaction processes.

Securing Your M-PESA Business Till

Security is paramount when it comes to financial transactions. M-PESA Business Till has several features to ensure the safety of your funds:

1.Secured Transactions:

    • All transactions are conducted via a nominated number and must be completed using a secret PIN set during the activation of the till. This adds a layer of security, as only authorized personnel can access and transact from the till​​.

2.Monitoring Transactions:

    • Always verify M-PESA balance on SMS to confirm transactions. M-PESA sends an SMS notification to the registered number every time a transaction is made. This real-time update helps in tracking payments and ensuring they are legitimate​​.

3.Caution Against Fraud:

    • Safeguard against fraudulent activities by not accepting customer SMS as proof of payment. Always check the M-PESA balance or statement for confirmation​​.
    • Be wary of SMS or calls about accidental transfers. Verify your balance before taking any action and use the official reversal process if necessary​​.

4.Maintaining Privacy:

    • Keep the nominated number secured and the PIN confidential. Changing the PIN periodically can also enhance security​​.

By adhering to these security measures, businesses can ensure the safety of their funds and maintain the trust of their customers.

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Leveraging M-PESA Business Till for Growth and Troubleshooting

Boosting Business with M-PESA Business Till

The M-PESA Business Till is not just a tool for managing day-to-day transactions; it's also a platform that can significantly contribute to your business growth.

1.Access to Business Credit Facilities:

    • Safaricom offers affordable business credit facilities such as Boost ya Biashara and M-PESA Business Loan. These facilities are designed to help businesses expand, stock up on inventory, or manage cash flow effectively​​.

2.Enhancing Business Performance:

    • With real-time tracking of business performance through the M-PESA Business App, entrepreneurs can make informed decisions. The app's ability to manage multiple tills and track sales offers a comprehensive overview of the business's financial health, contributing to strategic planning and growth​​.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

While the M-PESA Business Till is designed to be user-friendly, users may occasionally face technical issues. Here's how to address some common challenges:

1.App Functionality Problems:

    • Ensure your device meets the minimum requirements: Android version 4.4 and above, or iOS version 11 and above.
    • Check for sufficient storage space and use mobile data for initial login for a secure connection​​.

2.Login Issues:

    • Verify that you are entering the correct sign-in details, including the store and till numbers.
    • First-time users may not immediately see all features; patience is key as the system updates​​.

3.Seeking Assistance:

    • If you encounter issues beyond the usual scope, don't hesitate to contact customer care by dialling 234 for support.

By understanding these troubleshooting steps, business owners can ensure minimal disruption in their operations and maintain the efficiency of their M-PESA Business Till.

Important Business Till Downloads

Find below some important guides you can use:

M-PESA Business Till Guide

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M-PESA Business Till Booklet 

More Resources for M-PESA Bus iness Till



Applying for an M-PESA Business Till Number online in Kenya is a convenient way to streamline business transactions. With the ability to collect payments, make payments, and access various services, the M-PESA Business Till empowers business owners to manage their finances more effectively. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you'll be well on your way to enhancing your business's financial operations and providing a seamless payment experience for your customers.

FAQs About M-PESA Business Till

What is the M-PESA Business Till?

 The M-PESA Business Till is an enhanced version of the traditional Buy Goods Till, allowing businesses to collect and utilize payments directly from the Till for various transactions.

Who is eligible for an M-PESA Business Till? 

Different business models, including individual, sole proprietorship, and limited liability companies, are suitable. Each model has specific requirements that need to be met for eligibility.

How can I apply for an M-PESA Business Till online?

Visit Safaricom's Self Onboarding portal, complete the application form, choose "M-PESA Business Till (Buy Goods Till)," provide the necessary business details, and follow the activation steps.

What are the benefits of having an M-PESA Business Till?

 Benefits include streamlined payment processes, separation of personal and business finances, and access to services like receiving payments, making payments, and selling airtime.

How can I secure my M-PESA Business Till transactions?

 Keep your nominated number and PIN confidential. Regularly check your M-PESA balance and transaction notifications to ensure accurate transactions.

What should I do if I receive money by mistake in my M-PESA Business Till? 

Before returning the money, verify the transaction through your M-PESA balance. Safaricom may contact you for reversals, so be cautious before sending the funds back.

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