How to Check CRB Status in Kenya: Guide And Options Available

This article will guide you through checking your CRB status online in Kenya.

Mar 13, 2023 - 19:32
May 31, 2023 - 18:16
How to Check CRB Status in Kenya: Guide And Options Available

In Kenya, it is essential to maintain a good credit history to ensure easy access to financial assistance from regulated lenders. If you fail to repay your loans, lenders submit your details to Credit Reference Bureaus (CRBs), which can blocklist you. Therefore, doing a regular CRB status check is crucial to confirm your creditworthiness. 

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How to Check CRB Status in Kenya

Three credit reference bureaus can check on non-performing loans in Kenya. They are TransUnion, Metropol, and CreditInfo. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to check your CRB status online in Kenya:

 Checking via Metropol CRB Status

Metropol CRB is a reliable and registered credit referencing firm in Kenya that provides credit rating, management, and consultations. Metropol is the most trusted platform to check your CRB status online. You can register and check your CRB status on Metropol in the following ways:

  • Visit the Metropol website, download the Metropol Crystobol app, or dial *433#.
  • Pay Ksh. 50 via PayBill Number 220388.
  • Enter your ID number as the account number.
  • You will receive a confirmation message with unique code details, a reference number, and a link.
  • Dial *433# again and input your ID number.
  • You will receive an SMS with your CRB details.

Metropol provides a credit score between 200 and 900. If your score exceeds 400, you will be considered a defaulter and won't be able to access loans from lenders. Scores above 400 show that you are a fair borrower, and lenders can offer you loans but with caution. If your score is close to 900, you have a good credit history, and lenders will be more willing to give you loans.

 If you want to check who forwarded you to the CRB by Metropol, you need to pay Ksh. 50, and to obtain a clearance certificate, you must pay Ksh—2200 after clearing your loans.

 Checking CRB Status via CreditInfo Kenya CRB

CreditInfo Kenya is a multinational company operating credit bureaus across Europe, Central Asia, the Caribbean, The Middle East, and Sub-Saharan Africa. CreditInfo Kenya provides information according to the messages they receive via email. Here's how to check your CRB status via CreditInfo Kenya CRB:

  • Fill in the credit request form to obtain your clearance certificate.
  • Fill out a Credit Report Dispute Form if your Credit Report contains incorrect information.

Checking CRB Status via TransUnion

TransUnion is an international credit referencing company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The company has extended its services to other African nations, including Kenya. Here's how to check your CRB status via TransUnion:

  • Visit the TransUnion website.
  • Register on the platform by providing your details.
  • Pay a fee of Ksh. 650 to receive your credit report.

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In conclusion, checking your CRB status regularly is crucial to ensure that you maintain a good credit history and have access to financial assistance when needed. You can check your CRB status through Metropol CRB, CreditInfo Kenya CRB, or TransUnion. It's advisable to check your CRB status every six months and dispute any incorrect information found on your credit report. Remember, a good credit score is valuable in securing loans and financial assistance from lenders.

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