How To Change Your Safaricom Home Fibre SSID and Password

This article will take you through how you can easily change the password of your Safaricom Home Fibre Router. Everything that you need to know is included in this guide.

How To Change Your Safaricom Home Fibre SSID and Password
How To Change Your Safaricom Home Fibre SSID and Password

There are many internet service providers in Kenya that Many Kenyans have relied on for better Internet services and  Safaricom Home fiber In Kenya. Since the service launch back on 7th September 2018, the telco, via its service, has managed

Changing your passwords and SSD should be the first priority after installation if you want to prevent your Safaricom Home fiber router from several attacks online. You can connect your devices to the internet using a Wi-Fi network which is possible only by using a Wi-Fi password.

Otherwise, if you leave your network without a password, your bandwidth will be open to outsiders who may monopolize the network, slowing down your internet. In the worst instance, they might even infect your devices with malware and steal confidential data. That’s why changing your password is highly recommended

So suppose you own a Safaricom Home fiber router. How do you go about it?

 STEP 1:

  • Go to your browser and follow the URL
  • Login in with your Home fiber Router credentials
  • On the Dashboard presented, look for WLAN and Tap on it
  • scroll to the WPA PresharedKey section to change the Wi-Fiii password to a more secure one
  • Click to save the new Wi-Fiii username and security key.

 STEP 2:

  •  Dial *400#
  • Choose Option 5 Manage Account
  • Choose Option 3 Change your Wi-Fii Password 

If you get lost during the process, restart your router and try logging in with your Old or New credentials to see if the p[rocess was successful. On the other hand try Contacting Safaricom and you will be helped with the issue immediately.