How to apply for Okoa Mia Loan Using USSD Code & PayBill Number(Complete Guide 2022)

Here is how you can easily apply for Okoa Mia Loan Online or Offline in 2022. The process has been made simple even with the New USSD Code. Check it out in this article.

How to apply for Okoa Mia Loan Using USSD Code & PayBill Number(Complete Guide 2022)

 Are you in need of a loan in Kenya? Regardless of whether you have a smartphone, you can easily apply for Okoa Mia Loan in Kenya. Here is our Complete Guide

 How to get started with Okoa Mia Loans

A consumer will first get Ksh 100 and may eventually borrow up to Ksh 900, the current maximum loan amount. There are a couple of ways by which you can get an Okoa Mia Loan. Here is how you go about it.

 Okoa Mia Interest Rate

For Okoa Mia, the interest rate is 10%. As a result, you make a 10% payment on the principal borrowed.

Duration of repayment

The Okoa Mia payback period is five days. Future loans will not be available to you if you cannot repay. Additionally, the platform will add your name to the CRB's blacklist.


  • Loans from Okoa Mia are available to:
  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Own a National ID
  • Having a Safaricom SIM that is registered is a requirement for Okoa Mia loans

How to Borrow Okoa Mia Loan

  • On your Smartphone or Kabambe, Dial *628#
  • On the Options provided, pay an acceptance fee(Ksh5 and Ksh45)
  • Your acceptance fee will be returned if you are not approved for a loan
  • For the PayBill Number Key in the ID number registered to the Number that you are using to borrow the Loan
  • Enter the Amount that you want to borrow.
  • Wait for the Money to Enter your Account

How to Repay Okoa Mia Loan Back

  • access the Mpesa menu on your Phone
  • Choose Lipa na Mpesa
  • Choose Paybill Number
  • enter the company's Paybill number as 519608.
  • Your ID number is your account number.
  • Enter the loan repayment amount.
  • Then enter the PIN.

Okoa Mia Contacts

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