How To Apply For The R350 Grant in South Africa Under The New Rules

Learn how to apply for the R350 grant in South Africa under the new rules. Discover the eligibility criteria and track your application status.

Sep 20, 2023 - 13:43
Sep 24, 2023 - 14:23
How To Apply For The R350 Grant in South Africa Under The New Rules
How To Apply For The R350 Grant in South Africa Under The New Rules

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has made significant changes to the application process for the R350 grant following the end of the National State of Disaster. This grant, officially known as the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, is crucial in providing financial assistance to those facing economic hardships. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the new application process, eligibility criteria, and how to track your application's status. Let's dive into the details.

Sassa: What Is it?

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) plays a pivotal role in administering social assistance programs aimed at helping citizens in need of financial support. Established in 2005, Sassa has been instrumental in distributing social grants to vulnerable individuals, including permanent residents, refugees, and asylum seekers. The agency's initiatives are essential in the fight against poverty and promoting social inclusion in South Africa.

One such initiative is the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, often called the R350 grant. Initially introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide vital relief, this grant continues to be a lifeline for countless South Africans. However, the grant is managed under new rules with the National State of Disaster now behind us. Let's delve into the specifics of applying for this grant under the updated guidelines.

Changes To the Social Relief Grant Application Process

The most significant change you need to be aware of is that the SRD grant is no longer managed under the State of Disaster Act. Instead, it now falls under the purview of the Social Assistance Act. This transition signifies a shift in how the SRD grants are administered.

There's welcome news for grant recipients, originally slated to expire in March 2023. The R350 grant has been extended by at least one more year, ensuring continued support for the 10.5 million beneficiaries who rely on it. An allocation of R44 billion has been set aside to sustain this vital program, granting a temporary income provision to those in financial distress.

Eligibility Criteria For R350 Grant

To access the R350 grant, you must meet specific eligibility criteria. Ensuring you fulfill these requirements before proceeding with your application is crucial. To qualify for the SRD grant, you must:

  • Be unemployed.
  • Be a South African citizen, permanent resident, refugee, or hold a special permit under specific categories.
  • Fall within the age range of 18 to 59 years.
  • Reside within South Africa's borders.
  • Be registered on the Home Affairs or Sassa's social grant database if you need ID documents.
  • Not reside in a government or subsidized institution.
  • Not receive Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) Benefits, National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) support, or any other social grants distributed by Sassa.

Sassa conducts periodic checks to ensure that approved recipients continue to meet these eligibility criteria. Therefore, it's vital to provide accurate information during your application.

How to Apply for the SRD Grant

Applying for the SRD grant has become more accessible, with online and WhatsApp options available.

Online Application

  1. Visit the official Sassa SRD grant website at
  2. Scroll down to the "Application status" section.
  3. Select "Click here to check online."
  4. Fill in the required fields as prompted.
  5. You will then be able to view the status of your R350 grant application.

WhatsApp Application

  1. Add the contact number 082 046 8553 to your phone.
  2. Send a WhatsApp message with the word 'hi' to the provided number.
  3. You will receive a response; reply with 'help.'
  4. Choose option '4' when prompted.
  5. You will be directed to the Unathi Sassa platform message; reply with 'SRD.'
  6. Specify whether you are applying for the social relief of distress grant for yourself or someone else.
  7. Follow the subsequent instructions, including your name, surname, and ID number.

What's Needed For Your Social Relief of Distress Application

When applying for the SRD grant, you must consent for Sassa to verify your identity, residency, income, or social security benefits. Additionally, you will need to accept the declaration and consent terms. It's essential to complete this step accurately to ensure the processing of your SRD grant application.

How To Track Social Relief of Distress Applications

After applying for the R350 Social Relief Of Distress Grant, keeping track of your application's status is crucial. Here's how you can do it:

Online Tracking

  1. Visit the Sassa SRD grant website.
  2. Scroll down to the "Application status" section.
  3. Select "Click here to check online."
  4. Fill in the required fields as prompted.
  5. You will then see the status of your R350 grant application.

Phone Tracking

  1. Call 0800 60 10 11.
  2. Follow the prompts to inquire about your application status.

WhatsApp Tracking

  1. Add 082 046 8553 to your phone contacts.
  2. Send a message to that number.
  3. Follow the instructions to check your application status.

Please note that due to Sassa's high volume of applications, it may take up to three months (90 days) for your application to be processed. You will receive an SMS notifying you whether your Social Relief of Distress grant has been approved.

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In conclusion, applying for the R350 grant in South Africa under the new rules is vital for those needing financial assistance. Understanding the eligibility criteria, application methods, and tracking procedures is crucial to ensure a smooth application process. Remember that this grant serves as a temporary provision of social relief of distress, offering much-needed support to individuals facing economic challenges. If your application is rejected, you can appeal for reconsideration. Stay informed and use the available resources to access the assistance you need.


What If My Social Relief Of Distress Application Is Rejected?

Keep hoping that your Social Relief of Distress grant application is rejected. You can submit an application appeal, also known as an application for reconsideration. This allows you to contest the decision if you believe it was unjustified. Be sure to follow the appropriate procedures to pursue this avenue.

Do I have to reapply for the R350 grant in 2022?

Yes, you must reapply for the R350 grant under the new regulations. The government revised the rules in April 2022, moving the R350 Covid Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant from the Disaster Management Act to the Social Assistance Act.

Do I have to reapply for the R350 grant every month?

You do not need to apply for the R350 grant every month. Recipients must answer inquiries about their financial status every three months to ensure they still meet the eligibility criteria.

 What date is the next Sassa payout in 2023?

The payout dates vary depending on the type of grant. For example, the Grant for Older People was scheduled for Monday, July 4, 2022, while the Disability Grant was set for Tuesday, July 5, 2022.

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