How to Buy Bitcoin in Kenya using M-Pesa on Binance P2P: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn how to buy Bitcoin using M-Pesa on Binance P2P in Kenya. Enjoy the convenience and security of cryptocurrency trading.

Jun 6, 2023 - 12:19
Jun 6, 2023 - 12:20
How to Buy Bitcoin in Kenya using M-Pesa on Binance P2P: A Comprehensive Guide
How To Buy Bitcoin in Kenya via M-Pesa 2023

Binance P2P is a trusted platform enabling users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly with other users. In Kenya, Binance P2P has embraced M-Pesa, a popular payment service, making the purchase of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies simpler and safer for Kenyans. This article guides you through buying Bitcoin using M-Pesa on Binance P2P, highlights the benefits, and introduces opportunities to become a P2P merchant.

Understanding Binance P2P

Before diving into the step-by-step guide, it's essential to comprehend what Binance P2P is. Binance P2P (Peer-to-Peer) is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers trade cryptocurrencies directly. The platform ensures safe and secure transactions through its robust security system and escrow service.

How to Buy Bitcoin with M-Pesa on Binance P2P

Step 1: Create and Verify Your Binance Account

Before initiating a trade, you must have a Binance account. Register and complete the Level 2 identity verification process if you still need one. This step enhances the security within the Binance ecosystem, better protecting your funds.

Step 2: Add M-Pesa as a Payment Method

After successful verification, proceed to add M-Pesa as your payment method. To do this, go to the 'Payment Methods' section and select 'P2P payment methods.' Find and click 'Add M-Pesa,' then enter your detailed payment information and tap 'Confirm.'

Step 3: Initiate the Trade

To start trading, follow these steps:

a. Specify Search Criteria

Open the Binance App and click on 'P2P Trading.' Select the M-PESA payment method and the KES currency to buy crypto, then tap 'Confirm.'

b. Choose Your Offer

Based on your search criteria, choose the P2P offer that suits you best and enter the quantity you wish to buy. Confirm the payment method and click 'Buy.'

c. Transfer the Funds

Transfer the payment to the seller within the stipulated time limit. Use the chat box to communicate with the seller, if necessary. After making the payment, tap 'Transferred, notify the seller.'

d. Confirm the Transaction

Tap 'Confirm' only after making the transaction, as false confirmation violates the P2P User Transaction Policy.

e. Receive Your Crypto

Once the seller confirms your payment, the crypto will be released to you. Congratulations, you've completed your trade!

Benefits of Buying Bitcoin in Kenya via M-Pesa

Buying Bitcoin through M-Pesa on Binance P2P offers numerous advantages:

  • Accessibility: M-Pesa's widespread use in Kenya makes buying Bitcoin easier, with no need for a bank account or credit card.
  • Convenience: The process is straightforward, enabling users to buy Bitcoin comfortably from their homes using mobile devices.
  • Security: Binance's robust security system and escrow service ensure that transactions are secure and protect user information.
  • Wide Range of Offers: Binance P2P's vast network of crypto buyers and sellers lets users choose the best offers for their needs.

Become a P2P Merchant

The rising P2P crypto trading volume in Africa makes it an attractive market. If you have proven P2P trading experience and a reliable source of cryptocurrencies, you can become a Binance P2P merchant. You'll enjoy zero transaction fees, attractive profits, and dedicated customer support as a merchant.

Step-by-Step Process to Become a P2P Merchant

Step 1: Have a Binance Account

Ensure you have a Binance account with Level 2 identity verification completed.

Step 2: Apply for P2P Merchant

Visit the Binance P2P website and find the "Apply for P2P Merchant" section. Complete the form with accurate information.

Step 3: Wait for Approval

After submitting the form, wait for Binance to review your application. Once approved, you can start posting your trade advertisements and profiting from spreads.

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Binance P2P, integrating M-Pesa, has made cryptocurrency trading accessible and secure for Kenyans. Whether you're a regular user looking to buy Bitcoin or a seasoned trader aspiring to become a P2P merchant, Binance P2P is a platform worth considering. As you navigate your cryptocurrency journey, remember to maintain safe trading practices and stay updated with market trends.


What is Binance P2P?

Binance P2P is an online platform where users can trade cryptocurrencies directly with each other. It supports various payment methods, including M-Pesa, in Kenya.

How can I buy Bitcoin with M-Pesa on Binance P2P?

First, you must create and verify your Binance account, then add M-Pesa as a payment method. After setting this up, you can initiate your trade, choose an offer, transfer funds, confirm the transaction, and finally, receive your crypto.

What benefits do I get when buying Bitcoin via M-Pesa on Binance P2P?

M-Pesa integration in Binance P2P provides users convenience, security, and a wide range of offers. The process is also simple, making it easy for anyone with a mobile phone and an M-Pesa account to buy Bitcoin.

How can I become a Binance P2P merchant?

You can apply to become a P2P merchant through the Binance P2P website. You need a Binance account with Level 2 identity verification and proven P2P trading experience.

Is trading Bitcoin with M-Pesa on Binance P2P safe?

Yes, Binance has a robust security system and provides an escrow service during transactions to protect buyers and sellers.


This article is intended for informational purposes only. It does not constitute financial or investment advice. Crypto trading carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Before trading, consider your investment objectives, experience level, and risk appetite carefully. Always research and consider seeking advice from a certified financial or investment advisor.

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